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Welcome to my collection of recipes!

Last updated: Sunday January 12th 2003

As a life-long vegetarian and vegan for many years, I have been asked by people upon learning that I don't consume animal products, "Well what do you eat?"  So, I figured it would be a good thing for me to put up on the web some of the recipes that I have enjoyed over the years.  This is also a place I can point friends to, a place for interested people to find some good vegetarian recipes. 

This recipe collection is different from other, more extensive collections you may find in that the only recipes that I include here are those that I personally have tried and found to work well on a consistent basis. Many of the recipes have been tasted by non-veg people and found to be *quite* acceptable! 

It's time to get cookin'!

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Note: The recipes here come from a variety of sources -- some from veg cookbooks, some from those cheezy (pardon the pun) "Got Milk" calendars, some from non-veg cookbooks, some from the internet.  I give full credit to the author where credit is due, but I have modified some of the recipes to make them more efficient or to make them fit the vegan standard.

Note also: The banner at the very top of this page was based on pictures found on the webpage of Farm Animal Sanctuary.

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