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Rupert Edwards

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Underground Enviromental Investigator

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I am Rupert Edwards, an  underground investigator. This site  kindly put together for me by friends (that must remain nameless), is a bunch of reports and links in pursuit of a more just and environmentally sustainable world.

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Way-back on the 30th of September 2005 the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published 12 cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed. Local  Mohammedans raised a storm of protest and two artists went into hiding after receiving death threats. After discussions and an apology from the paper most concerned seemed happy with how the mess was cleaned-up. Except that then Imam Ahmad Abu Laban ( leader of the Islamic Society of Denmark)  toured the Middle-East with three extra poor quality reproductions, of very obscene cartoons, that till then had never been published by any media outlet. Contrary to the Iman's story their is no indepedant verified evidence that these obsenties are not the work of one of the Iman's cronnies or even the Iman himself!  Then all hell broke loose Islamic organisations demanded an apology from the Danish government as the incident turned into a world-wide diplomatic issue.  The Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen defended the freedom of the press and free speech and stated that any measures, if appropriate, could not be taken by the government but only by a court of law. Meanwhile in Islamic countries Danish flags are burned and Danish products are taken off the shelves. Besides SandMonkey's blog the most thoughtful stuff on the web I found about this was L'Ombre de l'Olivie blog where on the 2 Feb 2006 he closed his commentrary on this saga by saying;-

.......If Muslims don't want to be treated like potentially explosive spoiledd brats then perhaps they need to act responsibly and not threaten death to critics of their religion. So far we have

    Salman Rushdie - author of The Satanic Verses and threatened with countless Fatwas

    Theo Van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali - creators of "Submission" one dead and one under police protection

    The Jyllands Posten cartoons - newspaper and cartoonists receive death threats etc etc

There is a well known military aphorism that once is happenstance, twice is coincidence and thrice is enemy action. Given that I have listed three examples of Muslim intolerance (google BTW lists 288,000 hits for the phrase "fatwa against writer") here we're clearly at the enemy action stage and hence the assumption that Muslims are indeed unable to react to perceived insults in any other way than violence seems proven.




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Peak Oil
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Desolation from Best Intentions

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 Hurricane Katrina  was no natural disaster,  but rather the Mother Nature's / Gaia's / the Lord God's lesson to an arrogant people.

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