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Captain: Thomas Bliss from 1/1/1777 until transferred on 8/12/1780

               Thomas Machine from 8/21/1780 to the end of the war.


Captain Lieutenant: Thomas Machine from 1/1/1777 until promoted 8/21/1780

                                   Caleb Brewister from 6/23/1780 to the end of the war


First Lieutenant: Shepherd Kollock from 1/1/1777 until he resigned on 1/3/1779

                              Caleb Brewister from 8/14/1779 until he was promoted on 6/23/1780

                              Peter Woodward from 3/23/1781 till the end of the war.


Second Lieutenant: William Cebra from 6/23/1779 until he transferred to the 2nd company on 12/31/1779

                                  William Strachan from 9/23/1779 until he was promoted and transferred to the 8th company on 4/14/1781

                                   Hiel Peck from 6/29/1781 to the end of the war.

                                   Peter Tappen from 5/20/1781 to the end of the war

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