~Can You Keep a Secret~


Notes: Shameless PWP. ^-^ IrvineXSquall... or is it SquallXIrvine? This is probably the most explicit thing I've ever written... feedback is more than welcome. ~_~
Disclaimers: I don't own FF8 or the characters.


Some people wouldn't understand. They'd get a glimpse into my thoughts and assume there was something more than what there really was. They're idiots. The whole lot of them. I'm not here because I'm in love. I'm not here because I have a crush. I'm here because I'm damned horny and he is the only piece of meat for miles around. Wait... so maybe he isn't the -only- meat, but he's the only one that gets me going.

He's beautiful. His body can make a straight man drool. What's not to want? He doesn't realize I'm watching him. He's dense in that way. He doesn't think anyone looks at him. He doesn't know just how sexy he is.

I flick the cigarette away and straighten. We're alone. The others have already left for their rooms. He's been drinking all evening. So what if he's a little tipsy, so am I. It's not going to stop me from making my move. Now is the perfect time and I'll probably never have another chance like this.

"Hey Squall." I purr, stepping up behind him and lightly placing my hands on his shoulders.

He turns his head. He narrows his eyes on my face, "Irvine?" His lip twitches up in a sneer.

Did I mention he's a nasty drunk? I suppose I didn't. He is. That's what makes this whole exercise so... challenging. And exciting. I rub his shoulders lightly, "You ever wonder?" I murmur, leaning my face close to his.

He doesn't move away, instead he narrows his eyes even more. "Ever wonder what?" He snaps.

"What it would be like to fuck a man?"

His eyes widen, he jerks away, taking a shaky step back. I grin at him, running my hands down my sides and rubbing my hips. Someone said once that I simply 'ooze' sex. I sure hope so. Right now I need to ooze. I need to capture his curiousity and his interest, or else I'm going to be sleeping alone tonight. A hand gives a little relief, but not the kind I want.

His gaze moves down my body. His eyes rest a little too long a certain area of my body that I know is bulging. I can't help but chuckle. The way he's looking at me reminds me of a pick-up-line I heard once; 'Do you work with the UPS? Because I could swear you were just checking out my package?' Amusing ne? But now isn't the time to laugh.

I let him make the next move, and make it he does. Hesitantly he moves close. His hands shake as he lifts them and places them on my waist. He leans over and presses his hot lips lightly against my own. Oh god. His lips are so soft. Like the finest silk. I've kissed many people, some with dry lips, some with salty lips, but his lips... like roses.

I open my mouth and lightly tease his lips with my tongue. His eyes are still open, staring right into mine with just a hint of fear in their depths. He opens his mouth and I slip my tongue in. He gasps and his eyes flutter shut. Wait a minute. Wait just one frigging minute.

I pull back, he groans, his eyes snapping open. He gazes at me, looking confused. I can see the question on his face; 'Why'd you stop? It was just getting good?'

"Squall... you've never... done this before, have you?" I grab his hands when he moves as if he's going to walk away.

His cheeks flush with color. He licks his lips and stares fixedly at my belt. "N-no." He mutters finally.

"Not even with a girl?" I know my eyes are wide as saucers and I know my mouth is hanging open, but I'm just having a really hard time believing this. Someone as sexy and delicious as him has never... not even a kiss?

He shakes his head mutely, his teeth capturing his lower lip. Wow. Isn't this a surprise. He raises his eyes and meets my gaze, "Will -you- kiss me again?" He asks, his voice a mere breath of air.

Hell yeah! Would I refuse such a plaintive offer!? It's my duty as a good and proper citizen to relieve sexual frustrations... especially my own. I lean down and lightly run my tongue over his lips. He shudders. "You kissed me babe." I murmur before capturing his lips in a kiss.

He moans and eagerly opens his mouth. I thrust my tongue in and explore his mouth as well as I can with his tongue trying to become one with mine. For someone who's never kissed before... he sure is confident. Of course, what else could I expect from the great Squall Leonhart? He's not one to lay down and take it... No wait, that wasn't meant to sound the way it did. What I meant was that he... uh... shit.

His hands are moving. They slide under my shirt and up my back. He presses his body closer to mine. Ah, so we're moving this farther are we? Good. I'm ready to explode just from the foreplay. Just goes to show how desperate I am, ne?

Well, if he can explore me, I can explore him. I run my hands over his hips. He's nicely shaped, you know that? From a distance, if he's not wearing that damned gunblade and if he's not wearing that jacket and if... ah hell. If he had his back turned to you, from a distance it'd be hard to tell he's a man. At least, I think so. His body is just too... nicely shaped for a guy. Which makes him all the more desirable to men. Some guys, I bet, look at him and get confused thoughts. Then they realize just how hard he's making them and think; 'Waittaminute! I'm not gay! I'm not interested in men!'. They don't realize that Squall is a very special breed.

He could make the pope hot under the collar.

And damn but he's making -me- hot under the belt. I run my hands under his shirt and up to his pert little nipples. He gasps into my mouth as I tease those round little nubs. Ah yes. The subtle art of seduction.

Suddenly I find myself falling. What the hell? I lay on my back on the cold ground and stare up at Squall with shock. He tripped me? He's grinning at me in an extremely feral way. Yep. He's not going to lie down and take it. Damn. His knees are on either side of my hips, he grinds his hips back against the mound in my pants and I groan. God... I hate virgins who know what they're doing.

With a little help from me, he rips my jacket and shirt off. He chucks them to the side and I flinch. Agh. I'm going to have grass stains to get out. Damn. I hate cleaning out grass stains. "Seme?" I ask hopefully.

Strangely enough, he knows what I mean. He shakes his head with a devillish smile, "Uke." He leans down and licks my nipples.

Oh wow. That feels good. I've always had sensitive nipples. Well, actually, in all reality I'm sensitive everywhere. Oh god... like... like in the ribs. He runs his fingers lightly up my ribs as he licks across my chest to my other nipple. He lightly nips at the little bud before licking and kissing it.

I feel a bit of a draft and realize, much to my surprise, that he's undone my pants and is tugging them down. I groan in protest as he licks down my chest to my stomach. He lightly kisses my belly button, then dips his tongue in. Erg...

I thrust my hips up, and he rips my pants down with one smooth move.

So, now I'm stark naked and he's still fully dressed. We'll have to do something about that. I grab him under the arms and pull him up for a kiss. As his tongue dips into -my- mouth to wage a little war, I pull his jacket off. With his help I remove his shirt, and his undershirt. Damn, this boy wears a lot of clothes. I growl with frustration when my fingers touch his belts. Three, to be exact. Why the hell does he need so many belts!?

"Fuck!" I hiss angrily as I fight with the belts.

He chuckles, low in his throat. The sound makes my entire body shudder with need. "All right. If you insist." He presses his lips against mine again and sucks on my tongue.

I groan as his hands join mine at his belts. He rips them off with three short moves. How the hell did he do that? Who cares. I try to pull my head back to breathe, but he continues to suck on my tongue like it's some sort of lollipop. The friction is exciting me so much. I can just imagine what those lips could do to another part of my body.

I wonder if he'd give head? Hell, he sure seems willing enough.

Oh shit. The world is starting to spin. I try, again, to move back, but he won't let me go. He places his hands on either side of my face and holds me firmly in place. My hands fumble with his fly. With a grunt of triumph I pull his jeans down his hips. From this angle I can't pull the jeans the rest of the way off, so I leave them where they are.

My turn to make -him- groan. I run my fingers lightly up his hard shaft. He groans into my mouth and finally releases my tongue. He drops his head onto my chest and runs his fingers up to my nipples. He plays with them as I continue to lightly tease the object of my desire. Heh. You didn't think it was his brain I wanted, did you?

I spread my legs, so he can settle more comfortably between them, and take his shaft into my hand. He gasps as I start to lightly stroke. "69?" I question softly, wondering if he'll even know what it is.

He raises his head. His eyes are burning with desire. Then he nods, and moves. I can't help but grin in appreciation as his pulsing member is placed over my head. He's just about as hard as I am. I gasp as hot lips wrap around the head of my erection. Oh god... I really hate educated virgins.

I want to teach him about this stuff dammit! I don't want him to know already! Ah fuck. I grab his hips and pull them down so I can do some teasing of my own. I lightly lick his head and tease the slit until he wiggles his hips with a little groan.

He bites me! Holy shit! Not hard, but enough that I jerk my hips up and gasp in pain. "Don't tease." He growls, before he licks the spot he just bit.

Fine. I take the head in my mouth and suck. Strangely enough, he does the same to me. When I take more of his member into my mouth, he copies the move. Ah. So this is the game he wants to play. Very well. Time to seperate the men from the boys.

I pull his hips down and take him as deeply into my throat as I can. The sensation is both unpleasent and exciting. He surprises the hell out of me when he takes me completely into his mouth and forms a tube of suction with his mouth that is threatening to make me explode.

Dammit it all to hell. We seperated the men from the boys all right. Unfortunately... I'm not the man. Shit!

I take him out of my mouth and lightly lick the sides of his shaft. "Enough foreplay yet, kid?" I ask, I know the kid will annoy him, but that's why I said it.

He shifts around so he's facing me again and stradles my hips. He scrapes his nails up my sides, making me jerk. He leans down and bites my neck. Woah! I arch my neck, not sure if I'm trying to get away or encourage him to do it more. He licks his way up my chin and places a hard kiss on my lips. "You're the one who's going to get fucked." He murmurs, his voice so low it makes me shudder with need, "So, the question should be, have you had enough foreplay yet?"

"I've been ready from the moment I laid eyes on you kid." I purr, leaning up to lick his chin. His skin is like silk, I mentioned that before, didn't I?

"Hm." He moves between my knees and places his hands under my hips.

"You know... how?" I arch my eyebrows at him. I don't want to insult him or anything but, if you've never done it befo-

Oooh... He slips a finger into me and I can only gasp. He grins wickedly and moves the finger as deep as he can. The tip bumps my prostate and sends me straight into heaven. I arch my hips and cry out, "God more! Please more!"

He chuckles and slips another finger in. I'm so ready it doesn't hurt in the least. Guess it helps that I'm not the virgin here eh? We won't have to worry about taking it slow. I would die if I had to take it slow. I -am- dying.

"Just fuck me already Squall!" I snap. I'm so close to finishing that it's not funny. I don't want to come until he's buried deep within me.

He leans down to kiss me. As his lips cover mine he jerks his hips and pushes into me. The feeling is uncomfortable at first. It always is, but as he slides deeper the pleasure hits me like a brick. A nice, hard brick that smacks me in the head and makes it spin.

He gasps, his lips going slack as his hands grip my hips tightly. His fingers are digging into my skin so hard I'm sure I'll have bruises in the morning. Oh well. No pain, no gain.

"How does it.. feel?" I gasp as he bumps against that special little spot that makes the lights go out in my head.

"Oh .... christ..." Is his response. He buries his head in my neck and settles himself all the way inside me. He just lays there for a moment.

Not even with a woman. This is the first time for him, I almost forgot. I rub his shoulders and run my fingers down his back. I settle my hands on his hips and grip him just as tightly as he's gripping me. "Fuck me dammit." I growl into his ear.

His body stiffens, ever so slightly. Then he lifts his head and looks down at me with eyes that burn with lust.

He slides out a little, then shoves back in roughly. He does it again, each time pulling out more and more. I grind my hips in time with his thrusts, grunting at him to 'Hurry up dammit, I'm not a piece of glass.'

He pushes against me in long, hard strokes. It's agonizing. I need him to be quick. I need him to be violent. After a while he gets the hint and starts pushing faster. His strokes become shorter, quicker.

Oh yes...

This is what I need.

He rubs against my prostate repeatedly and I can only gasp and groan in pleasure. I feel the heat building in my body. I feel the exquisite pleasure grip my brain as I release my seed and cover his stomach. I black out... or more appropriately; white out.

This is the closest to heaven I'll ever get.

After a few moments the dizzying pleasure recedes. He's still pushing against me as hard and fast as he can. He's close. I move my hips to help him, but I haven't got much energy left. He pushes himself in as deep as he can, and holds himself quite still as he reaches the pinnacle of pleasure. I watch his face with a little smirk. The pleasure, the sweet agony on his face is an image I'll never forget.

He releases his seed deep into my bowels, then collapses onto me. I wrap my arms around him and just lay there with a goofy grin.

My eyes slide shut. That's just what I needed. Now, time to sleep. Squall is getting a bit heavy so I push him to the side. I pull him close to my side and with a yawn curl up against him.

I suppose I should try to get up and drag our asses to our rooms, but I'm too damned sated. I'll just lay here and sleep. If someone finds us they'll get an eyeful sure, but I don't care.

"Good." Squall says softly.

I slit my eyes open and look down at his head. "Hm?"

"It was good."

"Just good?" I ask, feigning hurt.

He chuckles and he wraps one of his arms around my waist. "Real good."

"Hmm..." I smile and allow myself to relax.

Yeah. It was good. So good I think I'll be coming back for more.

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