First of all, welcome to my humble (or maybe not so humble) web site. I hope you find something here that enlightens you, I mean besides revealing my"slightly" deranged obsession with the amazing creature known as the lion, as well as its man-made incarnations.


Included information in this site is of carnal nature. I have limited this "adult" material to a single page for those who wish to limit its access. I believe this information should be shared, but only with the appropriate audience. At the present time, this information is available to any American with a library card, so I have decided to this site a rating of "14 years" for content and have labeled this site with ICRA.

I have "stolen" most of the statistics and other information from a great dare I say the "B" word (which, in this case, happens to be the word 'better') web site created by Tim Stoffel. I highly recommend giving it a visit at: .

This site also includes information to help in the preservation and rescue of wild cats. There is also content thats pertains to the environment in general.

The Majority of the sexual behavior data has come from the book 'Animal Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity' by Bruce Bagemihl, PhD.

Finally, yellow text is a bit more factual than text in blue, which tends to be my personal comments
as if you couldn't tell.

With this said, Enjoy my site!

Questions (links to the rest of my lion site):

What is a lion...err...what do they look like?

What sounds does a lion make?

How are lions physically constructed?

Are lions "nice"? / How do lions behave?

What are the lion's mating habits?

What are the subspecies of lions and where do they live?

What diseases do lions get? / What parasites/predators do lions have?

How did the lion evolve? / What are the lion's ancestors?

Are lions kept by people?

Are there any famous lions?

What ways have any beliefs about the lion influenced human society?

How can I help in the care of wildcats?

To prevent the lion from becoming extinct, the whole earth must be protected, so what can I do?

Where can I go online to socialize with others who like wild cats?

Does the creator of this web site need a life? / How do I contact him?

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