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Milan - Borromeo Palace
The marble portal to the Borromeo Palace One of the finest examples of an early 15th century private dwelling, the House of the Borromeo Family was unfortunately lost in the 1943 bombardments. Nevertheless, we may still admire the pointed arch doorway decorated by a graceful motif of an entwining grape vine and oak branch. The inner courtyard of the 15th century two storey building, characterized by pointed windows, is extremely attractive. Inside, the ground floor hall known as the Game Room, is one of the masterpieces of late Gothic painting, even though we can already see some Renaissance touches shyly making their way in. Courtly ladies and gentleman shown playing tarot cards are set amidst a charming landscape in keeping with the new Renaissance naturalistic treatment. The painting has been attributed to various masters such as Pisanello, Giovanni Zenoni, or an unknown follower of Zavattari, but the puzzle is still to be solved.
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