Site-Specific Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Site Administrator?

Hello and Welcome! My name is Jason Levinson and I am the Site Administrator.

What type of site is this?

This is a counter-missionary site that demonstrates how the "Messianic Jewish" movement is not a Jewish movement, but a Christian movement.

What type of Jew are you? Are you a rabbi?

I am a Conservative Jew, and no, I am not a rabbi. If you would like to talk to a rabbi about the "Messianic Jewish" movement and authentic Judaism, I am more than happy to direct you to one.

Why was this site created?

This site was created in reaction to the dishonesty of the "Messianic Jewish" movement. First, a little background. The "Messianic Jewish" movement was created in the 1800's as a method of converting Jews to Christianity, originally spearheaded by the Presbyterians and Anglicans. Originally calling itself "Hebrew Christianity", this Christian movement began to use the term "Messianic Judaism" in the late 1960's and early 1970's. For instance, the "Messianic Jewish Alliance of America" was founded as the "Hebrew Christian Alliance of America", and only changed it's name in the 1970's. Currently, more than half a dozen Christian denominations sponsor the movement, such as the Southern Baptist Convention, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Assemblies of God movement. The "Messianic Jewish" movement represents the most dishonest attempt ever created to convert the Jewish people. This includes misrepresenting and lying about Judaism, the Jewish Bible and the Rabbis. Leaders in the "Messianic Jewish" movement have even gone as far as lying about their own personal history, in an attempt to get Jews to convert. As an example, Chosen People Ministries (originally known as American Board of Missions to the Jews), one of the original "Messianic Jewish" organizations, was started by a Leopold Cohn, who claimed to be an Orthodox-ordained rabbi. In reality, Leopold Cohn's real name was Yitschak Leib Joszovics and he was never a rabbi. In fact, he was not even a particularly observant Jew before converting to Christianity. Overall, "Messianic Judaism" is Christianity covered in the "clothes" of Judaism. In an age where Jewish and Christian leaders are reaching out to each other for greater peace and understanding, the "Messianic Jewish" movement has put a wedge between the two religions. I believe that if Christians and Jews really knew what the "Messianic Jewish" movement was about, that nearly all would reject the movement. My personal experience has shown me that when intelligent, thoughtful Christians learn that "Messianic Judaism" is not really a Jewish movement, they are generally surprised and disappointed at the dishonesty of the movement.

Do you hate Christianity or Jesus?

No. I do not hate Christianity or Jesus. I, and all of Judaism, certainly disagree with Christian theology on many major issues, and an objective look at Jesus' teachings show that Jesus made a number of errors in understanding the Jewish Bible. However, my disagreements have nothing to do with hatred. I believe that Christians are free to believe in whatever they want, despite any disagreement that Judaism has with Christianity.

Are you trying to convert Christians to Judaism?

No. I am trying to bring Jews back to authentic Judaism and inform Christians about the dishonesty of the "Messianic Jewish" movement.

Can I e-mail you questions that I have about "Messianic Judaism" and authentic Judaism?

I welcome readers to send me questions. Depending on my schedule, it sometimes takes me a bit of time to answer an e-mail, but I am more than willing to address reader questions/issues.

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