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Explaining Price Action

Harmonics does a reasonable job at anticipating price action, and it is quite possible to make money playing the probabilities and managing your risk carefully.

However, like all other technical analysis methods, harmonics doesn't try to explain Price Action - they simply anticipate how price is likely to move next, after a particular sequence of retracements have happened. Sometimes they get it right, and other times get it wrong. Hopefully more times right than wrong.

Understanding and explaining Price Action is something else altogether. By "understanding", I mean that we can actually explain why price moves in a certain way at a certain time of day or week. If you could do that then clearly you are in the best position to anticipate price action, make better trades and be a lot more successful.

To be able to understand and explain price action, you need to understand how the market-makers work.

Watch the videos (free) on this link to find out.... Market Maker Moves.

You will never look at the fx market in the same way again.

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