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Warnings : Forced sexual situation.... sorta'. I'm sure with a little coaxing and a little more time Trunks would have been more than willing. ^-^

Pairings : Gohan+Trunks, Goku+Vegeta

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Me and fingers by the campfire

throwing stones into the lake.

He was like the older brother

that they could never make


Trunks looked at Gohan with a smile. He was so excited, he and Gohan had spent the day together, fishing and sparring. It had been great fun. And now they were relaxing by the campfire and throwing stones into the lake, something Gohan enjoyed to do. Gohan turned his head and returned Trunks' smile.


Me and fingers by the snack shop,

watching fingers play piano.

Wishing I could play like Fingers

and he says: "Hey man if you practice you never know.""


Trunks laughed, jumping back and narrowly dodging a playful punch from Gohan. "You're fast!" He said with a huge grin.

"Yeah." Gohan smiled and laid back, putting his hands behind his head as he did.

"Hey... Gohan... thanks for asking me out here. I don't think I've ever had so much fun." Trunks said, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Gohan just shrugged, "You're my best friend. I'm just surprised your mom let you come."

Trunks laughed. He grabbed a handful of grass and threw it at Gohan's face. "Your mother isn't much better, mate."

Gohan sat up and tackled Trunks. The two rolled on the grass. In the end Gohan pinned Trunks to the ground, much to Trunks chagrin.


Oh, when fingers touched those keys

Oh, he made me weak at the knees.

He could play about anything he pleased,

Like a nice little boy of thirteen.


Trunks watched Gohan shadow box. Gohan hadn't noticed Trunks yet. Trunks had come over to visit and found him shadow boxing in the back yard. He remained concealed and just watched.

As much as he hated to admit it... Gohan had a nice build. A very nice build. Trunks pressed a fist to his stomach to stem the sudden queasiness he felt.


Me and fingers in his cabin.

Staying up way past curfew.

Listening to Randy Newman for the very first time


They were on another camping trip. Trunks helped Gohan set up the tent and once that was finished they walked to the lake to watch the sunset. They sat close as they watched. Again Trunks found his stomach fluttering. He pressed a fist against it. He wondered at the strange sensation.


Oh, when fingers touched my belt.

I was too scared to say how wrong it felt.

I knew that I was going straight to hell.

He didn't have to tell me not to tell.


Trunks stiffened as he felt Gohan's hand touch his stomach. He looked at Gohan with wide eyes. Gohan smiled at him, his hand slipping under the band of Trunks' pants. Gohan leaned down, pulling Trunks' pants out of the way and revealing Trunks' arousal. Trunks was embarrassed at the arousal, and he felt his cheeks warming. He gasped in surprise as Gohan's lips wrapped around the head of his erection.

'Wrong.. this is wrong...' He thought, but he was too scared to ask Gohan to stop.


Oh, fingers don't you cry

those crocodile tears you cry

to get your way inside me.

Then you won't have to live

with the guilt and the shame

for the rest of your life.


Trunks rolled to his side. He was sobbing. He was so ashamed. Gohan reached out, hesitantly touching Trunks' shoulder, but Trunks jerked away.

"I'm... I'm sorry Trunks." Gohan whispered, "I.. I didn't mean." He felt horrible about what he'd done, but he had been unable to repress his lust towards the boy any longer. He had wanted to touch Trunks for so long, he had been lusting after Trunks for as long as he could remember.

Trunks curled into a ball, unable to stop the tears that coursed down his cheeks. Gohan removed his jacket and wrapped it around the boy, not knowing what else to do. He wanted desperately to comfort Trunks, but he had a sick sense that Trunks would never let him touchhim again.


Cause it's coming to an end

with that gun pointed in your face

and one up your ass.


Gohan looked up with surprise and found himself staring at Vegeta. His eyes widened. He got to his feet as quickly as he could. "Vegeta!?" He cried.

Vegeta's eyes were dark with anger. He lifted his hand.

Trunks lifted his head just in time to see a flash of light.

Gohan didn't scream...

He didn't make a sound as he crumbled to the ground.


Now, fingers don't you cry

you'll never work in this town again

it's time for you to say goodbye.


Vegeta kneeled beside his son. He pulled Trunks into a tight embrace. "Papa.... papa you killed him." Trunks gasped through sobs.

"He's just lucky I didn't do more." Vegeta murmured stonily. He held Trunks close.

Trunks glanced over his father's shoulder at Gohan's still form.

"Gohan..." He whispered.


If I Could Turn Back Time : Sequel to Fingers


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Everywhere I go I see your face.

And every sound I hear

is the sound of your voice.

Why are you haunting me?

Why can't I let you go?


Trunks gazed out at the night, his eyes shadowed with grief. 'Gohan...' He closed his eyes. He missed Gohan so much. So, terribly much. He would give anything to turn back time... to go back to that time and rather than just lay there trembling... he would participate. At the time he just hadn't been ready, but now... now that was Gohan was gone he realized just how much he needed Gohan.

Now that Gohan was gone he realized how much he loved him.

He wrapped his arms around his waist.

The tears ran down his cheeks freely.

'Gohan.... I'm... I miss you...'


Why are you haunting me?


Gohan opened his eyes slowly. The light hurt his eyes. He rubbed his face and gazed at his father. Goku's jaw was hard, his eyes warm with relief to see his son alive, and yet they were also full of anger. "Why?" He asked softly.

Gohan bit his lip, "Trunks?"

"He's all right, as far as I know. Vegeta won't let me near him."

Gohan closed his eyes. His heart ached. 'I'm so sorry Trunks.' He thought, to his father he said, "Why did you bring me back?"

"As ashamed as I am of your actions... I still love you." Goku said softly, "You're my son. I couldn't leave you dead."

"Yeah.... mom would kill you if you did." Gohan added with a little smile.

Goku studied his son with sad eyes. "I understand what it's like to want someone so much you can hardly keep your hands off them but Gohan... Trunks, he's just a child. He's not ready for that sort of shit."

"Is anyone ever ready?" Gohan murmured, he met his father's gaze with reluctance, "I.. I love Trunks father. I.. didn't mean to hurt him."

"I know..." Goku grabbed his son's shoulder, "But it may not make a difference, and if Vegeta kills you again... I'm NOT traveling all the way to Namek again to bring you back.... at least not for a few months."


Everything about me is a lie.

At least it feels that way

when I look in your eyes.

The truth scares the shit out of me.

Whoever said love is real,

or love is blind,

has never felt the way that I feel.


Trunks stared at Gohan, he wanted so badly to run to his friend and hug him, but he knew he couldn't. He would probably never get to spend time with Gohan again, and the idea broke his heart.

Vegeta growled, "I don't like this." He murmured. He had reluctantly agreed to let Gohan see Trunks to apologize, it had taken much persuasion from Bulma and a frying pan before he let the meeting happen.

Gohan ignored Vegeta, he met Trunks' gaze and felt miserable when Trunks flushed and looked away. "Get it over with monkey." Vegeta growled, his lip curling up in a sneer.

Gohan nodded, "Trunks..."

"Let's leave them alone Vegeta." Goku walked to Vegeta's side and took the smaller saiyan's arm.

"WHAT?!" Vegeta pulled his arm away with an angry shout.

"We'll just wait outside, if Gohan tries to molest Trunks again-"

"I have no intention of-" Gohan interrupted quickly.

"-we'll just be a whimper away." Goku finished, ignoring Gohan.

"No!" Vegeta snapped.

"Father... please..." Trunks said quietly.

Vegeta looked at his son, saw the entreaty in those gentle blue eyes and nodded. "All right." He grumbled, "But if he touches you Trunks you tell me so I can rip his fingers off and THEN kill him!"

Trunks squeezed his eyes shut. He knew his father would do just that. Vegeta and Goku left the room, leaving Gohan and Trunks alone.


What does it matter?

What's done is done

and I should get on with my life.


"Trunks... I am so sorry." As he spoke, tears filled his eyes. He never let them escape onto his cheeks, but they burned at his eyes.

Trunks met Gohan's gaze. He bit his lip and nodded. "It's all right."

"No! It's not all right! Gawd Trunks... I didn't mean to.. hurt you." Gohan murmured. He ran a hand through his hair.

"It didn't hurt..." Trunks said, the skin of his lip broke and the taste of blood filled his mouth. "It... felt good... but..."

"You weren't ready." Gohan moved closer to Trunks, he moved shyly. He didn't want to scare Trunks and he certainly didn't want to be close if Trunks didn't want him close.


"I am sorry."

"Gohan... will you kiss me?"


Why are you haunting me?


Gohan could hardly believe his ears. He gaped at Trunks with disbelief. "Did... Did I hear that right?" He wondered aloud.

Trunks nodded. He moved so he was directly in front of Gohan. He took Gohan's hand and pressed it over his heart. Gohan felt the way Trunks' heart was working overtime. He sucked in his breath on a hiss. "Are you sure?" He whispered.

Trunks nodded.

Gohan leaned down.

Their lips met.


I don't know what it is

but I can't seem to make myself forget.

Was it something that you said?

Or is it all the guilt inside my head?


When Gohan touched his pants, Trunks felt himself stiffening. Not because he didn't want to, but because he was afraid his father would walk in and catch them. Gohan noticed Trunks' tensing and he stepped back. His face was flushed with shame. "Gawd, I'm sorry Trunks. I've done it again haven't I?"

"NO! That's... that's not it.... it's just... if my father walked in just now... he would have killed you again." Trunks said, grabbing Gohan's hands.

Gohan smiled.

"Gohan... Gohan I can't live without you. I -want- you to touch me but... but not now. Not here."

Gohan nodded, leaning down he kissed Trunks again.


Why are you haunting me?


Goku shook his head and crossed his arms. Vegeta had his ear pressed against the door. "Vegeta." Goku growled.

Vegeta waved his hand, "Shh." He muttered, "I can't quite make out what they're saying and if you talk I'll -really- have a hard tim-"

Goku moved to Vegeta's side and he placed his hand on Vegeta's shoulder.

Vegeta looked up just in time to see Goku's face descending.

He squeaked as Goku kissed him.

He didn't have time to react.

When Goku pulled back, Vegeta was in shock.

Goku smiled wryly, "Like father, like son, eh?"

"Wh-what?" Vegeta gasped. He tried hard to think coherently again, but it wasn't working well.

"My son has fallen in love with your son, to the point that he can't keep his hands to himself and I..."

Goku leaned down and playfully nipped Vegeta's nose.

"Can't keep my hands off of you anymore."



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