Notice: For those of you who have been here before, you might notice some fics are missing. Not surprisingly. I have removed fics I just didn't like. Ack. Sorry guys. Look forward to new, even better fics though! I've gotten the DBZ bug again. ^_^ And I will be adding some stories my friends have written as well.

Brüderlein || A twisted little RadditzxGoku fic. Incest, obviously.

More Than Words || A songfic written for Herve. VegetaxGoku pairing.

Sleeping Beauty Remix || A parody of sleeping beauty. Some smacking and bonking going on at the end. Random insanity with the usual pairings. GohanxTrunks, VegetaxGoku.

Fingers || A ... weird little songfic I wrote when I was in a weird little mood. ^-^ Rape. Craziness ensues.


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