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I hope this section will be of some assistance to researchers and genealogists everywhere, but I must warn everyone that I have very little information about the people listed in the muster rolls beyond what is on this website. I have broken down the listings by companies and Staff assignments, but to understand the companies you must know a little about the origination of the continental artillery.

Artillery regiments, unlike their infantry counterparts, rarely served together in the same location during the active part of the campaign- but would come together during the winter encampments such as Valley Forge and Morristown. During the campaign each company or detachment of a company would be assigned to a brigade of the army, or posted to a garrison such as West Point.

The numbers of the companies listed below are those that were used toward the end of the war, after 1781- before that the companies were referred to by the name of their captain. This can lead to some confusion when a captain resigns or is promoted and another officer is promoted to take his place. The company name would change but the men in the company would stay the same. For example, Robert Walker was commissioned a captain in the Second Continental Artillery and his company was referred to as Walkers Company. Captain Walker resigned from the army on March 23rd 1780 and Jacob Reed was promoted to captain to take his place later that same year and the company was then known as Reedís company, Second Continental Artillery. In January 1781, the companies were to be referred to my number, with the captain that has the most seniority having the 1st company and the captain with the least seniority having the 10th. So the company that was formerly called Reedís Company was now referred to as the 10th company, Second Continental Artillery.

Now to complicate matters even more, when Congress formed the artillery regiments in 1777 they authorized 12 companies per regiment, but in 1781 when the army undertook another reorganization ( the first taking place in 1778) the number of companies was reduced to 10- so the Second Continental Artillery had two extra companies! It was decided by Washington and Knox that the 2nd would give up two of its companies to the 4th Continental Artillery regiment witch had only 8 companies at the time, bringing both units inline with the armies new origination

Below you will find links to the Field officers and staff, each of the individual companies of the Second Continental Artillery and to Savages Detachment, of Captain Walkers company, Second Continental Artillery as is served at Fort Stanwix (Schuyler). The link will show the company number used after 1781 with the names of the captains that commanded that company during the war listed in parenthesis. You will see a link to the 11th and 12th companies as well even though they were never known by number while serving with the 2nd Continental Artillery- this is to give the list continuity. The lists have been compiled from several sources, for more information feel free to contact me at [email protected]  I hope this has not totally confused you, but if is has please feel free to drop me a line and I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

Staff and Field Officers


Savages Detachment 1777-78


1st Company (Doughty)

2nd Company (Moodie)

3rd Company (Mott)

4th Company (Wool, Bliss)

5th Company (Lockwood, Stevens)

6th Company (Bauman, Fleming)

7th Company (Mansfield, Savage)

8th Company (Brown, Thomas)

9th Company (Bliss, Machine)

10th Company (Walker, Reed)

11th Company (Porter)

12th Company (Lee, Simond)

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