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Captain: Samuel Mansfield from 1/1/1777 until he resigned on 7/11/1778

               Joseph Savage from 9/20/1779 to the end of the war

Captain Lieutenant: Jonas Simond from 1/1/1777 until transferred to the 2nd Company 12/22/1778

                                   Jacob Reed from 10/26/1777 until transferred to the 6th company on 6/2/1778

                                   John Miles from 9/20/1779 until he resigned on 12/19/1782


First Lieutenant: John Miles from 1/1/1777 until promoted 9/20/1779

                             John R. Throop from 10/26/1779 to the end of the war

                             Henry Cunningham from 4/8/1782 to the end of the war


Second Lieutenant: John R. Throop from 1/1/1777 until promoted 10/26/1779

                                 Henry Bogart from 2/1/1777 until he resigned on 2/24/1778

                                  Henry Cunningham from 7/9/1779 until promoted 4/8/1782

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