CIDE060 Evolve “Breaking Down The Barriers” LP / CD / zine



CIDE059 Jim Swill “I’m the one screaming with my eyes.” book


CIDE058 Praey CDR

Debut songs from the Saint Louis hardcore trio (Kerns Lane, Mavis Concave, Jack Callahan) that was formed, playing gigs in surrounding cities, and recorded all within June 2009! Strong influence from the youthful urgency of fast, oldschool HxC combined with heavy, dissonant guitar doom and calculated bursts of mic feedback and other scraps of noise amidst otherwise conventional punk rock song structures – this self-titled Praey EP contains 8 studio tracks, including renditions of “Pressure” by Negative Approach and “Shit For Reality” by Realicide, and 3 live recordings from gigs and a radio session. Screenprinted disc, color cover art (by Nick Francel), fold-out poster, vinyl sticker. 150 copies, August 2009.


CIDE057 Chemical Committee “Ill-umi-Nati” CDR

Chemical Committee (AKA CemCom) is the Cincinnati hiphop duo of Beta Max and Freak One (Evolve project collaborator) rapping about drugs, the cops, tagging, and an array of other presences in their world, both positive and negative – all backed by strongly Wu-influenced beats laced heavily with old video games and movie samples of varying traceable relevance.  This is 100% robo-tripping hiphop, raw from the frustrated and crazed urban midwest American youth. ILL-UMI-NATI was originally self-released in 2007, now re-editioned for CemCom’s debut contribution to the Realicide label. Screenprinted disc, color cover art, fold-out poster, vinyl sticker. 100 copies, August 2009.


CIDE056 Mavis Concave “Survive This” CDR

Mavis Concave of Realicide, SX, DJ Thumper – 5 track EP produced summer 2009 in Saint Louis – a narrative trudging though complete emotional devastation, intense self-doubt and identity conflicts, vengeful and defeated confessions, and finally the tempered strength to move forward – wrenching vocal performances all to a soundscape of raw digital glitches, scathing breakcore rhythms, and the driving force of memorable synth lines backed by immaculate gabber kicks. There is even an amped up digital hardcore cover of Dystopia’s song “Socialized Death Sentence” for anyone whose job has them considering suicide as a reasonable alternative. If you’d always thought hard electronic beats were nothing besides a cheap accessory to raver drugs – here is another fierce counterexample. EMBRACE YOUR DOOM – IN FORWARD MOTION! Screenprinted disc with fold-out poster (artwork by Nick Francel) and vinyl sticker. 150 copies, August 2009.


CIDE055 Realicide “Resisting The Viral Self” LP / CD / zine


"Resisting The Viral Self" is a rare circumstance of Realicide finally completing an extensive studio album of a highly collaborative nature. In contrast to the project's extensive output of live bootlegs and other very rough material, here is a very defined and focused collective energy from artists across the US throughout late 2007 until early 2009. This body of work includes the lyrics and voices of Robert Inhuman and Jim Swill; the hardware and software electronic music of Vankmen, Ryan Faris (of Capital Hemorrhage), Evolve, and Steven Cano (tik///tik); additional sampling by Simon Severe; and mastered by Mavis Concave. Sonically, "Resisting The Viral Self" ranges from Realicide's established style of very abrasive gabber punk, inspired by certain sects of harsh noise and classic digital hardcore, yet venturing into other means at times, such as dark ambient soundscapes facilitating spoken tracks and delicate sound collages. Lyrically, the album claims allegiance most strongly to the roots of Anarcho-punk and other combative, yet ultimately constructive, efforts in promoting a lifestyle based in equality and the courage to experiment regardless of social pressures (especially against these social pressures). The 12" vinyl holds the essentials of the album, at 17 minutes each side, but the CD format has allowed the material to be doubled, at 48 tracks and filling the disc with as much raw hardcore and industrial mania as possible. Both versions of the album are available in full-color printed jackets, featuring artwork by Robert Inhuman, and are accompanied by an extensive zine. Though a modest stack of xeroxed text and drawings, this zine is completely supplemental to the music of "Resisting The Viral Self". In addition to all technical credits and lyrics, essays elaborating on the content of almost every track are presented, along with essays regarding the ethical philosophies and policies surrounding Realicide in every aspect of its operation. Vinyl stickers are also included with both CD and LP versions. For anyone who has an interest in Realicide and has waited through years of many less coherent bootleg releases, or anyone who has been increasingly hungry for a band that can very directly utilize electronic hardcore as a vehicle for radical and socio-political propaganda, this is an album that can give you what you've been hunting for - with a terrifying vehemence yet an unwavering message of compassion and self-sacrifice. FIGHT THIS HELL. REDEFINE HARDCORE. 29 March 2009, for Realicide Youth Records (1st Edition: 500 LP & 1,000 CD)


CIDE054 Split Horizon “Thunder In The Ground” CDR

Detroit’s noisy politically-driven hardware sequencer / synth techno by Matt Schultz, accompanied by a series of short essays and an informative interview about the motives and general perspective of Split Horizon. Matt is a central figure in Detroit’s From The Gut collective, which attempts to organize electronic music events and record releases that are both socially exciting and also intellectually critical of its own artistic output and the political environments in which it is being produced. For fans of things like Praxis / Datacide, the ideas of Split Horizon could be of substancial interest. Screenprinted disc, foldout essays / interview xerox. 100 copies, December 2008.


CIDE053 Evolve “once it was easy to give up everything you had & wander; before the streets were venomous: we walk”

The third Evolve album, re-issued after its initial release on the Heresee label in late 2006. This is a beautifully warm and passionate album from Cincinnati Ohio; a collection of tape collage blending into spoken pieces, joined by primal hardware drum machine and synth patterns, humble urban hiphop elements with surreal freestyles by guests such as Jim Swill and Freak One. If you have interest in art and music that confronts the dark, edgy aspects of city life, the grit and anxiety, fears and personal conflicts, but still with an overwhelming feeling of awe and compassion, a love for both friends and passing strangers, the Evolve project is highly recommendable. If you are interested in music that’s purpose is to make you feel invulnerably hard and comic-book-like, you might want to skip this and stick with mainstream radio. Screenprinted disc, foldout lyrics xerox poster, and a color photograph. 200 copies, December 2008.


CIDE052 Sacrifice Zine #2

Constructed of material gathered throughout 2008, this 2nd episode of Sacrifice features interviews with Capital Hemorrhage, Abiku, Nuclear Dawn, Xrin Arms, and written pieces by Cybelle Collins, Knox Mitchell, Simon Severe, and Michael from Big Nurse. New artwork by Mr.Ben and Robert Inhuman, with a series of earlier drawings by Adrian DeQuiros and Shawn Blake. The zine’s centerfold actually folds out to reveal an extensive survey piece of the question "Is the intent of amusement and social comfort a threat to the potency of applied punk / hardcore / noise ethics in our daily lives?" with widely varying responses from Johnny Ultraviolence, BIRTH!, Jason Forrest, Muscle Brain, Trevor Dunn, Jim Swill, Rosemary Malign, and dozens more… 200 copies, December 2008.


CIDE051 Realicide / Capital Hemorrhage split 7”

Originally created for Apop Records, when it was never pressed we decided this could be the first vinyl release properly handled by the Realicide label. Each band offers 2 tracks, one being a cover song of the other band. Realicide “The Audience Sucks” and “Army Beta Test” (C.H. cover), featuring merciless speedcore gabber by Vankmen and industrial rock programming by Mavis Concave, with voice and further editing by Robert Inhuman. Capital Hemorrhage “Man Of Steel” (Realicide cover w/ words by Jim Swill) and “Familiar Death”, a bleak and disjointed mix of hardcore and no-wave noiserock by the duo also known for Ultra//Vires, Hentai Lacerator, Often, and their DIY label Outfall Channel. Mastered Weasel Walter. Cover art by Ryan Faris of C.H. and inner sleeve artwork by Ben S. of Saint Louis’ Freezerburn Zine. This record clearly exemplifies 2 sorts of progressive hardcore associated with Realicide Youth Records, and will also serve as the precursor to the upcoming Realicide “Resisting The Viral Self” LP on this label, among other more concentrated releases by bands and artists that do not necessarily share an identical aesthetic, but more importantly find common ground in their ideologies and general methods of seeking dialogue with the world surrounding them... 500 copies, December 2008 by Realicide Youth Records & Outfall Channel. Distributors, get in touch about distro rates!


CIDE050 Realicide "CIDE TORRENT" data-DVDR, 4.3gb of over 1,800 files.

We're living in an age, more and more it seems, in which all information is available if we're able to recognize and accept it. This is a data DVDR that contains around 99% of anything ever publicly available by Realicide, beginning with the project's conception in 2002 through the curation of this release in September 2008, totaling over 37 hours of audio, hundreds of flyers and posters and photos, notes, all organized into 67 folders... For anyone who has not already owned Realicide material, or for anyone looking for any earlier or more obscure previous releases, this disc contains almost everything that the public has ever had access to: tapes, vinyl records, CDR's, zines, "net releases", compilation tracks. And as the title suggests, it was painstakingly compiled in order to adhere to the recent surge of Torrent file-sharing online. You can make torrents of it, inject it into your Soulseek files, burn CD's, anything... As bonus material, included are many previous releases by Realicide-related artists such as Evolve, Mavis Concave, Ultra//Vires, aaronquinn, SX, Hentai Lacerator, Jim Swill, No Candy... The DVD case it's packaged in also contains 3 xerox posters and a sticker. Postage-paid US price is $15 because of the massive amount of information on the disc and the labor that went into compiling it, but since the idea behind this release is file-sharing, it is suggested that you get a few friends to throw in a couple dollars each, buy 1 copy, and share it. Any profit from this release will contribute to the next phase of Realicide Youth Records, which will offer new and increasingly focused material by Realicide members and artists of a similar ethic and motivation, including as much collaborative activity as possible with anyone who feels they can truthfully relate to our chosen path and purpose. Please email with any questions, or for distro rates. Edition: 150, October 2008.


CIDE049 Simon Severe “Pressure Harvest” zine, 20 pages

This zine wasn’t initially released as CIDE049, but it was created to be available during the Summer 2008 Realicide tour which spanned over 60 shows across the US and parts of Canada. It was Simon’s first zine in what will be a series called Pressure Harvest. Topics range from political activism, energy alternatives and conservation, trances of misanthropy and certainly of existential perspectives, offered both through intense accounts of personal experiences, fictional narratives, and straight-forward philosophical short essays. There’s nothing really about bands or records in this zine, but for anyone interested in the inner-workings of people involved in the Realicide project, like previous books by Jim Swill and others, this could be of significant interest. Edition: 200, May 2008.


CIDE048 Robert Inhuman “No Grip On Tomorrow” CDR, 34 min.

This is a collection of various taperecordings, 4-track sketches, live performances, and misc. taking place October 2006 through March 2007. The sound ranges from gritty minimal sluggish digital hardcore, to violent anxiety acapella (the Putrid Sacrifice), to spoken and faint ambient collaged elements, all fairly rough and impulsive. Content is meditative and despairing, very accurate to a dismal winter in the midwest, the kind in which once it passes you are confused as to how and why you are still alive. But I guess life fucking “goes on” or whatever is loosely refered to as “life” anyway. This is not a hardcore or harsh noise album. Screenrprinted disc by Outfall Channel. Edition: 60, January 2008.


CIDE047 Robert Inhuman “IDENTITY” CDR, 75 min.

Collection of all solo gabber punk / hardcore material created late 2004 through 2006. IDENTITY contains 32 tracks, including some previously released on discs, tapes, net labels, misc. and others never available before, has some references and similarities to Realicide 2006 performances. All lyrics included with a fold-out insert, and a slew of tracks featuring only drums or vocal separated. Screenprinted disc by Outfall Channel. Edition: 100, January 2008.


CIDE046 Hentai Lacerator “Sugarsplash!” CDR, 20 min. + booklet

The long-dreaded release of Hentai Lacerator’s studio-recorded set, 12 songs about Slimer crying slippery with anxious joy onto animated dreamlike girlfriends (vocal by Robert Inhuman of Realicide), backed by manic and infuriating blasts of abstracted hardcore, grind, and sped-up noiserock (by members of Capital Hemorrhage). D-beat purists will vomit in utter disapproval (it will sound ironically much like the vocal on the CD) but true noisecore and musically-perverted freaks are sure to rejoice about an album that references many punk styles of the past decade while not sounding like the same shit you’ve been into since you were fucking 15, and it’s recorded totally decent as well! So if you love Slimer, or any of the substances that spray off of him, or any of the robust babes that hang out with him, and are sick of pretending like crust isn’t just metal that dresses like “Road Warrior” bullshit, check out “Sugarsplash!” …and if your parents are coming up the stairs just throw that shit under your bed and everything will be cool. Co-released by Outfall Channel ( and Realicide Youth, packaged in a lime green DVD case w/ screenprinted discs and large fold-out poster, lyrics sheet, booklet of extensive illustrations and interviews with crucially influencial (to HL) figures in adult entertainment such as Amber Evans, Petra Verkaik, Belladonna... Edition: 100, January 2008. GIVE ME PINK. 2nd edition: 100, July 2008.


CIDE045 Jim Crocket Swill “The Great Equalizer” book, 48 pages + CDR

Written during his time on a farm in the remote wilderness of Lebanon Oregon, this collection captures pivotal moments of life experience and insight gained in ways not possible at Swill’s prior homes in urban St Louis or Cincinnati, along with a period of intense reflecting and self-evaluation. The book is accompanied by a disc containing 17 short videos and 200 postcard-like photos, shedding examples of the context and general atmosphere in which the written pieces were created. For anyone interested in Swill’s contributions as a lyricist in the Realicide group, or further elaboration on his spoken performances with St Louis’ “Get Born!” zine/events, this one can take you even deeper into his work and perspective. Screenprinted covers and discs by Outfall Channel. Edition: 200, January 2008.


CIDE044 Realicide “Which Is Your War” CDR, 70 min.

“Is this world currently so peaceful that you have the luxury to rest indulgently as if it is?” Recorded to 4-track tape November 3+4 2007 in Cincinnati by Mavis and Robert Inhuman, featuring primordial versions of new songs such as Deliverance and Deathbomb! Ranges from gabber punk / digital hardcore to harsh noise / powerelectronics segways of high-anxiety socially-urgent lyrical content. Also includes live set 06/22/07 Brooklyn NY at Halflings’ loft, live tracks featuring Jim Swill (two spoken tracks by Swill on this disc). Screenprinting by Outfall Channel, comes with vinyl sticker and 11x17” lyric sheet / poster. Edition: 95, November 2007. 2nd edition: 105 (different stickers / posters), July 2008.


CIDE043 DJ THUMPER! “First Blood (Demo)” CDR, 24 min.

Debut release of Mavis Concave’s solo pop-defiling, ravesploitating, true Cincinnati hardcore. Software-produced gabber with elements of breaks, speedcore, and mash-ups by the midi-hardware warlord of Realicide and SX. Tracks such as Mortal Kombat 2K6, I Get Wet I Want, and Thump All Night have been heard at the Heinous Rave event series (R.I.P.) 2005-07 in Cincinnati, but have never been available until this disc was editioned for the first live DJ Thumper laptop performance, at Ravesploitation Fest 11/10/07 Los Angeles at The Smell! Screenprinted discs by Outfall Channel, comes with vinyl sticker. Edition: 150, November 2007.


CIDE042 SACRIFICE #1 zine, 40 pages.

Zine curated by Robert Inhuman, first issue compiled January through September 2007. Features interviews with Justice Yeldham, Halflings, Vankmen, Gordan Ashworth, Z’EV, Lydia Lunch (interviewed by Bryan Saunders), OvO, Bunny Poe, Jason Zeh. Essays by Split Horizon, David Lim, Noam Erica, Andrew Barranca. Artwork by Ryan Faris, Pamela Mogollon, Mister Ben S, Nicole Bailey, Adrian DeQuiros, Dominick Fernow, Jessica Rylan, Robert Inhuman. Edition: 300, October 2007.


CIDE041 Hentai Lacerator “Succulent Suck” tape, 2 min.

The second hit single from the “Covered In Fun” noisecore EP features the title track and several otherwise unattainable b-side tracks. Much less appealing than even the first single (Pound Puppy Suck) and we generally pity anyone who comes in contact with this tape… so you’ve been warned!! Edition: 50, October 2007.


CIDE040 Hentai Lacerator “Pound Puppy Suck” tape, 2 min.

The first hit single from the “Covered In Fun” EP, “Pound Puppy Suck” features the title track, an otherwise unattainable b-side track, and a remix by DJ Thumper. Sleeve includes a completely inappropriate story, far beyond lewd, as an excellent accessory to the “Covered In Fun” release. The cassette itself glows in the dark, becoming almost as much a novelty as Slimer himself! Edition: 50, June 2007.


CIDE039 Hentai Lacerator “Covered In Fun” CDR, 17 min.

40 tracks of absolutely unreasonable noisecore! Even less coherent than the abomination that is the live set! Recorded by Toxic Butt Jazz in the back of a red ’93 Cavalier april of 2007, co-released by Outfall Channel and Realicide Youth with sleeve art so immature yet so very alluring. For fans of manic confusion such as Gerogerigegege and substances such as Nickelodeon “gakk”… Screenprinted disc and covers by Outfall Channel. Edition: 120, June 2007.


CIDE038 Realicide / Evolve / Capital Hemorrhage CDR, 61 min.

3 live sets from 3 contemporary punk bands based in south ohio. Realicide 12/16/06 Nashville TN, manic anxiety gabber, speedcore, breakbeats, semi-industrial or powernoise, live midi hardware by Mavis Concave, dual vocal by Robert and Swill... Evolve 12/15/06 Johnson City TN at the Hideaway (best kept secret for touring bands in Tennessee and one of our favorire bar venues anywhere), solo set of spoken pieces over tape collage and delayed sounds of the street and the earth, other parts present simplistic hiphop beats and raps, but undeniably tied in heart to punk and industrial methods... finally Capital Hemorrhage 03/16/07 St Louis MO at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, brute aktionist hardcore from Dayton OH, fluidly merging references to doom, hxc, and noiserock, the guitar is tuned and the drumkit is standard but they play in a fashion that punk rockers usually HATE, in other words C.H. has a VOICE of their own and hardcore purists can fucking choke on it. These bands do not sound similar, but they all share a socially-charged intensity. All lyrics included on a large fold-out insert, 21 tracks. Screenprinted discs by Outfall Channel. Edition: 110, June 2007. 


CIDE037 SX (phase one) CDR, 19 min.

Long-awaited studio production of the songs performed 2005-06, SX is the hardcore project created by Mavis Concave (Realicide, DJ Thumper) collaborating with alternating female members. This phase has been Mavis and Nina Wright (Divine Pile, Skull Lab artspace) and in style ranges from digital hardcore, punk and grind, socially-charged lyrics and sampling, spoken segments. For supporters of Realicide-related bands and progressive hardcore music in general. Stenciled disc + fold-out sleeve. It’s pronounced “SEX”. Edition: 150, April 2007.


CIDE036 Jim Swill “A Hollow Destination” book, 28 pages.

Second collection by Big Swill, this material written and arranged throughout later 2006, an intensely passionate montage of poetry and prose both wrenchingly romantic and socially-minded. For any appreciators of his spoken/lyrical work within Realicide and Evolve performances, this one is 100% pure savory SWILL magic. Edition: 200, February 2007.


CIDE035 Realicide “don’t just say it” CDR, 54 min.

Live 2006 shows from Johnson City, Eugene, and Phoenix. The gabber punk set by Mavis, Robert, and Swill feat. covers of The Mob and Black Flag among an array of original material. 1st edition: 35, January 2007. 2nd edition: 40, March 2007.


CIDE034 Robert Inhuman 2004-06 DATA CDR, 5.5 hours audio + images.

Data disc anthology containing most released solo works fall 2004 through fall 2006. Ranges from harsh noise, gabber, hxc acapella, including “Putrid Sacrifice”, “I Don’t Want Your Advice”, “Tender Anatomy”, “Leave Home”, “DIYdestructHARDCORE 2006”, “Rockin Summer”, etc… w/ a vinyl sticker. Edition: 60, January 2007.


CIDE33B Robert Inhuman “in more than name alone” booklet, 8 pages + large fold-out Edition: 50, December 2006.


CIDE33A Robert Inhuman “Angel Sacrifice” tape, 32 min.

Better than music, stepping further than experiments in acapella performance. w/ vinyl sticker. Edition: 50, October 2006.


CIDE032 Realicide HARDCORE MEGAMIXTAPE #3 tape, 90 min.

Various recordings chopped up 2004 through early ’06. Rob Inhuman interview by Stephen Boyd for local Cincinnati newspaper (June ’05) and “any way you want it” mix previously unreleased in the physical world (it has been online). Edition: 50, September 2006.


CIDE031 aaronquinn [live 2005] CDR, 47 min.

2nd collection of Aaron Quinn’s live shows. Harsh noise all the way, and a couple Realicide recordings of an Aaron and Robert duo which are vocal and electronics, the other vocal and guitar. Yes, Aaron actually plays quite a lot of jazz guitar which is why he has needed to remain on hiatus from the noise scene the past year. This disc is being released as reminder that he is still an active artist and will eventually be playing out and recording regularly again. Screenprinted disc. Edition: 50, September 2006.


CIDE030 The New Flesh “filth & degradation vol.II” CDR, 56 min.

Baltimore’s loud and crushing punk rock bitterness archives filthy live gigs of 2005. For the shred of hope remaining in rock and roll music, this is one band definitely doing their part to keep it raw and untamed. Some tracks featuring Robert Inhuman, Jim Swill, and Dustin Newman. Screenprinted disc, vinyl sticker. Edition: 100, September 2006.


CIDE029 Vivi C. Diem [live] CDR, 49 min.

Live recordings spanning the first year and a half of Vivi C. Diem’s activity as a live performer in Cincinnati. Powerelectronics, industrial, electronic hardcore. Screenprinted disc, paper sticker.  Edition: 50, September 2006.


CIDE028 Realicide 09/01/06 CDR, 40 min.

40 minutes contemporary hardcore, no edits, from a live event 09/01/06 in Cincinnati OH. Hardware electronics by Mavis Concave and Aaron Quinn, vocal by Rob Inhuman and Big Swill, ranging from harsh noise/p.e. to gabber and breakbeat DHR-esque electronic punk songs. You can even hear the words at times, although the rest sounds like people being run over by a bulldozer. With paper sticker.  Edition: 75, September 2006. 2nd edition: 25 (no stickers), August 2007. 3rd edition: 35 (screenprinted disc, no stickers), July 2008.


CIDE027 Hentai Lacerator “made from the dreams of babies, part 2” CDR, 36 min.

Sketches of recordings from rehearsals and live shows 2005-06 cut-up and collaged, abstractions of hxc/grind/sludge with elements of noise. Screenprinted disc, paper sticker. Edition: 50, September 2006.


CIDE026 Hentai Lacerator “made from the dreams of babies, part 1” CDR, 35 min.

Sketches of recordings from rehearsals and live shows 2005-06 cut-up and collaged, abstractions of hxc/grind/sludge with elements of noise. Screenprinted disc, paper sticker. Edition: 50, September 2006.


CIDE025 Robert Inhuman “Hell Forward” book, 36 pages.

Xerox/staple book, collection of photos, drawings, and text August 2005 through August 2006 digitally assembled similar to flyers and sleeve designs of previous Realicide and related projects. Edition: 100, September 2006.


CIDE024 Jim Swill “Sleeping With Your Eyes Open” book, 36 pages.

Xerox/staple book, a collection of Swill’s writing from 2004-05, much of which has been used lyrically for Realicide performances and spoken pieces. Edition: 200, August 2006.


CIDE023 Realicide HARDCORE MEGAMIXTAPE #2 tape, 90 min.

Second cassette collection with includes mixes “Hopped Up On Swill Pills” and several others, also a remix by P.O.R. With paper sticker (except first 10 copies) Edition: 50, June 2006.


CIDE022 Realicide “I gotta break free” CDR, 57 min.

Several live reordings May-June 2006 feat. Hardware/music by Mavis, voices by Inhuman and Big Swill. Original material and adaptations of Black Flag’s “depression” and The Mob’s “I Wish”. 1st edition: 50, June 2006. 2nd edition: 25, August 2006.


CIDE021 Robert Inhuman “The Death Song” CDR, 20 min.

Two gabber hardcore vandalizations of Marilyn Manson’s song from “Holy Wood” and one of Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” mixed with Mobb Deep for some reason. Bringing the tempo down from absurd heights of last year’s speedcore mixes, solid and dynamic hardcore tracks. Edtiion: 50, June 2006.


CIDE020 Realicide “the first four years” DATA CDR, over 9 hours audio, over 100 flyers/images

An anthology DATA disc of over 560 minutes and 170 image;, contains almost all previously published Realicide material…Go! Go! Immolation, I Will Pump, Kamikaze HK, Shred Your Body, a Thug Changes, Frozen Cum and Blood, Jan-March ’05, Shrill Immolation, 06/23/05 WAIF, Jun-Oct ’05, Like Being Stabbed, Hopped Up On Swill Pills, Born Into It, Cinci Speedcore ’05… and flyer designs spanning early ‘06 back to early 2002. Screenprinted disc and vinyl sticker. Edition 100, May 2006.


CIDE019 Realicide 06/23/05 on WAIF fm Cincinnati 3” CDR, 20 min.

Live radio session of noise/core and interviews on the Kindred Sanctions show hosted by KTUF. Mavis Concave electronics, Swill and Inhuman vocal. A good example of the chaotic improve yet focused work we were doing based on Mavis’ “drum machinegun” style at the time. Screenprinted disc. Edition: 45, May 2006.


CIDE018 The New Flesh feat. Robert Inhuman 7” single-sided vinyl

Co-released by Human Conduct, MT6, Cephia’s Treat, and Realicide Youth Records. Live wasted punk rock despair by The New Flesh with R.Inhuman vocalist lineup 28 October 2005 at a house party in Fort Wayne IN. Drunks With Guns cover “Punched In The Head” and an untitled New Flesh song combined with “In This Shit World” lyrics by R.Inhuman… full color sleeve, insert. Edition: 50 RYR out of 300 total, April 2006.


CIDE017 Big Nurse / Realicide CDR, 76 min.

Split and collaborative recordings by Cincinnati Realicide and Nashville’s falling apart punk/noise rockers Big Nurse. Two spacey and lengthy Big Nurse studio tracks, live shows throughout 2005 including March 10th’s “Real Big Nursicide” collaboration of eight band members at Sudsy’s in Cincinnati (shockingly we have played at Sudsy’s yes) Screenprinted disc with foldout xerox poster/sleeve. Edition: 100, April 2006.


CIDE016 Evolve “beyond limits being human” book+CDR, 32 pages, 51 min.

Second full album featuring CM, DJ Yes, Swill, Freak1, more… art-damaged hiphop, socially charged lyrics, dynamic cut-ups and tripped out chop work. Accompanying book of lyrics and many many graff flicks both local to Cincinnati OH and from various cities visited on tour + fold-out poster of a subhuman skeleton dug up. Screenprinted disc. Edition: 150, February 2006.


CIDE015 ULTRA//VIRES “you want some?” CDR, 79 min.

First collection of live recordings from 2004-05. Noise duo from Dayton OH, influences of doom metal, harsh ambient drone, and electroacoustic. Screenprinted disc and a couple fold-out pictures. Edition: 60, February 2006.


CIDE014 Vankmen / Realicide: Sacramento + Cincinnati Speedcore!!! 3” CDR, 20min.

Two 10 minute mixes of absolutely unreasonable and relentless gabber speedcore and shredded sampling, extremely fast and extremely tight assemblage, best examples of brutal electronic music from both cities. Vankmen (Sacramento, CA) Screenprinted disc and screenprinted casing, fold-out collage sleeve. Edition: 150, January 2006.


CIDE013 Mavis Concave “Ghost Life: XIV live recordings” CDR, 59 min.

Select live solo performances fall 2004 – fall 2005. “drum machine gun” midi hardware, harsh noise, harsh vocal work. This is progressive hardcore music from Cincinnati OH at its best. Screenprinted disc w/ insert card. 1st edition: 100, December 2005. 2nd edition:45, May 2007.


CIDE012 Realicide HARDCORE MEGAMIXTAPE #1 tape, 90 min.

Re-issued mixes “I WILL PUMP!” and “SHRED YOUR BODY!” and “MY CIDE IS A KAMIKZE HK!” in one spray painted cassette, and a xerox sticker. Edition: 50, November 2005.


CIDE011 Realicide (GABBER MIXES 2004) CDR, 79 min.

Re-issued speedcore/gabber/noise mixes “KILLED BY GABBER!!” (originally a cassette on Human Conduct) and “LETHAL GABBER SMACKDOWN!!!” with foldout poster sleeve and screenprinted disc and vinyl sticker. Edition: 110, November 2005.


CIDE010 Robert Inhuman “leave home + break everything” CDR, 60 min. (+12 min. video)

An interview conducted December 2004 in Houston TX which covers a lot of things, performance philosophy to touring logistics, also several live solo Realicide performance recordings (noise), one live video accessible via computer, screenprinted disc, vinyl sticker. Edition: 50, November 2005.


CIDE009 Robert Inhuman’s ROCKIN SUMMER book+CDR, 64 pages, 51 min.

Collection of drawings/text/photos largely created early half of 2005 with various other pieces from the previous few years, painted/screenprinted cover and a fold-out poster. Screenprinted disc consists of field recordings and misc. cut-up recordings from the past few years and live solo Realicide recordings. It rocks pretty hard and could be described as a “fun party”. Edition: 100, July 2005.


CIDE008 Robert Inhuman “burn your underage skin inside my skull” CDR, 58 min.

3rd collection of audio-graffiti on Inhuman’s “Endless Robbery Inside Candy Affection”, originally a 3” disc created summer of 2003, audio includes altered mixes 64-91 out of what will be 1,000 total. This collection includes submissions from Vankmen, Caucist, Jonathan Barajas, Royce Icon, H-rock, Jew Bagel, aaronquinn, and YES! The disc also contains data of the first 63 tracks which comprised two previous collections and they can be accessed with any computer, screenprinted sleeve and disc, xerox stickers too. Edition: 60, May 2005.


CIDE007 Abombination [demo] CDR, 14 min.

Hardcore 3 piece punk rock demo, screenprinted disc, Realicide crew’s !NFECT as vocalist, produced by Mavis Concave, 5 songs about being stepped on, pissed off, and Wolverine. Edition: 100, May 2005.


CIDE006 Evolve “Get Lifted” CDR, 54 min.

Beautifully poetic avant/alternative hiphop raps by Evolve; beats collaged beyond meticulously by DJ YES (Nick Nerswick); packaged complete with all lyrics, several graff flicks, screenprinted disc, and vinyl stickers. Edition: 150, May 2005.


CIDE005 Realicide “January-March 2005” CDR, 61 min.

Collection of nine live shows from early 2005, preparing for Shrill Immolation spring tour… featuring Inhuman, Swill, Concave, Nina Wright, aaronquinn, !NFECT… harsh feedback, varied vocal styles, and noisecore hardware. Screenprinted disc. 1st edition: 60, March 2005. 2nd edition: 25, June 2005.


CIDE004 Mavis Concave / F.U.S. CDR, 26 min.

Mavis Concave hardware drum machines, sampling, piano recorded on reel-to-reel, vocal… brief noisecore blasts joined by melancholy lo-fi piano clips. F.U.S., Royce Icon solo work, dark digital noise with vocal elements. All material recorded 2004. Edition: 75, January 2005.


CIDE003 aaronquinn “Verklarte Nacht” CDR, 45 min.

Complilation of all recorded aaronquinn solo shows 2003-04. Various setups of hardware electronics, some sample and vocal elements. Screenprinted disc. 1st edition: 75, January 2005. 2nd edition: 45, June 2005.


CIDE002 Mavis Concave “Scabs” CDR, 24 min.

First completed disc for XIV box of four, recorded June-July 2004, hardware drum machines, guitars, layered vocals. Hardcore punk and grind, varied song lengths and structures, all lyrics included. Edition: 135, November 2004.


CIDE001 Realicide (Robert Inhuman) “Hentai Gore Fall 2004” ep CDR, 17 min.

Collection of cut-ups ranging within harsh feedback, erotica, and lyrical content. Assembled solo by Inhuman throughout fall 2004 for release during the 2nd Realicide tour. Screenprinted disc, xerox sticker. 1st edition: 100, November 2004. 2nd edition: 40, June 2005.


CIDE000 Realicide “Go! Go! Immolation!” ep CDR, 17 min.

Re-release of the late MPLR release, Realicide's first official "studio" recordings, originally assembled throughout spring of 2004. This material features many of the "gabbergrind" songs performed live throughout the previous year by Inhuman, Swill, Mavis, aaronquinn, and others... Re-packaged with dozens of photos, all lyrics, screenprinted disc, and xerox stickers. MPLR edition: 60, June 2004. RYR edition: 50, March 2005. 3rd edition: 25, April 2006.



Note: Websites claiming to archive Realicide and RxYxR such as “” are NOT an accurate source of our history. is the only place online you can be certain is accurate, because we know what we have and have not put forth in the past. This is not a slander towards platforms of collective public information such as discogs, youtube, wikepedia, etc. It is just a caution to remember: just because something is typed up online doesn’t make it a credible fact or point of reference.





REALICIDE “Resisting The Viral Self” 2009 shirt

Black shit with white screenprnt, cover image of Resisting The Viral Self zine (block print headline, A, fist logo, text from the song Autonomy, etc…) Printed on adult shirts sized S/M/L. This is also the screen we’ve used for the spring/summer 2009 Realicide tour. 260 shirts & misc. backpatches printed April-June 2009.


REALICIDE “The Audience Sucks” 2008 shirt

White shirt with black screenprint, “realicide” hxc logo + cut-off-head figure drawing, underneath reads “THE AUDIENCE SUCKS IF THAT’S ALL THEY WANT TO BE”. Available in adult small, adult medium, youth large. Screened by (for other shirt sizes, contact Outfall Channel. They also have Hentai Lacerator and Capital Hemorrhage shirts.) Approx. 40, January 2008. Approx. 20 + a dozen misc. backpathes / scraps, July 2008. Another dozen misc. backpatches / scraps, September 2008. 35 black & red, December 2008.



There were several shirt screens made around this time, but we had trouble curing the ink so a lot of the prints have probably been damaged or disappeared by now. The image we printed the most of was the RYR logo with the skull in the center of “REAL CIDE” – these shirts had the RYR fist printed on the back shoulder as well. Other screens were of drawings and photos from around this time, with REAL CIDE over them if I am remembering correctly.


REALICIDE 2009 patch “to live a life against abuse”

White plasticol ink over black and misc. dark fabrics, by Realicide title over 2 Korg Electribes and the slogan underneath. 200 printed, September 2009. Another larger patch with the same slogan but just the Realicide hardcore fist instead of the drum machines – 15 printed, September 2009.


REALICIDE 2008 patches “choking” + “it’s time”

Black patches screened with white plasticol, by One is a drawing of a neck being choked by a chord, and Realicide hxc logo. The other is a logo surrounded by the quote from Swill’s song I CAN’T RELATE “IT’S TIME FOR A BETTER WAY I’VE ALWAYS FELT DORMANT IN ME”. Approx. 220 were printed, March 2008. Approx. 125, July 2008.


REALICIDE 2005 patch “does your kid have real talent”

Black patches screened with white ink, can’t remember how many we printed, probably at least 50?


REALICIDE 2004 patches “kamikaze hunt” + “2003”

Black patches screened with white ink, probably a couple hundred for the Kamikaze Hunt tour summer 2004.


Hentai Lacerator logo patches

2 different HL logos from 2005 screened green ink on black fabric in 2007, and 1 of them later re-editioned with a metallic black onto pink fabric in 2008 by


Hentai Lacerator “Straight from the simehole!” t-shirt

The first logo drawn in 2005, screened green ink on black shirts in 2007 by


REALICIDE “Resisting The Viral Self” xerox poster

…free lyrics poster w/ Bart Simpson Anarchy VS Compassionate Anarchy drawings on the reverse side. 600 copies April-May 2009.


REALICIDE “electricity is a veil” xerox poster                                                    

…free poster for May-August 2008 U.S./CA. tour (and insert for the 2nd edition “WHICH IS YOUR WAR” CDR), R.Inhuman deathrock drawing (revised captions), other side a revised lyrics sheet. 600 copies, May 2008.


REALICIDE “which is your war” xerox poster

…free poster for November 2007 west coast U.S. tour (and insert for the “WHICH IS YOUR WAR” CDR), R.Inhuman deathrock drawing, other side a revised lyrics sheet. 300 copies, November 2007.


REALICIDE “punk ain’t comfort” xerox poster

…free poster for September 2007 midwest U.S. tour w/ Captain Ahab, R.Inhuman ’05 punk grrl w/ knife and mic, other side a revised lyrics sheet. 150 copies, August 2007.


REALICIDE / tik///tik / KEVIN SHIELDS xerox poster

…free poster for June-July 2007 U.S. tour w/ Kevin Shields & tik///tik, R.Inhuman digital collage, other side is the first Realicide lyrics sheet passed out during a tour + info about the band and pending projects. 150 copies, June 2007.


REALICIDE + MAVIS CONCAVE 2006 xerox posters

…free posters for June-July 2006 west U.S. Realicide tour w/ contact info about the band + separate ones for Mavis Concave “midwest drum machine guns”. June 2006.


REALICIDE YOUTH RECORDS “The Fit-ins” sticker – 250 printed 2009.


EVOLVE breaking down the barriers sticker – 2,000 printed 2009, coming with Breaking Down The Barriers LP & CD.


SWILL middle finger mickey sticker – 250 printed 2009.


REALICIDE YOUTH RECORDS sticker – 500 printed 2009, coming with Mavis Concave, CemCom, Praey CD’s.


REALICIDE resisting the viral self sticker – 2,500 printed 2009, coming with Resisting The Viral Self LP & CD.


REALICIDE better way sticker – 250 printed 2008, coming with the CIDE TORRENT and WHICH IS YOUR WAR (2nd edition). “IT’S TIME FOR A BETTER WAY I’VE ALWAYS FELT DORMANT IN ME”




REALICIDE lifestyle sticker – 250 printed 2008. “DOES YOUR LIFESTYLE MAKE YOU HATE EACHOTHER”


DJ THUMPER! sticker – 500 printed 2007, coming with FIRST BLOOD CD. “MORE NIP 2 DA BIT!”


REALICIDE punk’s not punk (remixed) sticker – 250 printed 2007, coming with WHICH IS YOUR WAR CD.


REALICIDE take back sticker – 500 printed 2007, coming with the RRR LP. “HOW CAN I TAKE BACK WHAT WAS STOLEN FROM ME”


REALICIDE hell forward sticker – 250 printed 2006, coming with various RYR.


REALICIDE anxiety  sticker – 250 printed 2006.


REALICIDE punk’s not punk sticker – 500 printed 2006, coming with The First Four Years CD.


REALICIDE noisecore sticker – ??? xeroxed 2006, coming with various RYR fall 2006 (40 MINUTES NO EDITS, VIVI C DIEM, MEGAMIXTAPE #2) “NOISECORE YOUTH EPIDEMIC”


REALICIDE spray paint in face sticker – ??? xeroxed 2006, coming with various RYR fall 2006 (MEGAMIXTAPE #1)


SWILL mouse sticker – 250 printed 2005.


REALICIDE zombie punk sticker – 250 printed 2005, coming with Leave Home & Break Everything CD and GABBER MIXES 2004 CD. “PUNK AIN’T COMFORT”


EVOLVE sticker – 500 printed 2005, coming with GET LIFTED CD.


REALICIDE knife in mouth sticker – ??? xeroxed 2005, coming with HENTAI GORE CD.


REALICIDE thorny logo over fist sticker – ??? xeroxed 2005, coming with GO! GO! IMMOLATION! CD. “CINCINNATI NOISECORE”


REALICIDE kamikaze hunt 2004 pins – 4 full color designs, 100 printed of each for the 2004 summer tour…









- REALICIDE “Mission of Anarcho Gabber Punk 2009” net release via Digital Vomit (UK) feat. a live show from Chicago, the extensive  interview from Squall in Detroit (with Robert Inhuman, Jim Swill, and Colin Evolve) and a collection of pictures. September 2009. Free for download:


- REALICIDE “Digital Scraps 2008” net release via Wildness (France) Originally assembled to be a c20 tape, but was never published, features Realicide with Vankmen hardware instrumental session on Interface Pirate Radio in San Francisco, Realicide with Charlie Turner at LNAC in Saint Louis, and the Realicide versus Gabbertree (Jonathan Snipes of Captain Ahab & Brian Miller of Foot Village) in Los Angeles – all from 2008 tour. September 2009. Free for Download:


- REALICIDE “Enduring The Viral Hell, Part 1” net release via Toronto digital hardcore host D-Trash; the first part of 3 collected mixes following the 4 month 2009 tour for Realicide’s “Resisting The Viral Self” LP/CD/zine – this collection contains tracks from the album, live recordings from the tour, remixes and other obscure scraps of data… September 2009. Free for download:


- “Aaaaargh!” online compilation by Digital Vomit, themed around all tracks over 220bpm, features Realicide “I Will Punch You In The Face!” originally found on the “Resisting The Viral Self” CD. August 2009. Free for download:


- Hentai Lacerator 3” CDR by something called Jeshimoth in Joplin MO; intense recording of the final Hentai Lacerator show 21 October 2007 in Saint Louis. August 2009.


- Foot Village “Anti-Magic” CD Los Angeles all-drums rock band, album on Upset The Rhythm, ending features a brief hardcore remix by Robert Inhuman. August 2009.


- Realicide / Half Gorilla split 7” released by Detournemont Media (DC) – Realicide offers 2 studio tracks recorded later 2007 (Dead And Ground Flat On Cement + Head Perfect) featuring noisy hardware speedcore by Vankmen with the voices of Robert Inhuman and Jim Swill; topics of misanthropic compassion and the erosion of personal privacy via a double-edged sword called technology. Half Gorilla is an intense grindcore band from Milwaukee drawing equal influence from traditional hardcore punk and various offshoots of deviant metal, offering 4 songs (All Your Sores, Shit In The Well, Rabies Diet, Birth), from 2007 when Peter J. Woods was the bassist. This record brings together two drastically different aesthetic adaptations of hardcore, but in a situation in which they can coexist with mutual open-mindedness! Try it instead of default prejudices?! Edition of 500, August 2009. 


- REALICIDE “Raw Skeletal Knuckles” 3” CDR released by FTAM (Milwaukee, WI) – a collection of Electribe beat patterns, live recordings from the summer 2008 tour (including an adaptation of The Mob’s song “I Wish” and collab segment with Charlie Turner), and spoken segways. June 2009.


- Bunk News “Ships Within Ships” collaborative zine featuring a poem by Jim Swill amidst the collage work of Bunk News (Cincinnati, OH) May 2009.


- GET BORN! poetry anthology book from the Saint Louis group, features Jim Swill. May 2009.


- Foot Village “Anti-Magic Friends” mp3 collection of various friends of Los Angeles drum & voice rockers Foot Villge, featuring a brief hardcore remix by Robert Inhuman. April 2009. Downloads here:


- Jim Swill “Intrusive Elements 2: Converted Will” zine – 2nd collection of collage works “for people who are tired of reading”. March 2009.


- Lost Compound 03 compilation CDR features Realicide tracks “Everything Is a Camera” and “Head Perfect” among various other abrasive electronic artists who have befriended this Toronto-based breakcore collective.


- Hentai Lacerator “Chelsea Charms R.I.P.” 7” Released by Austrian extreme music label Hirntrust Grind Media, “Chelsea Charms R.I.P.” offers a vinyl format for 6 of the sickest tracks from Hentai Lacerator’s 2007 studio album, “Sugarsplash!”, previously released via CDR by Realicide Youth and Outfall Channel. Fans of excruciating and bizarre fast hxc, punk-drenched grindcore, and manic brain-damaged noiserock can find a perverse comfort in Hentai Lacerator. Also, individuals who are interested in sexuality may be intrigued to know that the band’s lyrical content focused on scenarios involving Slimer (the green ghost) interacting and pining for various Hentai Prostitute girlfriends. So basically, you can try to rock out to Hentai Lacerator just for the sake of wild noisy hardcore music, but it is at times very difficult to turn a blind eye to its more overtly weird, fucked up, and arrosing qualities. Be warned!!! 7” record cut at 45rpm w/ full color covers, featured songs: A1 Killed By Cum, A2 Fatal Surge of Tits, A3 Sugarsplash!, B1 Stripped Nude In The Slimepit, B2 Blisshole, B3 Dazzle And Kill Them! Editioned to 300 copies, February 2009.


- Jim Swill “Intrusive Elements 1: Temple Ov The Screen” zine – the first collection of socio-political collage works of Jim Swill. January 2009.


- Realicide “Our Hands Are Not Tied” c60 tape by  Big Monies (Los Angeles, CA) live rec. from 2007 in Chicago and Detroit, and 2008 from Amsterdam and Madrid. Mavis Concave, Robert Inhuman, Jon Prunty – 2 separate sets of tracks from 2 very different tours. Edition of 50, December 2008.


- Lies Media Fetus “Future Primitive” (Oakland, CA) CDR feat. a remix of Realicide “The Shit Punx Hate”, December 2008.


- Robert Inhuman “Drowning In Betrayal” c20 tape by MT6 (Baltimore, MD) Harsh noise / voice / tape collage / edits, from primarily 2006. Edition of 50, November 2008.


- Robert Inhuman 2001-03 collection, part 1 c60 tape by Green Records (Jeddo, MI) An hour mix of mash-ups and remixes of Skinny Puppy, Alien Sex Fiend, Tone Set, Flipper, Crass, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nervous Gender, etc. Pre-gabber period material, feat, original 2001 version of “Shit 4 Reality”. Edition of 60, November 2008.


- Dramacore Net Label Sampler #1 feat. 2 Realicide tracks from the “OUTSIDE MY SELF” live recording in 2007.


- DJ THUMPER! / VANKMEN split c39 tape by Hate State (Los Angeles, CA) September 2008. Recorded live from Ravesploitation Fest, November 2007 at The Smell in LA, by Jonathan Snipes (so you know it's alright). It was Thumper's first actual live show, and still the best to date (he doesn't play live very often), featuring gabber and breakcore mixes of the Mortal Kombat theme, Andrew WK, Bush (the band actually) pitted against dialogue from the infamous Virginia Tech shooter of 2006, Slipknot and a bunch of other nu metal bands I'm not going to bother trying to name. Basically DJ THUMPER! (aka Mavis Concave, btw) is really fun and well-produced gabber and breakcore fueled by pop culture samples, adding the somewhat subtle mechanics of a rather dark commentary on the entertainment world and how we relate to it as a society. VANKMEN, of Oakland, upholds the title of "best speedcore gabber in North America"... yeah I stand by that statement, and haven't run into much to challenge it so far. Vankmen is fucking brutally hardcore and equally fun, satirizing spaced out kandy ravers to a backdrop of ectoplasm-spattered ghost-busting, in his live set combining hardware drum machines and bent noise gear with segments of Ableton software tracks! This was an incredible festival and this tape documents quite accurately two of the acts that contributed, representing US gabber when so few ever do! Man, breakcore is alright, aside from the gimmicky fart-joke trends, but man, GABBER is what will always keep me going when the going gets rough, and you know it frequently does! Lastly, as this is a Hate State release, it's packaging is hand-knitted, plus the sleeve with Thumper's "lyrics" and Vankmen's shout-outs. When was the last time you came across hardcore techno and hand-knitted tape cases in the same object?! Fucking hell, what a weird thing to exist...


- “(Triskaidekaphobia) 13,000 MilliSeconds” compilation CD by Ratskin Records (San Francisco, CA) featuring Realicide “Roadside Bomb” studio track amidst literally hundreds of 13 second tracks by hundreds of bands and artists… August 2008.


- LOST COMPUND 2 “changing the bulb” CDR compilation feat. Realicide tracks Concentrate, Army Beta Test, I’m Not a Fucking DJ, Shit For Reality (live Ravesploitation Fest). August 2008.


- “TRUNCLENCE” 7” locked groove compilation arranged by Arvo Fingers (Chicago, IL) feat. Robert Inhuman “Take Pressure” track. July 2008.


- REALICIDE “ELECTRONIC CAGE” CDR by Green Records & Tapes (Jeddo, MI) featuring live recordings from Ravesploitation Fest in LA 2007, Maseilles France in Spring 2008, and Brattleboro VT in Summer 2007. Edition of 50, June 2008.


- REALICIDE “Open Eyes” 3” CDR by Reactionary (Portland, OR) featuring the Open Eyes studio track (also to be released on 7” by Turgid Animal in the UK) and a recording from Saint Louis’ noisefeSTL’07 at Lemp. Comes as a stenciled disc with several transparent stickers. The cover art was unfortunately spraypainted upon, and the audio was normalized un-neededly, and there are silence gaps between the tracks which is disruptive during the live set. Edition of 100, June 2008.


- Vankmen / fap* 3” CDR by Reactionary (Portland, OR) feat. Vankmen’s Hentai Lacerator remix “Hacking Off Your Torso (Hit & Run Sucklimer Remix)”


- REALICIDE “Radiate An Exit” c30 tape by Asex (Denton, TX) featuring live recordings from Detroit in September 2007and Madrid Spain in March 2008. Edition of 40, June 2008.


- Houston Punk #3 zine feat. several crudely Xeroxed and shrunken drawings by Robert Inhumane (yeah, inhumanE, for some reason). May 2008.


- REALICIDE “OUTSIDE MY SELF” 03/16/07 at Lemp in Saint Louis, net release via Dramacore. 


- Jim Swill / Evolve “Digestible Ruins” split book published under the “NOW IS THE TIME” label, features several poems and artwork by Swill (of Realicide, Get Born) and Evolve (albums on Realicide Youth, Heresee) Xeroxed beautifully w/ cardstock cover and transparency centerfold, this collection well representing both artists’ work and lives in the couple months leading up to its conception. April 2008.


- OCCII CDR compilation feat. Realicide “I’d Rather Be Straightedge” live track. Created by OCCII for our Amsterdam show w/ Captain Ahab, Toecutter, and locals 03/21/08. March 2008.


- REALICIDE “Narcissism Is The Enemy” CDR, 25 min. 03/13/08 Acid Fever House in Dayton OH, 7 songs recorded live to 4-track. This is the first public performance of the set created by Jon Prunty (of Capital Hemorrhage, Hentai Lacerator) and Robert Inhuman for the Spring 2008 tour of Europe. The songs are militant and reference industrial and harsh noise heavily, while still adhering to the ideas of “contemporary hardcore” put in motion by previous incarnations of the band led by Mavis Concave and Aaron Quinn. The lyrical content (all included on insert sheet)  contains  topics such as street begging, a simplified definition of politics, consideration for straight edge ideals, grim misanthropy, and the ironic alienating effects of sub-cultures. The sound is raw, in a similar style as the “Which Is Your War” disc a few months prior. Released by Outfall Channel with screenprinted covers and discs. Edition: 125, March 2008. 2nd edition: 75, July 2008.


- “INFOLEPSY” zine packet by Daniel AKA The Killbot in Johnson City TN, includes a CDR compilation featuring the Robert Inhuman track “City Beat Is Only Into Retro Fads”. February 2008.


- Robert Inhuman webzine gallery by Pointless Blank Rec. featuring drawings spanning 2004-07. February 2008.


- Answers Magazine #7 from Champagne Neverland in Altadena California, zine of drawings featuring one of lesbian oral sex by Robert Inhuman. Edition of 44, January 2008.


- “Dawn of The Deaf” DVD video compilation by Torsten (Brooklyn, NY) feat. Realicide 06/22/07 Brooklyn performance. Late 2007 / early 2008? Look it up on YouTube.


- Hentai Lacerator / Gaybomb split 7” by Isle Of Man (Charleston, SC) features three shamefully composed HL songs, such as “Toss Me That Beachball”, recorded by Toxic Butt Jazz, June 2007 in Dayton Ohio. November 2007.


- Various Artists: Orthopedics CDR by Iatrogenesis (Portland, OR) medical expenses benefit feat. Realicide “Dictate The Rules of Anarchy 12/16/06” among 20 tracks of harsh noise-related artists. November 2007.


- Jim Swill “a man is a lonely thing” xerox book with cardstock cover of type-written pieces fall 2007 during time in the mountains of Lebanon Oregon and St Louis, editioned for the GET BORN tour. November 2007.


- GET BORN! 2007 anthology book compiling all material from St Louis’ GET BORN! zines through the year in order to accompany the fall poetry tour. Featuring Jim Swill (of Realicide), Joseph Sulier’, Mathieu Paul, and Joe Wetteroth. November 2007.


- REALICIDE “Lethal Gabber Smackdown” c40 tape by Green Records (Marysville, MI) 2003-05 mix of abstracted hardcore / speedcore tracks. October 2007.


- “2008: a Dance Odyssey” DVD video compilation by Torsten (Brooklyn, NY) feat. Realicide 06/22/07 Brooklyn performance of “I Wanna Hurt!” July 2007.


- REALICIDE 01/07/07 @ LEMP CDR by Chaotic Underworld (Johnson City, TN) live show at Lemp in St. Louis feat. spoken intro. by Swill, hardware by Mavis, vocal by Rob. (missing inner sleeve art) Editioned to 66, June 2007.


- REALICIDE “BORN INTO IT” c60 tape released by Nathan Trites (Reading, MA) feat. recordings live/not 2005-06. June 2007.


- REALICIDE “RRREADY TO FIGHT!” LP 12” by RRR (Lowell, MA) – first Realicide vinyl record, a best-of collection 2004-07 speedcore gabber/grind and manic noise edits. 36 minutes of fast high-anxiety electronics-driven punk music. Hand-screened covers by Outfall Channel, 12 page xerox book, and a vinyl sticker. Editioned to 380, June 2007.

     Note: the title on this record reads “Ready” but it was intended to be “RRReady”, combining the reference to classic hardcore band Negative Approach, and classic harsh noise label RRR. This was the sole reason for the title, and it’s been regretted using a compromised spelling, losing our intentions and attempt at relevence. Also, this record is viewed by many as a Realicide “album”. It’s not meant to be seen this way. It is an anthology on vinyl. The format does not make it more valid or unique as music. It’s also not a DJ record, so any ideas that we were supposed to make something with a steady BPM and longer, more manageable tracks to spin at your hardcore party, is very confusing to us and only implies a complete lack of willingness to understand the root nature of the music on this record. It may not be practical, but it is our take on speedcore and manic cut-up noise.


- Air Conditioning / Vegas Martyrs / Coughs / The New Flesh feat. Robert Inhuman split 12” LP by Hospital Productions (Brooklyn, NY) live New Flesh + Inhuman collab. (Robert is uncredited) 11/01/05 @ The Damage, Cincinnati OH. Editioned to 400, May 2007.


- “FRUIT WILL ROT vol.3” a nine 3” CDR set by DeathBombArc (Los Angeles, CA) feat. Realicide, Vankmen, Eustachian, and several other progressively hostile artists dealing in the merge of noise and abrasive techno music. Editioned to 100, May 2007.


- Deep Jew “Punishment Feast” one-sided LP by Troniks (Los Angeles, CA) noisecore supergroup, this record rumored to feature live recording with Robert Inhuman in the mix Brooklyn and St.Louis… May 2007.


- “GET BORN #3” St. Louis poetry zine feat. Jim Swill, Joe Sulier, and other abrasive hxc-inspired writers. May 2007.


- Robert Inhuman “STABBED! IN! THE! BACK!” netrelease via Dramacore, several hardcore tracks 2004-06 such as Protect Them From Me, Anarcho Crust Bullshit, Geza X Gabber, etc… May 2007.


- REALICIDE “byproduct of my life” c30 tape for Spaceless Jam (Salem, OR) feat. live recordings from summer 2006 west U.S. tour, Mavis and Robert contemporary hardcore tracks. (sleeve abridged, missing inner imagery) Editioned to 50, April 2007.


- 3 CD noise boxset by Episcene, Public Guilt, Under Roar feat. Robert Inhuman “savagely groping” hentai gore track, among many other artists such as Ultra//Vires, Iovae, BxC, etc… April 2007.


- REALICIDE / PIASA split c30 tape for Detournemont (north VA) feat. live digital hardcore tracks and a few notes about hardware by Mavis from summer 2006. (design by Scott Nussman) Editioned to 100, April 2007.


- DEEP JEW / GATOR SURPRISE “DESTINY IS STUPID” DVD documentary of fall 2006 u.s. tour on Not Today (Pasadena, CA) edited really well by Kyle and feat. segments including R.Inhuman during collaborations during the northeast/Midwest dates. March 2007.


- REALICIDE “Hopped up on SWILL PILLS!!!” CDR by Russolo’s Brain (Phoenix, AZ) feat. harsh feedback manipulation and noisecore material 2004-05, spoken pieces by Swill, radio session, etc. (jewel tray and disc layout by Adam Mokan) Editioned to 50, February 2007.


- REALICIDE / TIK///TIK split c20 tape for DeathBombArc Tape Club (Los Angeles, CA) feat. “Inside Yr Face” and “I Wanna Hurt!” 07/15/06 @ The Smell. January 2007.


- Nina Wright “Vulgar Pigeons of the West” xerox/staple book of drawings, writing, collage. 24 pages, color covers. January 2007.


- “NO NOISE IS GOOD NOISE” compilation CD by Noise Machine (Newcastle Australia) feat. Vivi C Diem. January 2007.


- EVOLVE “once it was easy to give up everything you had & wander; before the streets were venomous: we walk” CDR on Heresee (Baltimore, MD) the third Evolve album, delving further into a personalized atmosphere of abstracted hiphop, spoken word, chopped/screwed beats, cut-up tapes, and synth punk melodies. For anyone who has enjoyed the previous albums or any of the live performances throughout 2006, this is a beautifully crafted collection by Colin Murray feat. appearances by Jim Swill, Freak-One, The Yes, DJ Simene Civix. December 2006.


- Synapse 2 zine by Olchar E. Lindsann’s Post-neo-absurdist Anti-collective (England) a much more concentrated and diabolical progression of the “Appropriated Press” series, Olchar’s recent publication includes a sound supplement CDR feat. Mavis Concave 12/22/05 and Robert Inhuman 12/17/05. December 2006.


- Robert Inhuman “FUCK CINCINNATI (Florida) netrelease, several ‘06 hardcore tracks Waiting In Line, College Towns, DIYdestructHARDCORE… December 2006.


- “This Is Pure Noise! (Junk Comp)” net release by Twenty Thirteen (Canada) feat. Robert Inhuman “Reminded Of Knives” track. All tracks are raw or minimally manipulated sounds from everyday objects, no effects. December 2006.


- “Peasant Goblet IV” compilation tape on Human Conduct (Baltimore, MD) feat. Realicide 06/14/05 Columbia MO. (we never received a copy however) November 2006.


- “Drum Machine Compilation 3” CDR on Einsteinium (Los Angeles, CA) curated by Ganglia, feat. Realicide “Let’s Do This Shit” 2004 tracks, but are in an incorrect order (alphabetical on this disc) We never received a copy of this. November 2006.


- Robert Inhuman / Mutant Ape split 3” CDR on Turgid Animal (England) Inhuman harsh noise 12/05/05 solo performance and more. October 2006.


- THE YES megamix CDR demo 30 tracks, 76 minutes, of approx. 16 rappers and poets from the Cincinnati OH area including Swill, Evolve, Freak, Moxy, etc… hundreds in circulation… October 2006.


- Realicide 07/20/06 at Roil Noise basement (Kansas City, MO) mp3’s and photos recorded and arranged by Noah. September 2006.


- Realicide “like being stabbed, like being shot” c60 split tape w/ Scott Johnson on Middle James Co. (Hamilton, ON, Canada) “Terror Tapes” series (RRRecycled rip-off style) live Realicide rec from 2005. (material not designed for a split release; we were not told it was a split and had never heard Scott Johnson before) September 2006.


- Dustin Lynn Smith “Instruments of Action” DVD documentary of underground music’s role as a voice and call to action in youth culture and society overall. Featuring interviews and performance clips of Realicide (Robert, Mavis, Swill), Ultra//Vires (Ryan and Jonathan), and Epicycle (Mark Sarich). August 2006.


- Robert Inhuman “Putrid Sacrifice” cassette (c20) on Truculent (Providence, RI) solo noise and vocal hybrid edits of live recordings from 2005. Editioned to 100, August 2006.


- Freezer Burn #4 xerox zine by Ben Apathetic (St Louis, MO) feat. a drawing of Rob Inhuman. July 2006.


- Vankmen: Greastiality Part 2 3” CDR w/ woodblock print sleeve (of Darth Vader) on Crunkcore (Sacramento, CA) speedcore gabber mixmosh including cut-up tracks of Realicide and Inhuman. July 2006.


- Robert Inhuman “DIYdestructHARDCORE 2006” zip file on Fashion Froof (Reading, MA) four tracks and a couple pictures, slowed down a bit from the speedcore overkill at the end of 2005, these are of a similar nature but possibly more accessible to less beastly fans of gabber/hardcore. Or maybe not; maybe it’s all too much? (files didn’t originally sound like water though) June 2006.


- Realicide “June-October 2005” cassette (c60) RRRecords (Lowel, MA) “recycled” tape of live recordings locally and on tours. May 2006.


- Robert Inhuman “I don’t want your advice” CDR by Skeleton Dust (Muncie, IN) solo noise and vocal hybrid edits of live recordings from 2005, digi-pack with insert. Editioned to 33, April 2006.


- Social Junk / Robert Inhuman split CDR on Ranky Tank (Huntington WV) feat. R.Inhuman hardcore/vandal mixes of Flipper, Marilyn Manson, Tiffany (I think we’re alone now) and live rec. (art design by Social Junk) February 2006.


- Realicide (Robert Inhuman) “Slimer plucks the bra from my chest + 10/02/04 Columbus OH business card CDR on Audiobot (Antwerpen, Belgium) harsh noise edits and live clip. (art design by Carlo) Editioned to 20, February 2006.


- Realicide “contemporary hardcore 2005” zip file on North American Hardcore (Minneapolis, MN) assembled by Inhuman, folder of misc. 2005 radio interviews/performance, Cincinnati and St Louis shows, mixes of hxc and noise and gabber tracks, several drawings and photos, and a short video by Mavis… February 2006.


- Vankmen “live at DTHCBBQ 12/17/05” CDR by Distorted Trauma (Sacramento, CA) included clips from Realicide “Cincinnati Speedcore 2005” in the mix, January 2006.


- H-rock “breakdance practice 4.3: uprock session” CDR mix feat. Realicide/dj-Inhuman “any way I want it (lethal)” Crunkcore (Sacramento, CA), January 2006.


- Realicide (Robert Inhuman) / The Sunken split 3” CDR split by Barfing Dagger (Kelso, WA) feat. R.Inhuman’s “hentai gore spring 2005” and 07/08/04 Downey CA. (art design by Barfing Dagger) January 2006.


- “Tadapilation Vol.5” 2xCDR compilation by Tada (Lyon, France) feat. Realicide “can’t seem to feel it anymore”. December 2005.


- “VA: Microphone Compilation” CDR by Iatrogenesis Records (Redwood City, CA) feat. Realicide (Robert Inhuman) “critical” 2/20/05 Tampa FL, 20 artists total including Sickness, Bobby Vomit, etc… November 2005.


- Jonathan Barajas’ “INHUMAN” DVD documentary of Art Damage Inc. space (Cincinnati, OH) feat. interviews and videos of Robert Inhuman and various related bands (SX, Hentai Lacerator, Realicide, Evolve, etc.) November 2005.


- Realicide “SHRED YOUR BODY AND ITS SURROUNDINGS!” cassette (c30) on Apop Records (Columbia, MO) harsh noise/core, spoken, gabber, cut-ups…November 2005.


- H-rock “hammer and axe” CDR mix feat. BUKKAKE! Song “I don’t give a fuck (about nothin but pussy)” Crunkcore (Sacramento, CA), October 2005.


- “ANTIGLOBE” erox/staple anthology compiled by Olchar E. Lindsann in conclusion of his production of The Appropriated Press (Columbus, OH) neo-post-absurdist zine, feat. various drawings and text by Robert Inhuman and compilation CDR supplements feat. eroxe by R.Inhuman, M.Concave, A.Quinn, Realicide. October 2005.


- noisefeSTL05 sampler CDR sold 16 October 2005 at Lemp Arts Center’s 2nd annual eroxed noise festival (St. Louis, MO) feat. R.Inhuman, M.Concave, Evolve. October 2005.


- “none thus far” CDR compilation by Barfing Dagger (Kelso, WA) feat. Realicide “my insides eject” track among 2 CDR’s of over 30 artists. September 2005.


- Cultural Embolysm #2 xerox/staple zine of sketches, writing, photos curated by Nina Wright (Cincinnati, OH) Includes work by Nina, Swill, Inhuman, Evolve, etc. July 2005.


- “bootleg splits vol. 1, dude…” CDR by X died enroute Y (Flint, MI) live 05/07+8/05 Flint and Shelby Twp MI recorded by R.Inhuman, featuring Realicide, Roxanne Jean Polise, Josh Hydeman, Cotton Museum, Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, and Dinosaur Robot. June 2005.


- “Idiot’s Manifesto: useless art for useless people” #4 xerox/staple zine assembled by Royce Icon (Mansfield, OH) features a couple eroxed [high school] drawings by Robert Inhuman. May 2005.


- Realicide (Robert Inhuman) “Tender anatomy, tender experiences” CDR (Eugene, OR) select live recordings of solo Inhuman noise/vocal pieces 2004-05. May 2005.


- Realicide “ANY WAY I WANT IT” zip file on North American Hardcore (Minneapolis, MN) assembled by Inhuman, mix of misc. 2004 hardcore recordings. May 2005.


- Realicide (Robert Inhuman) / Kairos split cassette (c60) on Molecular Reconstruction (Houston, TX) feat. solo Inhuman on 5lowershop pirate radio in SF, July 4th 2004 during the first Realicide tour (took a couple years to get this tape; art design by Kairos) ??? 2005.


- Realicide “I WILL PUMP!” CDR on Smell the Stench (Australia) assembled by Inhuman, mix of misc. 2003-5 hardcore recordings (packaged and distributed by Leah) April 2005.


- Realicide CDR’s on Trash Aesthetic (New York) seven CDR collections of misc. 2003-5 recordings. April 2005.


- Realicide + Pearl Brooch split cassette on Who’s Ear (Muncie, IN) part of Bobby Vomit’s “shared stereo” project, both artists same time one panned left, other right (art design by N8) March 2005.


- Realicide "KILLED BY GABBER!!" cassette (c40) on Human Conduct (Baltimore, MD) gabber speedcore/noise assembled by Inhuman December 2004, with work also from Mavis, Swill, Aaron (some of these tapes are the same on both sides or have one side blank although 2 full 20 minute sides were compiled for it) February 2005. For fans of M1DY's Tokyo Style Speeeedcooorre!!!!


- Cultural Embolysm #1 xerox/staple, released at Brutal Cincinnati Damage 01/28/05 a zine of sketches, writing, anarcho politics curated by Nina Wright (Cincinnati, OH) Includes work by Nina, Swill, Inhuman, YES!, Mavis, etc. January 2005.


- Vankmen: Greastiality Part 1 CDR on Crunkcore (Sacramento, CA) speedcore gabber mixmosh including cut-up tracks of Realicide, aaronquinn, and Inhuman. December 2004.


- Realicide “I WANNA H.U.R.T!” CDR on Statue Records (California) December 2004. (This is one of those bullshit scam/spam type labels that try to trick you into buying your own release from them. It didn’t really work out for them in our case however.)


- Defiance of Gothic Nirvana issue 6 nov. 2004: shameful zine (St Louis, MO) featuring a flyer for the Realicide Hentai Gore Tour on back cover... issue 7 dec. 2004: a review of Realicide "Go! Go! Immolation!"


- The Appropriated Press xerox/staple neo-dadaist zine run by Olchar E. Lindsann and company (Columbus, OH) several issues feature drawings and writing by R. Inhuman (2003-5) January 2005 a CDR compilation supliment featuring several Realicide harsh erotica cut-ups by Inhuman. 


- aaronquinn “Seafoam Green” CDR by Snip-snip (Columbus, OH) varied harsh noise work Summer 2004.


- “we came from the future…” 7 way split CDR released by Contempt for Technology (Canada) featuring Robert Inhuman’s “Post-COMH” and The Smile Adventure, Gigantic Brain, Iron Bitchface, Electrocutionerdz, Crime Scene Escapists, and PH!L (I never received a copy of this.) Spring 2004.


- Greyworks Industries compilation #2 CDR features 2 manipulated versions of Realicide material mixed by Royce Icon (Mansfield, OH) Spring 2004.


- Electrocutionerdz “faster computer kill kill remix EP” CDR released by Contempt for Technology (Canada) featuring one mix by Robert Inhuman (I never received a copy of this.) Spring 2004.


- Iron Bitchface “spread the virus: remixed and mutated” 3” CDR released by Slut Factory Records (Canada) featuring one mix by Robert Inhuman Spring 2004.


- (untitled album) IRNL.BNP feat. Robert Inhuman (Columbus, OH… Mike Miller: music/art, Robert: voice, unreleased 2004)


- Cincinnati ain’t as dead as you think” xerox/staple book created July 2003 by various Cincinnati graff artists including Inhuman and Evolve.


- Kendall Bruns “REFORM NOW!” CDR features four remixes by Robert Inhuman (Cincinnati, OH) February 2003.






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