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Messianic Jewish congregations repeatedly claim that they are Jewish, not Christian organizations. In truth, the entire movement was created in the 1800's by the Church of England as a method of converting the Jewish people and encouraging Jews to be more likely to end their churches. While some Messianic congregations are independent churches (often run by ordained Christian ministers), many are official members of various Christian denominations, though few will admit to it on their web-sites. The following is a list of Messianic congregations that are members of Christian denominations and major Christian organizations. In each case, the name of their Christian denomination is provided: If you click on the name, a reference link will bring you to the evidence showing their membership, usually a listing in a Christian denominational directory.


Comunidad Hebrea Bet Bnei Tzion in Beunos Aires (Please note that the link is in Spanish, under "CAP. FED. - VILLA CRESPO") Seventh Day Adventist-Click Here


Yeshua Tsideknu Russian Messianic Jewish Congregation: The Christian and Missionary Alliance-Click Here


Un-named Messianic fellowship in Vitebsk: Full Gospel Church (Pentecostal)-Click Here


Beth Bnei Tsion in S�o Paulo: Seventh Day Adventist-Click Here

Beth Bnei Tsion in Rio de Janeiro: Seventh Day Adventist-Click Here


Congregation Beth Shechinah of Calgary Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada -Click Here

Light of Messiah Congregation of Toronto Associated Gospel Churches-Click Here


Un-named Messianic congregation in Santiago Seventh Day Adventist-Click Here


Richmond Messianic Fellowship of Richmond (Editor's Note: It is listed under "Other activities & ministries:") The Vineyard Church-Click Here

Beth Yeshua of Gateshead (Editor's Note: The first link is to Vision Christian Fellowship where Laurence Levine is the third picture of "Vision People" and the second link is to Beth Yeshua where you can see Laurence Levine's picture as a Beth Yeshua leader) Vision Christian Fellowship-Click Here and Beth Yeshua-Click Here


Beit Bracha of Migdal Christ Church Ministries Jerusalem/The Church's Ministry among Jewish people-Click Here

Beit Eliahu Evangelical Messianic Congregation of Haifa (Editor's Note: they are under "7. Lutheran") Lutheran Church-Click Here

Beit Immanuel of Jaffa Christ Church Ministries Jerusalem/The Church's Ministry among Jewish people-Click Here

Kehilat HaMashiach in Jerusalem, Please note that the first link is to Christ Church, where Kehilat is listed as one of their ministries, the second link shows that Christ Church is part of the Episcopalian Diocese: Episcopalian Church-Click Here And Click Here

The King of Kings Assembly of Jerusalem Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada -Click Here

Nachalat Yeshua Messianic Congregation of Beer Sheva Mennonite Church USA-Click Here

Negev Outreach Center The Christian and Missionary Alliance-Click Here

Un-named Messianic assemblies in the Negev The Christian and Missionary Alliance-Click Here

Un-named Messianic congregations in Ashdod, Ashkelon, Bat Yam, Be'er Sheva, Haifa, Jerusalem, Kiryat Yam, Ramat Gan, Rehovot and Tel Aviv Seventh Day Adventist-Click Here


Beit-Ieshua of Bishkek (Editor's Note: It is listed under "Messianic Jewish Fellowship") Fullgospel Church of Jesus Christ-Click Here

New Zealand

Bet Ya'akov Believers Synagogue in Point Chevalier/Auckland (Editor's Note: For all New Zealand listings, the link will bring you to the Vision Church Directory. You need to click on "denomination" and go to "Messianic" to see the listing): Vision Network of New Zealand, A Member of the World Evangelical Alliance-Click Here

Lighthouse Messianic Fellowship in Northland: Vision Network of New Zealand, A Member of the World Evangelical Alliance-Click Here

Talmidei Yeshua Messianic Congregation in Auckland: Vision Network of New Zealand, A Member of the World Evangelical Alliance-Click Here


Beit Shalom in Asuncion (Editor's Note, the information in the paragraph prior to the "Conclusion" section of the link, approximately 4/5th down the page): Pentecostal Church-Click Here


Beth Israel in Kampala Operation Nehemiah Missions-Click Here


Un-named Messianic congregation in Maldonado Seventh-Day Adventist-Click Here

Why Jews Don't Believe in Jesus

There are many reasons why Jews do not accept Jesus, and the links below are some of the better explanations on this topic. Of course, if you have questions that are not covered on the links, you can always e-mail me with your questions.

An Answer from Rabbi Stuart Federow Click Here

An Answer from Rabbi Shraga Simmons Click Here

Ask the Rabbi from Ohr Somayach Click Here

An Answer from Rabbi Tovia Singer Click Here

Countermissionary Counseling

There are a number of groups that provide Countermissionary Counseling. Here are links to a few of them:

Jews for Judaism

Alternatively, you can call them at 1-800-4PROOF1 with general questions about missionary claims.

Torah Atlanta

Outreach Judaism

Torah Life and Living

Great Sites, Priceless Information

Here are a number of great sites that counter missionaries and explain the differences in belief between Judaism and Christianity, including addressing the Biblical verses that missionaries try to use against the Jews and explaining why the missionaries are incorrect. For the most in-depth analysis of verse by verse questions, go to Messiah Truth (sections on Counter-Missionary: Multi-media training [this can be read without being "multi-media"], Knowing Your Orchard and Judaism's Answer), Jews for Judaism (in their Reference Section (please note that the Isaiah topics tend to be under "Suffering Servant" part of the "Proof Text" section) and the Q & A section of Outreach Judaism.

Messiah Page

Messiah Truth

Jews for Judaism

Outreach Judaism

Counter Missionary Reference

Torah Atlanta

Messianic Verses in Tanach

Kosher Judaism

Escape From Counterfeit Judaism

Talking to Kids About Missionaries

Contact Me

I am more than happy to answer any questions regarding why Jews do not believe in Jesus or on Jewish beliefs in general. Feel free to e-mail me. There is no such thing as a "stupid question". E-mail me-click here

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