Cure for the Itch || A look into Rufus Shinra's head the day of his father's funeral. A dark, grim look.

Nibelheim || Non-shonen-ai. Just my take on the Nibelheim incident.


Burn || A look into Irvine's head during a lazy day in a library. Link leads to FF.net posting of this fic.

Stupify || Laguna finally gets enough courage to kiss the object of his interest for several years. When he's pushed away he passes out and wakes up in a bizarre dream-like world. Can he find the courage to tell Kiros how he feels? Or will he accidentally end up falling in love with someone else? HEAVY Sci-fi in this one.

I Hate the way you look at me || A brief glimpse into Squall's head as he makes love to an unknown person.

Can you keep a Secret? || Another IrvinexSquall PWP. Just a little bit of fun to feed my horny bone?


Don't Make Him Cry || A crossover between FF7xFF8. What happens when Seifer is transported to another reality where he meets and falls in love with none other than the infamous Rufus Shinra?


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