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There are currently a number of Messianic Jewish groups in the world. But, realistically, how much do you really know about those organizations? This web-page is designed to give you information on the background, leadership, history and support of Messianic Jewish groups. All of the information is referenced from on-line sources, so you can click on to the reference proof for each piece of information to see the original sources. reference proof for each piece of information to see the original sources. If you do not see a particular group that you are interested in, feel free to e-mail me. Just because you do not see a section on that group, does not mean that I do not know about the group. Unfortunately, I have limited time to work on this page, so not all of the groups I know about are listed. I also have a number of original essays and a pamphlet discussing Jesus, Biblical prophecy and Messianic Judaism. I welcome any questions that you have regarding anything that you find on this site. Click below to find out about each organization or to read the essays:

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