Henry James Richmond [HJR] (1854-1936)
Born: 1854 Keilor, Victoria, Australia. His baptism was witnessed by David Dyer, lawyer,  brother of his mother.
Died in Devonport Tasmania.

Proof of  HJR's  birth and baptism were required to prove he  was the son of William Richmond  b 1828 of Maldon, and thus  the correct beneficiary for a large inheritance from his grandfather Henry Harridance.. So records to prove this  included the registration of  William Richmonds marriage  in Melbourne and  the statement from David Dyer  which were sent to Mr Crick, lawyers  in Maldon Essex, trustees of  "Richmond Trust".

This section of the document the most interesting the other parts of  this page and another are accounting for expensed... just  figures.
585 pounds would have been a very large sum for a man of 21 years in Mortlake, Victoria,  to inherit. From a little research on the internet around 9 million dollars today.??

"Received from the Trustees of the Will of the late Henry Harridance deceased the sum of five hundred and eighty five pounds  eleven pence  being the balance of the legacy of Five hundred pounds given to me by the said Will and the accumulations of the interest and dividends thereon as shown in the above account. And i hereby acknowledge that I have passed the account and do approve of same .
Dated 12th day of July 1876
signed Henry James Richmond
under that signature F.S. Clayton his Attorney" - part cut off in the original photocopy form England.
 Document is sealed with a stamp of the Inland Revenue on the same date.

Mother:  Eliza Sarah Dyer born Hammersmith, London, (daughter of David Dyer clerk and Mary Hanbury.)
           m 1, Wm Richmond,
           m 2 G. Cairncrsoss .Vic.D Wedderburn 1900. NI.

Father: William Richmond ,  (son of Sarah Richmond "born Burnham" and Henry Harridance merchant of Maldon.) b 1828 of  "Maldon" [photos and map of family dwellings] christened in Burnahm, Essex , England

Brother William Richmond . b 1856 Keilor, m 1876  Eliza Hewitt, lived Western Australia died Melbourne 1932.

Aged 2 his father died in Keilor, Victoria, went to England with his mother and baby brother William aged 6 weeks. 

Aged 3-4 ? left in care of  his paternal grandfather Henry Harridance in Maldon Essex, while his mother and brother William returned to Victoria, Australia.

Went to Mr Wyatts school in Maldon Essex until  his grandfather died leaving a trust fund for his education and an  inheritance at aged 21. 
At some time in England he met his Uncle James Richmond.

He was then put  under the guardianship of Henry Harridance [HH}Jr  who sent him to a  boarding school at Erith, Kent. [As HH Jr had just got married.]

Henry James Richmond with wife, Mary Jane Tonkin seated centre, 
with little Harold James to her right, and only daughter Coila to his left.

Sons standing l-r William. Earnest, Charles and Herbert.

At 9 years old he was in the put in care of his grandmother Sarah (nee Richmond, mother of William Richmond b 1828) Mason, wife of Captain James Mason, of Butt Lane, Maldon, Essex.

At the age of 10  sailed to Victoria to join his mother Eliza Sarah (nee Dyer), stepfather George Cairncross and younger brother William Richmond and they all sailed off to the NZ gold fields.

Aged 12 he worked as printer's assistant  in New Zealand - gold field on West coast. See his memoirs recorded in the Burnie Advocate  when he was in his 80s. Parts of which are consistent with the references to early printing of newspapers in the gold rushes of the Westlands area of NZ. see "Newspapers in New Zealand" Wellington, Reed, 1958 State Library of Victoria Ch. 16 p 240-257]

Aged 14  he came back  to Victoria  on the ship  "Mary" 1868 August,  NZ to Vic on his own as "H.Carincross"  [fiche 91 p 001]
His mother  and brother William travelled 3 months before him to Vic on the "William and Mary " - listed as Mrs Cairncross aged 31 and William aged 11 - their correct ages  - Aug 1868 NZ to Vic [ fiche 88 p001
His stepfather George Cairncross  probably returned  as one of the 2 passengers of this name  listed with no first name aged 27 and 31 on the ship "Alahmbra" 1868 July [fiche 87 p 002]
They settled at Hexham, [near Mortlake] Victoria, Western District - (sheep grazing land.) .

George Cairncross was a publican  at Hexham. This is the only pub left standing in  2002- bluestone building "closed". Village decaying,- 4-5 houses there in wheat fields. About 10 miles north of Mortlake, Vic. George is buried there - now an overgrown paddock with about 200 headstones in it. He had no children and died aged 38, of stomach hemorrhage. He was George  Cairncross son of Alexander Cairncross occupation turner and Jane maiden name NAPIER, born Marykirk, Kincardine, Scotland, he arrived in Victoria in 1855 and spent 2 years in New Zealand and 15 years in Victoria fro m his death certificate.

At 17 HJR  had a severe knee injury which required him to live in a hotel in Mortlake for weeks while a doctor tended him daily. Then the Dr sent a bill Henry  couldn't pay - and his stepfather was unable to pay he wrote  his layer who was one of 3 trustees of his inheritance, CRICK  in Essex begging his  help to pay the  doctors bill. Not granted as they did not trust  that George Cairncross hadn't put him up to it. See letters to other trustee HH Jr of Kensington.

Worked on Mortlake "Advertiser" as a printer.

Aged 21 inherited from grandfather a huge amount of money for those times:  Henry Harridance of Maldon, Essex, and bought first of many newspapers in rural Victoria and Tasmania. (Port Fairy Gazette, Colac Reformer, and more)
The "Colac Reformer"  newspaper building "established 1875" still  looking good 2002 but now a bakery/sandwich shop. Wendy (nee Richmond)  Nicholson  outside - on main road in centre of Colac. Later taken over by his 2nd son William Richmond  born Colac 1878 - Wendy's grandfather.

He married at 21  when working for Hamilton paper. They  had 5 sons and one daughter. (although registration the birth of last child,  Harold James R in 1893 was not  found in South Aus., or Tasmania or Vic - proof of his baptism in Port Fairy found! but unlike the Registration form there is no witness to the birth by the an accoucher or midwife or doctor.)

Aged about  20 - 30 yrs he was one of  a pioneer group of 13 explorers from Colac was sent explore the forest from Gellibrand River to  to the coast {Forest Lake and Plain"  A History of Colac 1988.]

1900 Advertisements in the Port Fairy Newspaper 1900.[Gazette he owned]  see http://www.genseek.net/p1900c.htm

Richmond H.J  agent/The London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co
Richmond H.J  agent for THE OCEAN Accident Insurance Co, (2)
Richmond H.J  manager/Gazette Office/accounts reminder to subscribers
Richmond W  Hon.Sec/Port Fairy Lawn Tennis club/meeting notice
Richmond M.J  re The Passage Bridge contract
Richmond H.J  Pure Bred Golden and White Wyandettes [sic]  for sale[ probably Wyndotte chickens]

In 1901-1902 The Beeac Advocate & Weering Advertiser was published  by Hogarth & Richmond, and printed by William Richmond, Main Street, Beeac.

Aged about 44 he bought another newspaper "North West Post " and moved to Devonport Tasmania.

Aged 86 died  in Devonport, Tasmania.

Longer version of his life - to be expanded.- much more known.

Henry's father died when he was 2 years old and his younger brother was 6 weeks old.

This young widow took her two children to England in 26 May 1856 on board the “Royal Charter” - presumably to stay with her mother? Eliza’s father was David DYER clerk, and her mother's maiden name was Mary Hanbury. So Henry James Richmond (HJR) would have been a toddler when he could have met his Dyer grandparents, and perhaps a Hanbury great grandparent. Eliza and her son William, about two years old, returned to Victoria in Jan 1858 (6 ) leaving HJR with his grandfather Henry HARRIDANCE (HH)  in Maldon. HH of Market Hill Maldon, corn merchant, died 10 May 1859 when HJR was only 4 and left a “Richmond Trust” for “ his grandson HJR” which paid annual dividends and costs of HJR’s education and clothing and a large sum when he reached his majority -21 years of age. (7) The executors were his son HH junior of London Road, Maldon, John Crick, lawyer, and George Parker May, Doctor of Medicine So HJR was put in the care of HH JR who placed him into a boarding school in Erith, Kent where he was unhappy at spending Christmas in  empty  school

His grandfather died 1859 leaving money for his education and an inheritance due at age 21. Then Henry Harridance "The Younger" became his guardian and he was sent to a boarding school in Erith, Kent. About 2 years later his grandmother became his guardian. She was Sarah (nee Richmond) Mason of "lot 1" just behind the pub, on corner of  Butt Lane Maldon. She had married James MASON  mariner 1837 in Shoreditch , St Leonards . Her witnesses were Fanny Richmond, James  CRANMER, and  John YOUNG.  Sarah and James had 2 children Elizabeth and James Mason.

Captain James Mason, master of "Beeleigh" square rigged sloop of 62 feet was owned by Henry Harridance corn merchant and James Buller merchant, carpenter. Ship registered 1851 built 1818 Maldon.

The inscription in a bible HJR got when he was in England “Henry James Richmond - a present from your affectionate mother on the 7th anniversary of his birth, 24 October 1861 who in presenting it to her dear little son prays that he make it his companion both in youth and age. Ballarat, 23 August 1861.” In September 1863 a letter was written to the executors of the “Richmond Trust”, Mr Crick the lawyer of Maldon, by George Cairncross on behalf of Eliza Sarah (nee Dyer) his wife and mother of HJR, saying they wanted him to remain over in England a “year or two” and as Mrs Mason his grandmother (Sarah Mason, nee Richmond of Burnham) agreed, wanted her to become his guardian. (8)

Mrs Sarah MASON  (nee Richmond)  made him two new suits  which she billed the executors of HH Estate for costs in Dec 1868.(9 ) At this house HJR may  have met his late father's half sister unmarried Elizabeth Fanny Mason and half bother James Mason “The Younger” (born  1838 ). Probably he would have met  James Mason’s (jr)  baby Elizabeth b 1862, and perhaps Sydney and Frank Mason born?  around 1860’s.

However HJR was not long with his grandmother as he was shipped back to Victoria when he was 9 years old, having his 10th birthday on board and arriving in Vic in Nov 1864 on the “Forest Rights”. HJR only got his legacy after extensive documentation proved he was truly the son of WR of Maldon. 10 It is plain that HJR’s father William R (b 1828 of Maldon) was the son of Sarah R (b1809 Burnham) — “who afterwards married Captain [James] Mason” as HJR said in his memoirs (11). [This marriage is recorded in 1829 at Shoreditch St Leonards London, witnessed by Fanny Richmond -same signature as on her will]

At the age of 9 and a half years HJR sailed by himself in the care of the ships captain to Australia to join his mother and stepfather in Australia, only to leave at once  for the NZ  gold fields on the west cost of the south island,  and they stayed 3 years. Here he worked as printer and then reporter for various local newspapers,  before returning to Victoria.

At Hexham Victoria,  HJR became a printer at a Mortlake newspaper and later at a Hamilton paper.

Then he turned 21 and got married and bought his first newspaper and after providing a lot of proof  of his paternity he inherited the trust fund left ot him b y his grandfather Henry Harridance.

Henry and his wife Mary Jane TONKIN daughter of a cornish stonemason  John Tonkin,  lived in Mortlake, Hamilton, Port Fairy, Warnambool and Colac Vic, and then Devonport .Tasmania.

Mary Jane Tonkin was the daughter of  ,,,, and  Rundle

Index to Registers of Assisted British Immigrants 1    839-1871 -7 results found.Rundle
from http://proarchives.imagineering.com.au/index_search.asp?searchid=24

Family Name    Given Name Age         Month    Year    Ship                  Book  Page[ fiche]
RUNDLE             JOHN           27         DEC 1865         SAM CEARNS 14 336
RUNDLE             JOHN           27         DEC 1865         SAM CEARNS 14A 99
RUNDLE             MARIA         21         DEC 1865         S AM CEARNS 14 336
RUNDLE             MARIA         21         DEC 1865         SAM CEARNS 14A 99
RUNDLE             MARY ANN   I          DEC 1852         VICTORY             6 152
RUNDLE             THOMAS   28          DEC 1852         VICTORY             6 152
RUNDLE             JANE            24         DEC 1852         VICTORY             6 152

Did  Moons and Rundles come out on same ship? YES VICTORY DEC 1852

MOON JAMES                 1 DEC 1852 VICTORY 6 150
MOON JOHN                 26 DEC 1852 VICTORY 6 150
MOON RICHARD             6 DEC 1852 VICTORY 6 150
MOON WILLIAM              4 DEC 1852 VICTORY 6 150

This might be our TONKINS  arr at Geelong I think.

Probably this photo was taken when HJ Richmond had just bought this paper in 1905 after the death of  the widow of previous owner William Fisher.  The North West Post newspaper office Wenvoe Street, Devonport. The Photo survived a fire.  Building  still there in about 1996 and is Richmond printing shop. The newspaper  was published daily when Henry took it over but folded at the end of 1918 as   WW1 had caused problems getting ink , paper and machinery parts. [see http://www.leven.tassie.net.au/ULHM/nwp/ for more details]

His sons were all at first printers working for him.

#1 Ernest, b 1877 Hamilton, Vic.

became a sub editor at the Age, married no children, Fermanagh Road Camberwell. Melbourne NI
#2 William Richmond  b1878 Hamilton, m Amy Louise CHADWICK
became owner of the "Colac Reformer".
son Rupert Halley Richmond born 1910 Colac, m 3ch
daughters Marjorie m WJ READ , lived Wagga area NSW farming 3ch.
and Mollie.NI. died London.
#3 Herbert Richmond  b 1881  m. Florence .....
          One daughter Ruth- only child. He was on the stock exchange Melbourne with J B Were's., and London.
Ruth Richmond  NI., left a scholarship to her old school Ruyton Kew. And money to all her female relatives!

NAA - show  these Passengers
RICHMOND, F  Mrs   Ship/aircraft nameOtranto  sailed from Port London  to Mebourne arriving on   02 Oct 1934
RICHMOND, H  Mr   Otranto
RICHMOND, R M  Miss   Otranto

#4 Charles Leopold Richmond  b 1884 Colac stayed in Devonport working for his father as a printer etc.
Later  running the Richmond Printing. Co.Wenvoe St, Devonport.
He married Margaret HOPE of Tasmania and  their eldest son Leopold, became a printer in Melbourne, and  2 other sons one dec Devonport, ... one living Devonport and one daughter [collector of family history] living Devonport.
# 5 Coila Mary  Richmond  b1887 m  Audrey STEER Tas died Caulfeild Vic.NI

#6 Harold James Richmond  b 1896 Port Fairy, Vic. an Insurance Agent in Hobart then Caulfield.

m1.     Pauline O'NEIL who was born at Mathinna [North East] Tasmania, at St.Mary's Roman Catholic Church, St Kilda, Melbourne on 29 July 1925. They had one child  born 1929. living WA m 3 ch. This marriage ended in divorce 20 October 1932 Vic.RC

 m2. Hilda ROBINSON d 2004, Caulfield  vic in her 90s. 2 daughters.

( The numbers above in brackets refer to photocopies of original documents in my  red and blue folders)
legal papers  to Crick Lawyers Maldon re inheritance- from the Essex P R O
Shipping Records, VPRO
B D & M Records VPRO.
Will of HH and all legal papers to do with paying the inheritance when there was sufficient proof who HJR was.
Will of Fanny Richmond.
Map of land for sale on Butt Lane Maldon Essex.  1841
Letter from Elizabeth (nee Mason) Arnold re oil  painting of Fanny  to go to HJR and cousins the Hembers.
Letters from HJR to son Ernest Richmond in London with stock exchange doing Family History research. 1932-3

Newspapers  on microfilm at S Library Victoria:
Beeac Advocate  06 Dec 1901 - 31 Dec 1902

Colac Herald  25 Mar 1870 - Dec 1871, 05 Jan 1875 -
Colac Observer and Polwarth, Grenville and Hampden General Advertiser 12 & 26 Oct 1866, 07 Dec 1866,
                                                                                                        04 - 11 Jan 1867
Colac Observer, Winchelsea, Ondit and Birregurra Guardian and Polwarth, Grenville and Hampden General Advertiser 09 - 16 Feb 1867, 16 - 23 Mar 1867,
06 & 27 Apr 1867, 08 Jun 1867, 08 May 1869, 05 Jun 1869, 07 Aug 1869, Nov 1869

Colac Reformer  28 Dec 1878 - 30 Dec 1920
Colac Times  Oct 1875, Jan - Jun 1876

Koroit Herald  07 Mar 1878 - 30 Aug 1886
Koroit Sentinel and Tower Hill Advocate  22 Feb 1888 - 20 Dec 1941,
12 Jan 1946 - 23 Dec 1967

Mortlake Dispatch  06 Jan 1871 - 10 Feb 1872,
03 Mar 1877 - 07 Aug 1880,
19 Apr 1882 -
Mortlake Mercury  04 Feb 1903 - 01 Aug 1903

Mornington Standard  05 Oct 1889 - 24 Dec 1920

Terang Express  05 Oct 1888 -

Camperdown Chronicle 21 Jan 1875 - 30 Dec 1875, 01 Jan 1877 -
Camperdown Herald 10 Jun 1903 - 29 Dec 1920
Camperdown Times 24 Dec 1895 - 03 Jul 1897
Hampden Guardian and Western Province Advertiser 06 Jan 1871 - 31 Dec 1872,
                                                                                    Jan 1874 - 08 May 1877
Western Plains Advertiser 11 Oct 1961 -
Western Press 30 Jun 1866 - 19 Jan 1867,
                         01 Jan 1870 - 31 Dec 1870

Port Fairy
Banner of Belfast  02 Jan 1857 - 06 Dec 1876
Belfast Gazette 12 Dec 1876 - 03 Jan 1890

Belfast Gazette and Portland and Warrnambool Advertiser [see: Portland Mercury and Normanby Advertiser (Portland) for 1849 issues] 06 Apr 1849 - 21 Dec 1849,
16 Aug 1851, 27 Mar 1852,
05 Jun 1852, 19 Jun 1852,
21 Aug 1852, 11 Sep 1852,
25 Dec 1852, 07 May 1853,
15 Jul 1854, 07 Oct 1854,
15 Dec 1855, 14 Mar 1856,
14 Jun 1856, 24 Jan 1857,
26 Feb 1858 - 08 Dec 1876

Port Fairy Gazette  10 Jan 1890 - 27 Mar 1991
Port Fairy News  07 Oct 1910 - 28 Jun 1912
Port Fairy Times and Macarthur News 09 Feb 1917 - 21 Feb 1918

Correspondence  between Henry James Richmond  of Devonport Tasmania  with cousins in England via Elizabet Arnold c 1920  [ born Elizabeth  Mason , daughter of James Mason [ JR] who was son of Sarah Richmond and Captain  James Mason] which made  reference to Eliza Richmond and other family members  who were named HEMBER.[ we have contact with the descendants of this line since  abt 1990.

1908 London Post Office Directory
Mrs E. Hember  living at 1 Culvert Road, Battersea SW  in London  Trade Directory 1908 ver close to Frank Harridance  1000 yards.

Post Office Bath Directory, 1884-85
Robert Hember , farmer, Queen Charlton, Keynsham

Slater's Directory of Berks, Corn, Devon ..., 1852-53
Thomas Hember Bristol, Beer retailer,Avon Street,  St Philips Parish

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