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Captain: Sebastian Bauman from 1/1/1777 until promoted 9/12/1778

               George Flemming from 9/9/1778 to the end of the war


Captain Lieutenant:  Jacob Reed from 1/1/1777 until transferred to the 7th company on 9/1/1777

                                   George Flemming from 1/1/1777 until promoted 9/9/1778

                                   Cornelius Swarthout from 1/1/1777 until transferred to the 2nd company 9/1/1777

                                    Jacob Reed from 6/8/1778 until transfer to the 10th company on 9/1/1780

                                    Peter Nestle from 9/20/1781 to the end of the war


First Lieutenant: Baxter Howe From 10/9/1777 until transferred to the 3rd company 11/9/1778

                             Peter Nestle from 2/1/1779 until promoted 9/20/1781

                             Henry Amrahm Williams from 3/23/1781 until the end of the war


Second Lieutenant: Baxter Howe from 1/1/1777 until promoted 10/9/1777

                                 Peter Nestle from 1/1/1777 until promoted 2/1/1779

                                 James Giles from 1/13/1777 until he resigned on 5/21/1782

                                  John Burnside from 10/13/1778 until his death in January of 1781

                                  Jonas Addams from 5/20/1781 to the end of the war                                  

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