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How to get in touch with (me) Rupert Edwards.


For all your juicy leads, comments and  feedback please e-mail me.  E-mail is the easiest way  to contact me, as I am often off the beaten track for months at a time (thus I can not promise speedy replies ). 
     Also while I'm thinking of it my net connection is via a skinny bit of  copper wire that passes for trunk lines in rural areas here.  So there is no way I can get at large ( greater than about 850 Kbytes ) attachments.  If you want to get something bigger to me, hide it somewhere on the web and tell me the link, then I can get friends in the big-smoke to burn it onto a CD for later off-line access.

My email:

[email protected]


Please Note: To prevent spam harvesters hitting me, the e-mail address has been tampered with. Thus you will need to remove the "JunkSnare." part of the e-mail address before sending anything.

Bush Telegraph:

If you have any trouble ( like the e-mail bouncing when the in-box gets choked with spam) with my direct e-mail address.  Then there is always a longer indirect route you are welcome to try. Contacting me via the less personal (it will be read by a couple of folk along on the way)  daisy-chain of friends starting here;- [email protected]


Finally getting snail mail to me is even more convoluted than the Bush Telegraph above.  See the Backdoor for details.:





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