~Sleeping Beauty Ver. 1.2~

Notes: I mix a few fairy tales in this one. *Snickering* But you know what? I couldn't remember the proper version of Sleeping Beauty. That's why it's Sleeping Beauty Ver. 1.2.

Dedicated to: Herve. After all, I used his/her... ? ideas in here. ~_^*

Disclaimers: I don't own DBZ or Sleeping Beauty...

Thanks to: Lady MacBeth. My beta reader.

||Part One|| - The Kingdom is Cursed -

As all fairy tales must, this fairy tale starts in a beautiful kingdom far, far away from civilization (which is probably why everybody's so insane). The king of this kingdom (and his wife, but she didn't really do much) had just given birth to a beautiful child. The child was so beautiful the king decided he would name his child "Beauty". His wife argued that perhaps since the child *was* a boy a more appropriate name could be picked, but he had her thrown in the dungeon for three days for
such insolence.

Beauty grew to be a handsome young man and on his sixteenth birthday the king threw a ball. He invited all the good fairies and/or witches (some were both) in the area to come and bless his child. (Of course they agreed but only for the free food.)  There was one person he didn't invite. It was nothing personal really... it's just several years earlier this particular witch had tried to destroy the world. So the king decided it wouldn't be appropriate to invite him. The witches name was Cell, and when he discovered that he wasn't being invited to the ball he was furious.

Cell plotted and decided that he too would 'bless' the child. So he formatted a disguise (a pink tutu and blonde wig) so he could sneak into the ball and 'bless' Beauty.

The night of the ball all was going well, except for the fact that Prince Beauty was bored out of his skull and King Vegeta was quickly growing weary of all the pretty girls fawning over him. "Time to bless Beauty!" The King yelled suddenly. He stood and pushed Beauty before him toward the fairies.

The fairies and/or witches, came forward one by one, each touching the prince gently on the head and blessing him. One particularly ugly fairy waddled over and peered at the prince. He tilted his head this way and that but did not speak or bless.

"Well," King Vegeta said irritably, "bless him already damn you woman!"

Master Roshi snorted, "Do I look like a woman?" He promptly ripped his shirt off and proudly displayed his flat chest. "Now... lesse..." He tapped Beauty on the nose as King Vegeta turned green.

"I bless you, young prince, with a pretty face." Master Roshi smiled. "Not that your face isn't pretty already... say, are you attached?" He winked.

Prince Beauty choked and stepped back quickly, "Uh..."

"And," Master Roshi added with a wicked smile, "I also give you a nice voice." He leaned forward and whispered, "With a nice voice you can seduce anyone you want. Trust me.. it's useful."

Prince Beauty stared hard at the strange fairy. "Erm... excuse me... aren't fairies supposed to be female?" He asked quite suddenly in his new 'nice' voice.

Master Roshi blushed, "Er... well... I was, but I got sick of it."

Prince Beauty's eyes bugged out of his head as he started to choke again.

"Yes, yes, whatever. Go, go!" King Vegeta urged, pushing eagerly at the not-so-pretty fairy's arm.

Master Roshi shrugged and headed straight for the buffet table; immediately, he was flirting with the other fairies who were still oblivious to the fact he was male.

The next fairy stepped forward. "I am Fairy Krillin." Krillin announced. He played with his little fairy wings, then studied the prince with a critical eye. "Well, you're beautiful already. And you're built." His eyes wandered down the prince's body, "So, I will give you supreme blasting power!"

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" The fairy who was next in line bellowed and rushed forward. "How DARE you! That was supposed to be MY blessing on the child! Do you know how LONG I agonized over this!!!"

Krillin stuck his nose in the air, "Well, Piccolo, we'll just both have to give him blasting power then."

Piccolo growled and bared his teeth. "I don't think you two are fairies at all," Prince Beauty declared softly.

Two sets of innocent eyes fixed themselves on him. "We both bless you with supreme blasting power," they said together before hurrying away.

Time passed quickly and it was time for the last fairy to come forward. King Vegeta stared at the blonde fairy suspiciously, "Do I know you?" he demanded.

The fairy (who was Cell in disguise) smiled and shook her head. "Oh no," she declared in a hideous voice.

"Gads woman! Don't speak! Just bless the boy and get out of here!" King Vegeta yelled.

Cell shrugged, 'If you insist.' He thought with an evil smirk. He reached out and touched Prince Beauty's forehead. "Since your father has not invited me to his party after that beautiful night we shared together so many years ago, I curse you Prince Beauty. May you sleep forever! MWAHAHAHAHA!"

Immediately Prince Beauty fell to the ground, unconscious. "Hey wait! I didn't invite you!" King Vegeta bellowed. He drew his sword, "Wake my son now, you vile creature!"

Cell just laughed and ripped off his wig. "Even if I could, I wouldn't!" he cried before flying off.

"I'll get him!" One of the guards yelled, "KA...ME...HA...ME...HA!"

A burst of energy flew from the guards hands and struck Cell down. "WWAAAAAHHHH!!!" Cell came barreling out of the sky. He landed in the center of the ballroom. Almost before he hit the hard floor hundreds of fairies were on top of him, kicking, punching and screaming in anger.

"That was quite some move." King Vegeta stepped over his fallen son and walked over to the guard, "What is your name, Servant?"

"No. My name isn't 'servant'." The guard rubbed the back of his neck and gave a shy smile. "My name is Goku."

"Goku, eh.." King Vegeta said thoughtfully.  "I've been looking for someone strong to be my king...would you marry me?"

Goku laughed nervously, "H-hey! I just met you! Besides, don't you have a queen already?"

"Bah! I beheaded her three weeks ago for being stupid. So? I can give you immeasurable wealth."

"Immeasurable?" Goku repeated; he frowned a little. "Is that even a word?"

"OF COURSE IT IS!" King Vegeta bellowed. His temper was quick to fall, however. "Say you'll marry me and I'll give you anything you want!"

"Erm... I've kinda got a craving for cheesecake." Goku admitted.

"It's yours if you marry me!"

"Well... okay." Goku grinned. King Vegeta grabbed his hand and started to drag Goku out of the room but he was intercepted by the fairies, Krillin, Piccolo and Master Roshi.

"King! We have managed to find a stipulation in Cell's curse." Krillin announced. He smiled proudly.

"Yes. If one day a handsome prince finds Beauty and kisses him, your son will awaken!" Piccolo put his hands on his hips and smiled also.

"Great. Good, out of my way." King Vegeta said impatiently.

"But, there was one tiny loophole." Master Roshi told the King sheepishly. "You see, in order to do that we had to-" But the King had already fallen to the floor, fast asleep. "-make everyone else sleep so that the prince wouldn't be lonely when he woke up." Roshi finished.

"Well, look on the bright side. Now all the food is ours." Piccolo rubbed his hands together and smiled evilly.

Master Roshi just laughed. "YEAH!"

The three ran to the buffet table. In the center of the great hall a big fairy pile was lying on top of Cell. The Prince still lay on the steps where he had fallen, and somehow King Vegeta had managed to fall on top of the poor guard Goku. The two, when looked at from a certain angle, appeared to be in quite a compromising situation.


||Part Two|| - The Kingdom is Blessed -

Unaware of the plight of those within the sleeping kingdom, time continued on its merry way. Days passed, then months and soon years. The kingdom became overgrown with weeds. Weeds so thick that soon the kingdom was completely covered and many forgot that the kingdom had even existed. It became the place that none would travel. Mostly because no one was adventurous enough to chop through the thick foliage. No wait. It was more like everyone was too lazy to chop through the foliage.

And now that your eyes are fixed firmly on King Vegeta's kingdom, let's move your head to the southwest where another kingdom stands. This other kingdom, the property of a great queen named ChiChi, consisted of only females. So you can just imagine Queen ChiChi's horror when she gave birth to a son (Just how she managed to get pregnant when there were no men around is beyond me). She screamed, ranted and promptly beheaded her 'female' Nameken handmaiden.

When she calmed her fury, she noticed how pretty her new son was. So, to make a long story short she named him Gohan and dressed him in dresses (Brief pause from the narrator, then a little snicker). Erm. That is, she dressed him in female attire. Gohan grew up thinking he was a girl, but this little misconception was cleared up one day when one of the girls dropped her skirt. It was then that he realized he was built much differently from females.

One day, on Gohan's sixteenth birthday, he decided that he wanted to travel. His mother was horrified, but in the end she agreed to let him go. She quickly had proper clothes made for him and off he went.

He headed in the direction of King Vegeta's sleeping kingdom. After three days travel they came upon the overrun kingdom. "What is this?" Gohan asked, pointing to the thick line of bushes.

"Just foliage." The guard, Yamcha, shrugged.

"Foliage shaped like a castle?" Gohan raised his eyebrows, "Come on. Let's go in there."

"No!" Puar, Yamcha's magical pet cat, cried. "You mustn't go in there! I heard everyone who goes in there is cursed!"

"Cursed? How cursed?... I mean, how are they cursed?" Gohan asked.

"Well, their hair turns blond and their skin becomes green and scaley." Puar shuddered.

"Hm." Gohan thought for a moment, then with an evil smirk he grabbed Puar by the tail. "Well then, let's see if the curse is true!" He cried before chucking Puar into the bushes.

He chuckled as Puar's high pitched squeals filled the air. "Sir!" Yamcha cried, "How could you do that to Puar!?"

"Well..I took his tail, exerted a little forc-"

"NO! I mean, how could you throw him in there like that?! That was horribly mean!"

"Mean? You want to see mean, you wake my mother up before noon!" Gohan responded.

Suddenly Puar burst out of the bushes, "I'm FINE!" He squealed, "I'm fine! I'm all right!"

"Good, then we shall go in also. Come along guard." Gohan slid off his horse and approached the bushes. He drew a sword out of his pants (yes, you heard right. Out of his pants), and proceeded to slash at the thick bushes.

"Sir," Yamcha picked Puar up and placed the little catlike creature on his shoulder, "Where did you get that big ass sword from?"

Gohan just smiled and continued to slice and dice. "I think you answered your own question Yamcha." Puar whispered.

"Sh. He might chuck you in again." Yamcha whispered before he drew his own sword (From a properly placed sheath).

Three days later.

"huff.. huff... wheeze... pant.." Yamcha dropped his sword and dropped to his knees as they reached the castle's great hall. "Finally! Those blasted weeds are *huff* gone!" He dropped, face first, to the floor and lay there panting.

Gohan sheathed his sword and looked around with awe, "Looks like they were having a party." He said softly. Then he noticed Goku and King Vegeta lying just beside where Yamcha had dropped. "Quite a party at that." He added with a smirk.

He stepped further into the room, looking with interest at the dog.. er, fairy pile on Cell and smiling widely. "They're all asleep."

"It's the curse!" Puar piped up, "And if we don't leave soon we'll be cursed too!"

Gohan walked over the fairy pile and then he saw her. The most beautiful girl he'd seen in all his life. She was more beautiful than the most stunning maiden from his kingdom. He gasped and rushed over to the girl (who was really Prince Beauty but only we know that. ~_^*). "Fair maiden, who are you?" He whispered, taking the girl by the shoulders and rolling her onto her back. She was even more beautiful when he could see her face, rather then the back of her head.

"Please wake so that I might gaze into your eyes." Gohan begged softly, touching the girl's face.

There was no response. The girl was so pale that Gohan thought, for one horrible moment, that she might be dead. But then he noticed the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest. Her chest? He frowned at her chest. "Well, so what if she's got no jugs. I can get my milk from a cow." He shook the girl lightly, "Come on luv, open your eyes."

"Wow.  She's some chick." Puar hopped over and then looked down at the girl. "Give her a kiss sir.  That'll wake her up."

"You think?" Gohan shrugged, "All right." He wanted to kiss her anyway.

He leaned down and hesitantly pressed his lips against her own. Music began to play. The girl's eyes fluttered, then opened. "I know you.  I saw you once upon a dream. I know you-" Gohan shot a quick glare at Puar who just shrugged.

"I don't know where it's coming from." Puar said, referring to the strange music.

"Is that damned orchestra STILL playing?" Prince Beauty moaned, blinking blearily. He felt as if he had been sleeping for years (which he had).

"Ah, fair maiden, you awaken and show me your pretty eyes!" Gohan cried happily.

"Maiden?" Beauty snorted, "I'm a man you idiot." He pushed Gohan away and sat up. "What is going on?"

"A man?" Gohan repeated with wide eyes.

Beauty got to his feet, a bit unsteadily. The rest of the kingdom was beginning to awaken also. The foliage, strangely enough, just withered away the moment Beauty opened his eyes. A traveler passing the thick bushes was scared so badly by this odd occurrence that he locked himself in his home and didn't leave again.

"Wait.  I don't remember seeing you before. Why are you here?" Beauty asked as Gohan got to his feet.

"I was just curious. I saw this overgrown castle and had to investigate."

"Overgrown!? Well, it is a bit large but hardly overgrown." Beauty put his hands on his hips, "Listen lady, I don't kno-"

"LADY!" Gohan bellowed, reaching for his sword, "I am a man and you will address me as such!"

"The men I know don't usually wear such frilly dresses." Beauty snorted, putting his nose in the air.

"Why you little-!"

"AAAAHHHH!!!" Yamcha wailed, getting to his feet and running desperately to Gohan's side. He pointed at King Vegeta and Goku.

Gohan and Beauty looked over and promptly looked away, both boys turning pink. "Gads father!" Beauty cried, "Get a room!"

"You have a beautiful mouth servant." King Vegeta purred, licking at Goku's lips.

"Hm. No, I told you. My name is Goku." Goku repeated with a little frown.

King Vegeta just rolled his eyes and proceeded to kiss the guard senseless (which didn't take much effort since the guard was pretty much senseless in the first place).

Gohan looked at Beauty, and Beauty looked at Gohan. "So... what's your name?" Beauty asked.

"Gohan. And yours?"

"Er, depends who you talk to. My father calls me Beauty, but my mother called me Trunks." Beauty admitted reluctantly.

"Trunks? Why Trunks?"

"Well, she says she couldn't keep fathers trunks on and that's why I was born." Beauty shrugged.

"Ah. I see." Gohan nodded, glancing over his shoulder only to have the king's shorts hit him in the face. "It would seem your father still can't keep his shorts on." He said, blushing furiously.

"Maybe we should leave." Beauty suggested.

"OO. You wanna' spar?!" Gohan asked eagerly.

"Sure!" Beauty agreed quickly, "But I'll kick your ass. I'm the best fighter in this kingdom!"

"Yeah, well I'm the best fighter in MY kingdom!" Gohan was quick to boast.

"Of course his kingdom consists only of females." Puar added under his breath.

"C'mon! This way!" Beauty rushed out of the great hall, Gohan following close behind him.

Meanwhile the sleeping fairies woke and not missing a beat continued their attack on Cell. Yamcha and Puar quietly snuck out of the room. Not only were the cries from Goku and Vegeta getting uncomfortably loud, but the fairies were not very careful about how they flung their magic around.


||Part Three|| - The Kingdom gets Lucky -

"Um..." Heated kisses left him panting for breath. He wanted to lose himself in the moment but the eyes staring at him from all sides were making him too nervous. "K-King Vegeta? Er... perhaps we could.. hmm.. go somewhere more.. oh.. private." He managed to pant out between kisses.

King Vegeta slipped his hands inside the guard's pants and smiled, "Why? They're just fairies."

"Yep. He's right. Don't mind us, we're just fairies." The fairies grinned. They had finished beating Cell to a bloody pulp and decided tbat watching King Vegeta and his new play thing was the next best thing since television.

Goku growled and firmly pushed against the king's shoulders, "King Vegeta, I cannot do this while they're watching." He said firmly.

King Vegeta sighed and pulled his hands out of the guard's pants, "Very well. We'll get a room."

"Oh! No! Please don't!" The fairies cried as one, "We wanna' watch!"

King Vegeta got to his feet. "Come along servant." He said to Goku.

Goku scrambled to his feet eagerly. The two left the great hall. The fairies all sighed together. "Damn." One of the smaller fairies groaned, "We never get to have any fun."

"Well..." Another fairy smiled, "We could create our own fun. Cell is lying over there, bound and unable to defend himself."

There was a long, charged silence as the fairies turned to Cell. Cell, who had just regained consciousness and found himself tied up, saw the looks they were giving him and shuddered in fear. "Dear god no!" He cried as they advanced, "Please! Kill me! Anything but fairy love!!!"

Beauty collapsed to the ground, panting hard. Gohan landed beside him. Together they lay on their backs and stared up at the sky. "You're good." Beauty panted.

"You're even better." Gohan said with a smile.

Beauty turned to his side, resting his chin on his hand. "So... this is almost like a fairy tale or something.. isn't it?"

Gohan grinned, "If it was I would be Prince Charming and you the beautiful Princess."

Beauty blushed, "You think I'm beautiful?"

"I'm be crazy not to!" Gohan responded, "You're gorgeous. Beyond beautiful really... If there is anything beyond beautiful."

"Well..." Beauty blushed, playing with a blade of grass and trying not to look at Gohan, "If you're Prince Charming, and I'm the beautiful princess... then technically you saved me.. didn't you? Woke me from the wicked witches spell..."

"Yeah. I guess so."

"With a kiss..." Beauty sighed, "I don't remember.. much about the kiss. Will you.. do it again?"

"Well, being Prince Charming I think.. I'm supposed to." Gohan leaned close, until their noses were almost touching.


"Haven't you read any fairy tales before? Since I rescused you, the princess, I get to marry you."

"Do you?" Beauty whispered, eyes wandering to Gohan's lips. He'd never kissed anyone before.. well, except the occassional frog, but that was only because someone had told him if he kissed the right frog it might turn into a prince.

"I do."

Beauty blushed, looking down shyly, "I think you're supposed to say that at the wedding ceremony..."

Gohan laughed and cupped Beauty's cheek with his hand. "Will you marry me?"

"It'll violate every fairy tale ever written... yah. I'll marry you, but only if you kiss me.. now."

Gohan obliged. Leaning forward and pressing his lips against Beauty's. Beauty moaned, surprised by the eager tongue that slid into his mouth. This was nothing like kissing those frogs!

"Wait!" Goku cried, panic seizing him as the king threw him onto the bed. He scrambled off the other side of the bed. "W-wait!"

"What is it?" King Vegeta demanded, placing his hands on his hips.

"Well it's just..." Goku felt heat blushing his cheeks. He rubbed his hands furiously together, "I.. I forgot..."

"Forgot what exactly?" King Vegeta arched his eyebrows.

"Well... I uh... I'm sorta'... married already." Goku said nervously, hardly daring to look at the king.

King Vegeta raised his eyebrows, "Oh? To a man?"

"No! To a.. a woman. H-her name is ChiChi and she's going to /kill/ me."

King Vegeta snorted disblievingly, "Oh come now. What woman could possibly touch you?... Excuse me. You said her name was ChiChi? Where could I find her?"

"Oh.. in the kingdom southwest from here."

Strange little lightbulbs appeared over King Vegeta's head, Goku watched with fascination. "How.. how did you do that?" he whispered.

King Vegeta ignored him, "ChiChi?! Queen ChiChi is your /wife/?!"

"Er.. yeah."

"Then you're the King!?"

"Er... yeah."

"AAAHHH!!!" King Vegeta bellowed, grabbing his head and pulling at his hair, "I can't believe this!"

"Erm...." Goku backed away until his back hit the wall.

"I /hate/ that bitch! All these years I've been trying to figure out how she /always/ knows every move my kingdom makes. For years I've been trying to figure out who her spy was and it was /you/!" King Vegeta pointed an accusing finger at Goku.

"Spy? Me?" Goku's eyes widened.

"It was you who told her all that information about my kingdom, wasn't it???!"

"Well... not really... I mean she would send me letters, and ask me questions about... the castle and stuff...but... oh shit." Goku's face fell as he made the connection, "I.. I guess I was the spy."

"Well, not anymore." King Vegeta moved so fast it took Goku a few seconds to figure out what exactly was stealing his breath.

His eyes widened as King Vegeta tried to reach his tonsils. He tried to speak, but of course it's practically impossible to speak when you've got a tongue, other than your own, down your throat. Finally King Vegeta pulled away from the kiss, a wicked smile on his lips. "You're going home." He said, removing Goku's pants and shorts with one, swift tug.

"Wh-what?" Goku gasped, shaking with pleasure as King Vegeta rubbed against his arousal.

"You're going home, you're going to write /me/ letters and you're going to be my spy." King Vegeta smiled widely, proud of his idea.

"You mean sp-spy on my wife?" Goku asked increduously.

"That's right."

"Hmm.." Goku moaned as King Vegeta kissed him again.

"You and I are going to bring that /woman/ down. I will enjoy making her suffer!" King Vegeta chuckled evilly, "But, enough talking!"

"Oh... oh..." Goku gasped, grabbing King Vegeta's shoulders. "D-do that again?"

"What? This?" King Vegeta trailed his hand down Goku's chest, tickling lightly.

Goku gasped, eyes rolling up. "Oh gawd! YES!"

King Vegeta's eyebrows flew up. "Tickling turns you on?" He questioned, running his fingers lightly up Goku's sides.

"AH!" The response to his question wasn't given in words. King Vegeta looked down, surprised.

"Now you've made me all wet." He scolded lightly, "Remind me not to tickle you."

"Oh..." Goku sighed, relaxing and sliding down the wall.

King Vegeta caught him and dragged him to the bed, "Silly servant. Have you no staying power?"

"No-not really but... I.." Goku blushed, "Rise to any occasion?"

King Vegeta laughed, "Good."

"What's wrong?" Gohan whispered, crawling back up Beauty's chest, a worried frown creasing his brow.

"I.. I.. I've never..." Beauty flushed miserably. He was shaking so hard his teeth were rattling.

"Not even with a girl?" Gohan asked, eyes widening.

Beauty shook his head mutely, biting hard on his lower lip. "You don't have to be afraid. I wouldn't hurt you for the world." Gohan kissed Beauty's nose, smiling warmly as he drew back.

"I.. I don't know what.. to do.."

"That's all right." Gohan caressed Beauty's cheek, "Just let me do everything this time."

He wiggled back down Beauty's chest, kissing and nipping all the way down. "Now pay attention, I'll be quizzing you." Gohan said with a mischevious smile as he licked the area around Beauty's arousal.

"Oh.." Beauty gasped, arching his hips. He wanted.. well, he wasn't really sure /what/ he wanted. He just knew that whatever Gohan was doing, it felt really good. Then suddenly a warm, firm suction cupped the head of his arousal and he cried out at the pleasure that coursed through his body.

Goku grabbed a nearby pillow and pulled it to his mouth. He bit into it to muffle his cries. It took King Vegeta, since he was otherwise occupied, a few minutes to realize what had happened. As soon as he did, he leaned over Goku's back and grabbed the pillow, whacking Goku in the head with it a few times before tossing the pillow across the room. "Cry out servant! I want to hear your pleasure!"

Goku moaned, tossing his head, "The least you could do is stop calling for this 'Servant' guy. I told you! My name is Goku! Who is Servant anyway?"

King Vegeta growled, grabbing Goku's hips so he could move faster. "Shut up!"

"But you just told me-"

"I want to hear you crying out, not talking you idiot!"

"oh.... sorry..." He quickly forgot /how/ to speak as King Vegeta did his best to slam poor Goku through the headboard.

"GOHAN!" Beauty came violently, arching his hips into the air as black spots filled his vision.

Gohan licked him clean, then crawled up so they were nose to nose. "See? That wasn't so bad, was it?" he asked teasingly.

"I.. I can't see." Beauty whispered shakily.

Gohan chuckled, kissing Beauty lightly. "You'll recover. My turn."

"Your turn?" Beauty blinked hard, trying to clear his vision. Slowly Gohan came back into focus.

"Uh huh. Time for that quiz." Gohan rolled onto his back so the boys were laying side by side. "Show me what you learned."

Beauty swallowed nervously, eyes travelling down Gohan's body. Then he nodded, "All right. And if I pass?"

"You'll get a reward of course." Gohan chuckled.

"Sounds yummy." Beauty smiled wickedly and went to work showing Gohan just how much he had learned.

"I think I'll keep you." King Vegeta announced sleepily as he buried his head in Goku's neck.

Goku sighed. "I'm so sore... I don't think I'll be able to sit for weeks." He groaned.

King Vegeta smirked evilly, "Good, then as soon as you can sit again you'll leave for your kingdom. That'll give us just enough time to 'get to know' each other."

Goku groaned again, "I'm starting to think ChiChi is the lesser evil." He muttered.

King Vegeta laughed, highly amused. "You're mine now servant. I'm never letting you go."

Gohan pulled Beauty into his arms, hugging his new lover tightly. "Think we should head back?" He asked softly.

"I don't wanna' move." Beauty murmured, rubbing his cheek against Gohan's chest.

Gohan chuckled, "Just you wait. If you thought that was mind-blowing.. you'll die when I show you the rest."

"The.. rest?" Beauty looked up, a look of faint worry on his pretty face, "There's... more?"

"Oh yes." Gohan started to laugh, "There is soo much more and I'm going to teach it all to you! MWAHAHAHA!"

Beauty's eyes widened, "Erm.. Gohan? Could you please not laugh like that? You sound like ... well, my father when he's be-heading peasents."

"Oh.. sorry." Gohan smiled sheepishly, "I won't do it again."



Beauty smiled widely, "Then I forgive you." He laid his head on Gohan's chest and within moments he was sleeping. His dreams were full of psycho half-man, half-frog creatures who kept kissing him. Strangely enough all the creatures had Gohan's face.

And they lived happily ever after... or at least they did until ChiChi discovered /why/ Goku had returned home and the war started but.. that's not important.


(as the credits roll our three favorite fairies appear)

Krillin: Oh gross! Piccolo's drooling!

Master Roshi: *looks over at Piccolo and grins* Heh. So he is.

Piccolo: *drooling as he watches his crystal ball*

Krillin: What's he watching anyway?

Master Roshi: Dunno'.

*Krillin and Master Roshi sneak to Piccolo's side and peer into the crystal ball*

Krillin: AAAAAHHHH!!!!!! *Screams in horror and falls to the floor in a dead faint*

Master Roshi: *Eyes widen* Holy god... Piccolo.. you dirty bastard.

Piccolo: *surprised to find people he quickly tries to cover the ball* Hey! Don't look!

Master Roshi: No! Don't cover it... Heh... *he peers into the ball, mouth slowly dropping open* Wow... they sure are hot.

Piccolo: I know. *he chuckles and moves back so Master Roshi can see in the ball better* Being a fairy and having magic sure can come in useful.

Master Roshi: Especially when you're horny. *he grins, leering at Piccolo*

Piccolo: *raises his eyebrows* Touch me and I'll remove your reason for /being/ horny.

Master Roshi: *nods and looks away* Right.

Piccolo: *nods*

*They both look back at the crystal ball, watching with avid fascination and gobs of drool as they watch Queen ChiChi and her latest lover, the rejected Bulma, getting 'jiggy wit it'.*

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