A note on certain ingredients.

Cheese-- Look for vegan "cheese" in natural food stores. Vegans should avoid the ingredient casein which is found in some non-dairy cheeses because it is a milk derivative.

Chocolate chips -- Yes, believe it or not, many brands of chocolate chips do not contain dairy. Try President's Choice or Tropical Source.

Egg replacer -- This comes in a powder that you can find in natural food stores, usually containing corn starch, potato starch, baking powder, etc.

Margarine -- Many margarines are not vegan, containing ingredients like whey, gelatine, or mono- and di-glycerides. Try looking in natural food stores for vegan margarines, like the Canoleo brand.

Mayonnaise -- You can find vegan kinds of mayonnaise in natural food stores and even in some grocery stores. I use the "Nayonnaise" brand.

Soymilk -- You may have to try a few different brands before you find one that you really like. Can be bought in grocery stores and natural food stores. I like Pacific Select Vanilla for baking, and So Good Vanilla for baking or drinking.

Sugar -- Because normal refined sugar is usually processed using animal bone char, many vegans choose to use sucanat, which is unrefined and can be used to replace white or brown sugar in any recipe. Sucanat can be bought in natural food stores.

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