Original Essays on Messianic Judaism

The following are original essays and a pamphlet on Messianic Judaism and Messianic Jewish beliefs. These essays cover important issues regarding the Messianic Jewish movement, such as Jesus' teachings, sin and the Jewish Bible.

Jews for Jesus versus The Bible (pamphlet in .doc form, for best viewing print double-sided)

Is Jesus The Messiah?

Is A Blood Sacrifice Necessary For Atonement?

Anti-Semitism-Is This the Real Reason Jews Reject Jesus?

Where is The Christ in the Passover?

Is the Trinity in Psalm 110?

Genesis 18-A Closer Look

Isaiah 7:14-What It Does and Does Not Say

Finding Judaism

A Human G-d?

Elijah, Prophecy and the Messiah

But Wasn't Jesus Jewish?

Was Isaiah 53 Removed or Left Out?

Is Elohim Plural?

Jesus' Father

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Jesus' lesson

Jesus of Bethelehem

Jesus' Teachings on Witnesses

Reviewing Testimonies

Are Southern Baptists Honest?

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