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The "Nemashim" Project will bring together Israeli Jewish and Arab students who have graduated from high school and will use theatre as a means to develop dialogue, mutual respect and understanding. We are living together in the middle of a terrible, destructive conflict and we feel that a way out is by developing peaceful resistance to violence, realising the ideals of equality and co-existence in a mixed group and by using theatre to advance these ideals.

The group will be made of 6 to 8 Israelis of Jewish and Arab origin who will live together in a form of a commune, within Ramle, a town of a mixed population. Together we will prepare and create theatre programs that focus on promoting peace and understanding, under the guidance of Uri Shani and Mosa Zahalka, who have extensive experience in work of theatre and Jewish-Arab dialogue and meetings.

We started the first course of the Jewish-Palestinian Stage Tutorial Year in September 2003. We seek funding for this project and would be very grateful for your support. We therefore ask you to consider making this project a reality and thank you in advance of your support.

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       To bring together youth of the two different nations living side by side in Israel.

       To learn and look at different points of view, identities, culture and behavior within the group as well as in the community surrounding it.

       To encourage and increase meetings between young Arabs and Jews around Israel, voicing problems, questions and ideas.

       To decrease tensions between Arab and Jews in the community in which we live.

       To realize a better reality through theatre.

       To create a supportive environment for all the objectives above.

       To experience communal life

       To work towards a continuance of this project



Building and consolidating the group

During the year (September - July), we are working on the selection of participants and formation of the new troupe. Three 2-3 day seminars are helt for the selection process. With the selected group we have one more weekend seminar (July) to prepare them towards the year ahead.




June 2005


The present workshop (2004-2005)


the October 2003 report


some photos from our first performance at the second Activism-Festival, june 2003


a report about this performance



Some photos of the performance in Newe shalom-wahat as-Salaam



 We are a project of Friendship-Village Re'ut-Sadaka. In order to learn more about Friendship-Village Re'ut-Sadaka look at the website:




The project is supported by the olive-oil-foundation, the Church of Bern-Jura, the Bloch-foundation and by the Muste-Foundation.





Association of Professional Theatre for Children and Young People (APT)

Living Room Dialogue Group


givat haviva

the Theater of the Oppressed Laboratory

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