Here's what's new around here...

Sunday January 12th 2003
Sure has been a long time since I touched this page! I haven't added any recipes - just changed a bit of formatting.

Friday October 20th 2000
I updated the survey results page; 9 people have filled out the survey to date.

Saturday October 14th 2000
6 people have answered the survey so far; view the results here. Thanks to all those who have visited the page and said such nice things about it :)

Friday October 13th 2000
Lisa's Tried-and-True Recipe Collection is finally online! I hope you will have a look around and try some of the recipes. Don't forget to fill out the survey and sign the guestbook. Note to Microsoft Explorer users: An error message seems to pop up on every page that the Geocities randomly appearing ad does not appear. I don't know what the problem is but it's really annoying so if you can use Netscape, please do and even better, if you know how I can solve the problem, let me know!

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