This page has weather links that can whisk you off to hundreds of weather-related sites. A huge resource worth its weight in gold is Bill Nelson's windsurfing weather homepage:

Northwest Windsurfing Network regional weather links page

Eight handy pages of reporting sites report winds, temperatures, pressures, and cloud cover. You can compare Seattle and Toledo pressures with those at Wenatchee or Yakima to assess cross- mountain gradients. You can also monitor Portland-The Dalles-Pendleton pressures to assess Gorge winds. Portland-Troutdale will tell you whether the Rooster Rock easterly is blowing. Or Abbotsford-Lytton to estimate Harrison. Or Vancouver-Whistler to estimate Squamish. Or monitor La Paz in Baja, or Corpus Christi in Texas, or Hatteras in North Carolina, or the Bay Area, or Florida. These are updated hourly; the display is updated at about ten minutes after the hour.

A table of local pressure gradients, updated hourly, is found at

Local Pressure Gradients

A three-character airport code search page is at

Airport 3-Character Codes

There are hundreds of other sites. Have fun. Good luck.





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