LP / CD + zine, produced 2009 in Cincinnati Ohio for Realicide Youth Records

release date: 23 October 2009 (CIDE#60)




cM: production, words, voice, Yamaha AN-200, Korg ES-1, Fruity Loops 3.5, tapes, sampling, edits, effects, street art, live skits, artwork and art direction, [email protected]  


Jim Swill: words, voice, tapes, sampling, drawings and collages, [email protected]  


Freak-One: words, voice, live skit actor, for contact look up Chemical Committee AKA “CemCom


Mavis Concave: beat production, mastering of all LP and CD tracks, [email protected] 


Robert Inhuman: drawings, live recordings, art direction and layouts for record artwork and zine, [email protected] 


Bunk News: live video projections.


Guest contributors 2009: additional voice on “Recreate” by Larva Lou, keyboard on “Counter Curse” by Jonathan Williamson, “Martha” poem and report by Jon Reubusch, Jon Caldwell in the scary clown live skit, live skit acting by Johnny Rucker, artwork and live skit acting by Jonathan Murray, live violin and effects by Eddie of Honest Abe, additional photography of Evolve Project performances by Nebula Girl and Ava Roberts, and miscellaneous live tapes 2005-06 featuring DJ Yes!


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LP cide A:




03. NEW MOON 2:48




LP cide B:




08. RECREATE 2:02



additional CD tracks:




12. OVER AND OUT 0:11




















32. BUDGET CUTS 0:40

33. NEW ORBIT 1:03







40. CLEAR CHANNEL = 1:02









NEW AGE: (proposition for a world wide cut-up)


     A continuous shift in consciousness can produce enlightenment. There is a broader focus available beyond the marriage of routine and falsehood. Military grandfathers are merely looking for another gun. Fossilized slaves succumb to past indoctrination. Commercial symbols follow us around like ghosts. They become viruses inside the mind that infect potential.  We annihilate our human potential focus achieving blind adherence to a regimented structure of routines and rulers. All routines unless independently ritualized are transferred reality focus from conglomerate corporate control forces seeking to dominate thru default programming. These forces represent an encoded virus program that by default seeks to expand and dominate. The consciousness of control exists separate from the force of it. For example: control is enforced via the police, the FBI, and countless other bureaucratic extensions, but control is truly achieved thru a consensus belief in its elusive power. This is the dominance of superstition. Mental slavery is the only kind of slavery that really exists. Therefore mass media plays a much more functional role in sustaining control than the US military or some other fanatical tangent of repression. They spread information, but mostly they restrict it. Free information exchange is important. Art can be a vehicle for change. Groups or bands can be utilized to redistribute scattered bits of precise information commonly overlooked by the Clear Channel mindfuck of modern reality. DIY is crucial as this is what makes the information truly "free".


     I propose that although protesting the Vietnam War was important, the next level of protest (one that was briefly realized in the 1960's via LSD but then not sustained) would be massive rituals designed to expel control forces in total form. Rather than bargaining on bureaucratic terms we should form a new reality, a different constant, so a broader available focus can be achieved. For example, we would form an audio cut-up that would literally reach around the world. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of demonstrators would gather together in some agreed upon location of sizable elevation. Every participant would bring in audio format a small snippet of a single second or less. A second is like a cell in our time-body as our disintegrating minds are burned away with radiance. The audio clip should represent a device of media manipulation that is instigated as a system of control within the populist mind. People bring politicians’ speeches, fast food commercials, Pepsi ads, Brittany Spears, talk radio machines, Fox News degenerates, reports on burglaries and arson, prescription drug commercials with encrypted planet death, hypnotizing jingles of every variety and time period, talk shows zombies too, it all gets mixed together: ONE. Voltage from the throbbing heart of god burial. We assemble the audio sources digitally in random order. The audio cut-up is then played on enormous speakers in an outdoor setting where the crowds of collage artists gather. As the sun sets and the moon is total, we are ready for the emerging change. Everyone focuses into a totally blank receptive state. The intention of this ritual is total exorcism of the lingering ghost control. The cut-up would be played over and over again until the original source work had no validity or tangible recognition and only a solitary band of united frequency remained. We would use this new frequency as a vehicle to expand our reality into its true and universal form. This would massively reject control and a new reality would be apparent the moment the frequency was achieved. Subsequent generations would inherit this frequency and elevate the general consciousness of Earth.


     New ideas are the constructs of any valid future. We are not achieving anything by means of diplomatic order. Chaos is a sacred realm. Nature is divine. We are not here to passively watch the Earth being destroyed; we are all engaged participants. The sum total of this experience of life is more than the established routine. If one does not invent one's routine, control in the form of personal focus is never achieved, and although reality is stable, it is never of one's own formation. It exists then thru, and only thru, a process of manipulation, instigated by control forces on a massive scale, involving both predicted reaction and dominions of orchestrated fate.


     Corporations dominate by hijacking and updating a language of magickal symbols that are both archaic and sacred in origin. Corporations pervert this sacred language of symbolism making it a device of control and manipulation rather than an expression of the universe's wisdom or a sign of internal wealth and focus. Corporate branding is in most cases exactly that: a permanent impression left on the subconscious mind in the form of a symbol or initials. We need to cleanse the mind and form it new in order to once again acknowledge our true potential form: the human platform. This is why ritual exorcism is my proposed strategy.


     The symbols that we recognize and conjure up are the archetypes of our reality, and create the foundation of our realized focus: truth. Generations must be raised outside of the corporate mindwash agenda in order to fully realize potential future forms. It is said that Native Americans considered the consequences / benefits of their actions seven generations next. This is a very advanced cultural focus dealing with future reality projection. The western mind which seeks to contain an ever-evolving reality within a model of past thoughts can barely function, and of course never sustains its process. As the Europeans and their predecessors struggle to maintain predominant social and economic control, they are simultaneously destroying the very planet that sustains us all. This is the classic scenario of painting one's self into a corner. A bad sign when even the most basic wisdoms like, "don't paint yourself into a corner", cannot be applied to the rationality of modern political thought and action. In fact, there is no rational at all. The machine is now a self-sustaining consequence factory; constantly reproducing, manifesting, feeding, destroying, and so on.


     All of us together are entering into a new age that we will either accept or reject. It is important to be ultimately receptive at this time. It is important to fully evaluate the true meaning of words and symbols. For example: the information provided by the local news is actually disinformation that seeks to constrict information exchange and develop symbols of focus used then to systematically control the will. By restricting yourself to such information you can actually expand awareness of all knowledge; cosmic, universal, and otherwise. So in this instance, "restrict" actually means "expand", and it is in this backwards manner that the process of manipulation works its magick. However one can counteract this process with the same techniques. By "restricting" such disinformation one can "expand" one's reality. This is the nature of the reality we live in. The words and symbols that we use are dependent on our belief to sustain their meanings.


     Language creates our world and the symbols that we assign to language are indeed important. I believe the new age will become a clarity of meanings in our symbolized and indeed synthesized world. The meanings of our words often change. For example: the "radical" approach is now the "rational" approach as the forces of controlled chaos have reversed their meanings. Organic farming is not "special" or "unique", it is in fact "normal", as past generations have relied on these techniques to maintain the biodiversity that sustains all life.


     The "news" is in fact "old" in the sense of routine boredom and is responsible for maintaining the stereotypical time-loops of the status quo. We must become conscious in a world of symbols in order to negate, focus, or individually define their meanings. The refined methods of the control medium instigate the illusion of material reality permanence in order to construct a docile public mind that relies on the security of routines (home, job, etc.) as an identity-focus. Free will then becomes a streamlined, symbolic "individual", resulting in the human experience minus the aspect of discovery.


     Capitalist control has instituted patterns of destruction here on Earth. We must reject this control as a necessary strategy for our Earth's survival, so that human consciousness may EVOLVE, and reunite with the potential of its universal form. A rare order of magick is needed outside of the prescribed routine. The cut-up is an acceptable method to deprogram and reprogram the mind. Creating new symbols will be necessary to define our future potential forms. As our known society approaches its inevitable and probably unsavory collapse, the acceptance of the non-routine will become necessary for our survival, and vital in terms of spiritual and cultural evolution. The mind is an intricate data-assembly-bank. The approaching critical-time-junction is the reboot button, where certain memory is erased but new things happen: NOW…


* Evolve 2009




cM: words, voice, Yamaha AN-200, tapes, sampling/edits.

Jonathan Williamson: keyboard.

Freak-One: intro trance voice and words.

Mavis Concave: Korg ES-1.


Freak-One: When I enter into the ocean to die I'm gonna breathe like a fish, cuz man is not an exist, it's an exit. I got the motherfuckin flesh wound to everything you found beautiful... Disney...


in no known gravity assembled charge

the Earth in crisis, they call it living large

McDonalds, freeway, Taco Bell

when we don't pay attention we just go to hell

hypnotized by a corporate spell

in no known gravity the freeway fell

how mellow are you fellas? - passive existence

with mundane masturbatory persistence?

disillusion forms

we out where the puppet politicians perform

police sirens wail daily

but it ain't no match for the stalemate of the youth lately

we all bleed the same blood

and when we realize this we transform hatred to love

our fear now a positive frequency that travels out

of the boundaries of doubt

the boundaries they seek as they divide and conquer

but one and the same is the mantra

and they can't divide this one

and they can't separate the universal father from the son

I am one I I I I I I I I AM ONE

take charge

of uniform corporations that are all livin so large

and outside of the laws

but everything is effect and then cause

cause and effect - I must speak direct

times of horrible imbalance

malice kings offer a drink outta they golden chalice

ignoring the cries of mother Earth that's so plain

echo at sundown without no refrain


"opening up"

"To pass the poison chalice is to put it to our own lips as well…"

"amen" "opening up" "opening up"




"Who owns the big media; the mainstream media that reaches millions of people?"

(sigh / cha-ching)


all of us are livin in a critical time

when mass media straight up take control of the mind

they manipulate and they generate

and it's unreality that they demonstrate

it’s mind control - it's your time they stole

they consider the body but never the soul

it's incomplete but it's a package deal

fool the mind so that they business can steal

the light from outta the children’s eyes

political smiles are just a disguise

we get beyond those walls

and everybody know it but don't nobody call

the corporations out on all they bullshit

sanitize the pulpits now

McDonalds, Wendy’s, Taco Bell

all of us livin in a luxurious hell

can't go on like this cuz it's gotta change

one way or another yo it's gotta change

can't go on like this cuz it's gotta change

one way or another yo it's gotta change


"To alter the environmental conditions for humanity..."  


counter curse *

(we must familiarize ourselves with evil in order to send it back)


* a note on Evolve performances:


     The Evolve performances are very much influenced by mass media and most specifically television. Most performances last one half hour. There are segments or scenes known as songs. Between segments, tape collages with various sounds are played. These are similar to laugh tracks on sitcoms except that a laugh track is really only intended to achieve one no-variable affect. This is part of the seducing ritual hypnotism of the medium. The cut-ups we broadcast are intended to achieve a hypnotizing effect, yet produce a much wider variety of reactions thru random juxtapositions of sound, and by incorporating much larger portions of time and space than one particular group of people laughing at one particular time. We are explorers and we explore realms of electronic hypnotism in order to synthesize a consciousness and reality outside that standard. We are children of the future and we embrace electronic music in this modern and electronic age. We also negate that focus within an ancient celebration; speaking over beats with dance movements accompanying them.


The endings of the live performances generally culminate in some type of public performance piece, incorporating sound collage and occasionally drum loops, sometimes scripted dialogues, etc. The climax of many a show this year reeked of overdramatic Hollywood-esque self-parody. COUNTER CURSE: We are steering our own voyage and we do not forget this. Even if we're addressing critical social issues we figure we can still have a sense of humor. A lot of what we're moving towards with the recent Evolve work would be the union of opposites. The union of opposites is intended to Break Down our perceived Barriers. The union of opposites is a technique used to deflect control. The symbols of control play a functional role in what is essentially a ritual exercise of personal freedom, individual focus, and self-empowerment. We do not seek to dominate with these tools but instead realign with the unity of powers inherent in the universe's mind. The union of opposites is in and of itself a magickal formula resulting in a greater acceptance of cosmic consciousness or the true self, which is neither male nor female, black nor white, and so on. A clarification of the will precedes this union as concepts like good and evil no longer dominate one's focus. We are not here to create spectacles. We are not fanatics, dadaists, or situationists. We are not dealing with misanthropy or semantics in any way. We present intricately designed rituals with specific intentions and focus. We are activists. We are here to activate the mind. 


* Evolve 2009




cM: words, voice, tapes, sampling/edits.

Mavis Concave: programming.


and poppa said America's a burial ground

a tragic Noah’s ark; a cosmic lost and found

the residual holocaust not settled so sound

native birth flavored worse

the native people slaughtered here - stolen curse

that's the memory of my very own dead ancestors

the Irish people slaughtered by the English Manchesters

imperialism is the enemy of man

suitcases fulla money gotta disband

corporation reprimand pyramid sand

breakin down these barriers, breakin down these barriers

break break break break breakin down

breakin down theses barriers

upstate New York cosmopolitan East Hampton

real people gotta eat too

and you don't even eat man you just kinda waste food

capitalism got some hidden agendas

hidden kings behind hidden curtains

that want us all to surrender

but we break that threshold down

listen to freedom get lost in the sound

and that's a permanent departure man

beyond the threshold we just go farther and farther

until the galaxy and space forms around us

America’s an ocean of materialism that drowns us

Earth, our mother, cries out

the leader don't hear here don't care care

they golf get fat got gout

seeing they downfalls what I’m about

but not in a petty vengeful bout

they just compost renewing the planet heaps

rebirth the Earth just keeps on

spinning on its axis in space or so we are told

breakin down these barriers, breakin down these barriers

break break break break breakin down

breakin down theses barriers, must erase


"Evolution right now might be the difference between survival of the species and extinction."




     The world that has been forced upon us by birth is a delusion. The only real things on this planet are the elements of the natural organic world which have been evolving and adapting yet maintaining homeostasis since before human record. These elements were present in the first human beings. They were seen in the traits of pure divine innocence and love. These elements were present in the first human beings on the planet because the universe and these humans were one, as if everything was one giant embryo in which all parts of the universe and everything in it were all made of the same matter. People realized this truth and were one with the natural forces that created and transformed life (through death). They did not seek to control these natural forces; rather they wished to aid them by maintaining a perfect harmony. Somehow this simple connectivity that allowed death and predator instinct to be equal and just parts of existence was lost. Now death, violence, and lust are used to control the human race and all other forms of life on Earth, but some are beyond control. When one starts believing in the power of modern manmade devices, institutions, economies, religions, medicine, technology, and all other forms of control, one gives their power up to those who have taken these creations for their own avarice and lust. All of these modern inventions are not inherently evil; that is superstition. The use of modern inventions should have nothing to do with how we wish to live our lives. If we use these devices, in order to aid the human species or any other species, it still requires some type of destruction or inflictive tradeoff between one human and another or between humans and another species. To think that these tradeoffs can result in eventual equality and health for all is the most toxic idea ignorant imperial founders of control and their followers implant amongst the masses. The idea that technologies and institutions within modern economies, thru philanthropic techniques, can aid the planet and its inhabitants is far more dangerous than the satanic idea that one should live only to serve oneself because the former idea allows tyranny to continue under the guise of progress, hope, and change. This is the technique of coercion few seem to understand. It is because we are so afraid of death and pain that we continue to integrate into the imperial and neocolonial societies, economies, “health care systems” and institutions of the modern manmade world. All of this modern existence is a maze. Even if one is starving in prison and being beaten one can see past the maze and be free forever. The only real barrier is the control of the mind. Let go of thought and its conditionings. Let go of attachment, doubt, fear, loneliness, guilt, sorrow, and pain as they are nonexistent. Break beyond the barrier; let go. Pacifism is the only solution. Absolutely!


Walk with the light; become the light and embrace the dark; for YOU ARE LORD. Whole Mother of all, you have illuminated a path for us and we are forever humble servants; servants to our higher selves. We are all blessed.


Mother let me let go of attachment, doubt, fear, loneliness, guilt, sorrow, and pain. Mother allow me to let go of thought and its conditionings. Mother I am not guilty. Mother I forgive everyone, for I am not the judge.




cM: words, voice, Yamaha AN-200, keyboard, tapes, sampling/edits.

Freak-One: words, voice.


whatta we gonna do do do whatta we gonna do

we broke and we battered, we torn and we scattered

the ravages of love and war, the savages they want some more

lovely speaking slave of the week, I am off on the weekend



nature and us inseparable

although stifled evolution's been technological

this is re-injecting the logical

hypodermic rationalisms in ya infant's fontanels

to oppose the media bullet shells

banana clips peel taking L's and lacin em

in the project hall on halls

kids with candy sticks piff X’d out

bodies drop bloody when the CIA droughts the crack route I'm out


"…Living with radiation so our bodies crawl with hell. We will live in the good lands. Our son will grow where there isn't death in the very waters we drink; the air we breathe..."

"wise men"

"The corporate managerial system has intensified its invasion and occupation of universities and colleges bringing them more and more under the dominion of corporate imperative."

"The rich are the kind of people who own things and they tend to be republican..."

"Neanderthals" "wise men"

"All of us, the millions of us who were out in the streets, getting beaten up by the police, getting arrested, and all other things, including me. The millions of us that said that there shouldn't be a war..."

"wise men"

"...whether you can win it or lose it. And the horror of it was that you might even win it, that war was immoral, it was homicidal, it was killing hundreds of thousands of people. We now see two million Vietnamese died in that war. The United States killed two million Vietnamese. The nazis killed, you know, millions of people; we see that as a horrible thing. This was seen in our media as a well-intentioned struggle, but it went array. The Vietnamese weren't ready for democracy…"

"time" "time space sure"

"…and the struggle goes on and continues and that's what really bothers the powers that be; that they have to deal with the human beings who have thoughts and interests of their own."

"opening up" "each one in their own native tongue"

"opening up" "crisis"

"The media's role as cheerleader of the national security state and free market capitalism is without restraint. Virtually no positive exposure has ever been given to an indigenous third world revolutionary or reformist struggle, or to the protests at home and abroad against U.S. overseas interventions."

"People were chanting not knowing that they would be beaten and teargassed…"

"beaten" "demonstrators"

"To show the corrupt condition and decadent state of affairs in democracy."

"Time. All time. Of all time. Of all time, time, time." "28 morons working for him." "Ha ha - you have no idea."

"True to anyone who kept him off the ballot.”

"20th century" "opening up" "society"

"Then they got a small beam of light against a mirror."

"Earth's population" "human society"

"Look in the mirror; never an easy task; always a necessary one."

"astronaut" "more than extreme volcanic disturbances"

"opening up" "opening up" "opening up" "opening up" "opening up"


* (notes on youth trapped in stages of pubescent rebellion)


What happens to a generation of youth who awaken from the dream society has perpetuated upon them?


The immediate reaction is one of hopelessness and fear. These feelings can often manifest themselves into misguided, angry, and even violent actions. The youth are so immersed in the society that they hate that they end up battling with themselves, trapped within various cycles of "civilized", yet none the less deprecating, behaviors. This is why people feel reckless, drink themselves dry, eat fast food, watch television, etc. This is why people break down and kill their classmates and co-workers. This is why people kill themselves.


In the pubescent stages of one's rebellion these angry feelings are both natural and necessary. We are being reborn into a conscious reality and this can be a very difficult process. You need "piss and vinegar" sometimes to "break on thru to the other side". However many people never discover this natural rebellion or if they do it is never developed into its fully progressive form. They feel angry and reckless as teenagers, get "wasted", settle then into mindless boring jobs, get someone pregnant, buy a house in the suburbs, television, budweiser, etc.


I hope the youth of my generation will take things a step farther. I want us to develop the skills and knowledge needed while we are young; to remain conscious and active throughout our entire evolving lives. We need to build the resistance now and prepare for the revolution that follows.


The people have the power to change everything. They always have and they always will. The government may have money and technology, but the people have the numbers and ideas. The people are strong. The people hold this country together. Who works in the factories that produce our food? Who grows the vegetables and picks the fruit? Who ships, unloads, and packages it? The people. Your people, my people, their people, our people. All of us people together: ONE.


* Evolve 2009




Mavis Concave: programming.

cM: words, voice, sampling/edits.

Jim Swill: intro words and voice (exert from Intrusive Elements)


"this time the west"

"in a return to barbarism in the modern age"

"security of state"


calendar of the ancient world

in the forsaken badlands

Africa the birth place

concept of the human past

restoration of body and blood banks

fragmentary remains of Neanderthals

cycling changing without starting over

skeleton white light show

animal art will not be seen again

years ago...


"Years ago…"

"Basically I'm looking at the devolution of the human species."

"The fossil evidence indicates that modern human skulls are decided ape-like small brain Neanderthal."

"Evolution has always involved people like us getting together as we are tonight, figuring out where  we came from, and who's slowing us down to change."


meditate till I replace receive

the modern world is just cruel it deceives

I am the only one; I am the only son

the only living entity; the only living one

this be it the false speech of man

when we deny our unity, when we deny our one

we as a species we could be done

acknowledge the masquerade; corporations paid

while the infrastructures that they made dissolve

infinite problem solve - it's no solution?

the food that we eat it is mind pollution

we get beyond; we travel to further futures

beyond beyond the galaxies that's made

flooded gates of Babylon break

ancient Rome it was just a mistake

we get beyond their message; history repetitive

all the same - we all remain

buried in graveyards with the same pain

I am the only one; I am the only son

the only living entity; the only living one

we all erase - we all replace

become a mask of cosmic grace

television hypnotize your inner space

randomize static; rebirth classic

not boiling it down

not making the elastic snap of the sound

when the mind bends

when it warps and congregates within

discount on city binge; discount on city streets

makin me cringe - discount human life - finally give in

we see the light and we follow it out

we follow follow follow follow it out

a modern Shakespearian tragedy of sorts

your flattery in no match for the battery of political retorts

we all live in a prison of sorts - don't gotta give in

just acknowledge the shape that we in


I am modern man - and I am I am modern man


symphony of tragedy this blood illusion

this modern medical transfusion

infusing crops with DNA molecules

from other biological life forms gotta stop

perverting nature; various fruits; disturbing flavor

I wanna bite the apple

and the real apple, not the one that man made

irresponsible; destructive as a hand grenade

when the universal consciousness displays

break on thru to the other side

outside of this pre-programmed reality

where all of these corporations hide

swindler filth merchants of the Earth

irresponsible; clandestine since birth

good riddance just like a curse

bottling anger; distributing thirst

I know the games that they play

I know their sense of power

is what a pitiful coward displays

conjuring up public doubt

imprisonment blacked out gotta gotta get out

we gotta get out - we scream or we shout

bottle our anger and do not reroute

in a pre-programmed existence

where the mind is left forever lingering in doubt


"This is all pre-programming." "This time the west…"


Martha: Pioneering Urban Gardening For The Masses (fulfillment of a better life)

by Jon Reubusch


a deer in early spring

left her fawn

at the edge of our new garden

our hope and chance

in this concrete and metal dance


its eyes so big and round

all spotted sleeping and extra cute

overwhelming desire to touch

the light brown fur so soft


yet somehow we resisted

let the baby rest


and from that day forth

the deer have left our

garden alone


some people say, ”There is no magick."

and they cut another forest


but if you listen and believe in

your vision-of-the-world

you will see that

the world

is indeed

a wondrous







In the spring of 2009 the City of Cincinnati made a few vacant lots available to people interested in Urban Gardening. My friends and I got one of these proposed plots. It is located on a street called Martha in the community of Northside in Cincinnati, OH. So we call it Martha.


She is about a quarter of an acre. We dug beds, took rocks out of the soil, and mounded the beds up with finished compost from a community garden. We carried and trucked water into the site and planted all the stuff we could gather.


We covered about one third of the land in gardens and made a fire pit for relaxing. We brought in quail, building them a small hut from salvaged materials and bought some fencing quarter inch hardware cloth. We intend to eat some eggs; maybe raise some babies and let them go.


We just added a small hoop house that was easy to build. We are planning on extending our harvest and starting new seed in the spring. We are composting scraps from local Northside restaurants and coffee shops. We have been getting more food than we can eat and taking some to the Northside Farmers Market providing people with a local option. Really local hyper-organic, filled with love, so.


The Village Green is a nonprofit garden community also in Northside. They hired me as green house manger and my task was to maintain the glass house and grow some vegetables for the spring. This allowed us to have plants at no cost for Martha. Some of us poor street-artist garden-minded folk even got paid like ten dollars a day in the hot hot sun. So thanks to them who bought the plants. Our timings were right because we followed the Earth and listened to the rain on our skin.


We are pretty happy with the project and hope we can help start other gardens, to help to remediate with compost, and mulch more of the City of Cincinnati's 18,000 vacant lots! The goal is also to be an example to our community to show them that sustainable gardens are totally possible, beautiful, and awesome even in the city.


- work for others less.

- start moving out of the program.


Martha Street Garden AKA Martha


Located: Urban-borders 9-acre park and new housing development. Originally a valley-engineered drainage ditch. Poor soil, compact, and much gravel, glass, and trash. Cars make noise, pollution aggravates our sinuses and our breathing. Quail are happy, we must clean and change water. Deer are befriended, left their spotted baby with us. We didn't touch it or disturb it and from then on the deer respected our garden, only occasionally eating bean tops and dino kale.


We just built a hoop house with PVC pipe, scrap wood, plumber's tape, and $30. Fires, talking, resting, beers and herbs. Jules, Heather, Jonathan, Alan, Chris, Gary, Krystal, Susan, The Murray Brothers, Duke, Peter from the CGC, Diantha, Robby, Zak, Izak, Hannah, anybody who dug a bed, hope you all got fed. I needed this garden so thanks, blessings, much love, clarity, and hope.


In a single fruit lies enough seed for a future free of chains.




cM: words, voice, Fruity Loops, keyboard.

Jim Swill: corporate robot voices…


walk the rest of them nine miles up them dream steps

to the Parthenon where the military schemes are kept up tradition

malnutrition been listening to the same old repetitive language

another soldier exits the womb and enters his anguish

trumped up to savage completion

ravaged by time as it eats him, bones and all

dusty thoughts and stones that small

we gotta skip this part cuz death death be feedin the weak of heart

blood clot be about it - with they televised matter they shout it

oblivious space - imperialism infectious mistake

driven down down deep into the dirt - Earth body it’s hurt

collective conscious - emergency vanquish the commons

topple all of the tallest buildings first until we're totally immersed

havoc seeking temples in the ruins of an ancient Rome

possibly becoming a stone; possibly fossilized bone

possibly together and possibly alone

becoming that tone of the universal Ohm

complete rerouted regrown - the human mind in a cyclone blown

when actual feedback from reality is shown…


* exert from the Evolve novel “Reports From The Coliseum”…


"Right after you take a shit you can acknowledge that god is dead. First however, report to the boardroom for further face-fucking. We'll fuck your face up, you indiscriminate maggot fuck. Ten, fifteen dollars an hour, how much should we pay you? Shut the fuck up maggot, don't answer that, I'm the one who's talking here. Lesson learned old chum, so go ahead and clean the urinals with your tongue. If you want you can wear this french maid's costume, but if it doesn't fit, just cut a hole in the rear end of your trousers. That will make our job a lot easier, believe me. No one wants to work more than they have to; you know what I mean old chum, old buddy, old pal?"


The boardroom plays an integral role in the Coliseum’s yearly holiday. They are like refreshment phantoms serving up a bake sale from hell. "How many squishy worms in your cupcake sir? Frosted maggots perhaps? Landfill cookies?" The stretched out horizon bleached in stony white. Crumbling stones that make the path unwalkable. Dissolving footsteps as we step across the threshold of imagined time.


The board is cleverly devised in strategy. They wage a silent war and politely cover up the Coliseum’s dead. Let the games begin. Nine echoed gunshots so the numbered runners start up moving. The last one to cross the finish line is slaughtered by phantom henchmen. The running blood becomes Kool-Aid for the youth.


The concession stands throughout the Coliseum are serving bone broth. The human causalities of war brewing in a cauldron with heavy ketchup, bullet shells, and gun powder. A bayonet is what they use to stir this brew. It is served to you inside a human skull. I realize at times this pamphlet seems extraneous and harsh, but I figure if you're entering the gates in permanence, you might as well know what's on the menu. Know that you might end up becoming a boardroom sex slave, a degenerate tramp paraded for amusement of the crowds. They'll hurl rotten fruit at your dignity. They'll spit on your compassion while they look you in the eyes. The boardroom has a focused death pattern and if they hone in on you there's really no escaping.


Nine cut-up war movies play on big screens above the crowds. The soundtracks to the films replaced with big band music. Crooning love songs over atom bombs and all scenes of death imaginable. Powerful magick inside the Coliseum, I kid you not. The Coliseum’s wide open gates become wider as the crowds increase in both size and number. If all the seats are taken they can put you in front of the firing squad instead. "You'll be part of the show," they tell you. Don't be fooled by the words they use like ‘game’ or ‘strategy’, to these men there's really only war; do not forget this. Losers are the same dead men as winners; the reversed cycle flips us in the mirror. The revolving doors are really just a one way exit. The ticket holders secretly devised to capture death and cling to its formation as a practiced form of magick to increase our pain. The Coliseum is a spectacle of suffering. Without its walls we could, all of us, be free…




Jim Swill: words, voice, tapes.

cM: tapes, sampling/edits.


"The destruction of a culture before our very eyes…"


remember the instance your existence became cancer

LA from the plane window was a dish of expansive bacteria

blinded in the flash of biological lust

to breed, infect, inoculate, and exterminate

to reach skyward defying negative space

armed with a “life is beautiful”

in my visions of the afterlife, reflective of the present life

my dreams are the only escape where my mania is free to expand

and I transcend virus nature

our search for the nipple eternal and the womb of infinite security

perverts to skeleton envy and turns the shadow of violence inward

psychic violence to shroud our power  - vampire Idol

automated distrust - blessings become brains that turn to bacteria

to bloat with narcotic toxin - aortas flutter and bust

educated oxen - gold and coal grow old with mold

and bones and teeth bleach white to dust

sands for the polar oceans…


Jim Swill:


     The concept for the poem “Negative Biology” was accumulated in the summer of 2007 while on tour with Realicide. During the night drive across desert on our way to LA, 8 July 2007, we tuned into “Coast To Coast AM with George Noory”. That particular night was a “near death experience” discussion with the author Mellen-Thomas Benedict about his near death experience in 1982. Recalling memories now in September 2009, I still remember the impact of his words and the story of his experience.


He had apparently developed a cancer and had decided he’d rather take his final resting place in a hospice as opposed to the foreign and invasive environment that makes up a conventional hospital. He did clinically die at the hospice, for a matter of hours at that, and during that period of time during his pronounced death he claims he was shown the very reason for his sickness. When he was in a classroom (in which school I do not know) he was shown a series of photographs comparing aerial photographs of Los Angeles California to photographs of a cancer cell. To him the similarity was striking and like most people’s reaction he was disturbed. Human beings existing industriously looked more like a virus than a society. I found this very disturbing myself as I had a similar experience viewing LA from a plane window a few weeks prior. The nature of our very irresponsible sprawling does not at all look organized or beautiful in detail or relation to the natural environment that borders our metropolitan areas. An urban sprawl as massive as LA looks like an orgy of chaos and error as we plow and pave over, pollute and populate, or simply lay our roads and factories wherever budget and ownership allow. When you begin to question its integral nature one can see this has little to do with practicality in relation to the land that surrounds, but much to do with money, convenience, and ownership of property.


After that alarming moment in the classroom, the seed of misanthropy had been planted deep within his psyche, and every negative experience could be used to help that seed grow. When we visualize the concept of our “inherent nature” as an intricate sickness, then one could carry the weight of guilt for something as untouchable as a concept or word. It can feel hopelessly irreversible as it exists as an impersonal and omnipresent concept rather than a personal struggle. If one were to be guilty of something passed onto us from the moment of birth there can be irrevocable damage to one’s conscious. This is comparable to the idea of being born with sin, as Christians would put it, yet that is intertwined with a reward system of heaven and hell. If one were to still hold that concept as being true yet with no reward system it simply exists as nothing more than a self-destructive belief system.


His story severely altered my concept of society, for before I heard his words I was bearing the guilt he himself held before it physically manifested itself within his body as a terminal illness. Thru this man’s story I was able to begin the process of dissolving my engrained misanthropy that for so many years had been detrimental to my mental health. I do not believe in anything being an absolute, for throughout my life I have been shown the malleable nature of our existence thru reaching out to people as equals, no longer accessories to my personal ego and drama.


I believe human nature is a malleable thing, that has the very accessible potential to heed its own destructive momentum; I do not believe we are any less responsible. Awareness of the world we’re moving thru - socially, technologically, as well as agriculturally - does not have to equal despair. So much information is available, yet it is overwhelming, and due to the sheer volume of options we are left choosing nothing. The easiest decision is to regard your life as simply your own life, and disregard your role in society. You are not on a solo mission here as we are interdependent upon very large corporations and industries that supply us on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. When we consciously decide to not take responsibility for our own lives, yet isolate ourselves and call it individuality, we become susceptible to the epidemic of apathy. When in stagnant states of progress, we become fearful and regretful, lacking purpose and inspiration, and looking towards our great commercial breast for sustenance.


So, in closing I am saying this: there is no such thing as human nature, and there is no such thing as “the end of the world”. We must remove ourselves from the empathy cycle for the Earth as the Earth will always overwhelm us in its ability to maintain. We must appeal to that selfish desire for preserving our own human civilizations and the quality of our own personal lives. The truest error is that the people supplying our world with what is deemed necessary for survival are corrupted and often power-mad; dominating our society and often times delivering endless additions of hazardous materials, decreasing our quality of life up to our lifespan, the corporate entity being the true disease of our civilization.  We must redirect our hostility towards an energetic and enthusiastic exercise of self-empowerment thru our cycle of breaking away from the entity. When we embrace the ideas of violence, despair, sickness, and greed we can even go so far as to embody those cancers within our own living bodies. Awareness, true individuality, lies within the hands of community. When we are aware of others we are in turn self-aware, confident, and a force to be reckoned with. We can begin our evolution by simple actions such as removing the television from our home or the groceries in our pantry that are proven to cause cancer. We can begin with making attempts towards growing our own food, being more social, making artwork, opening up the creativity in each of us as individuals collectively and embracing the beautiful sides of humanity instead of glaring out a peephole snickering with a caustic cynicism. Embrace yourself and those around you as your people, all of us together, even if some don’t pull their weight. Keep your eyes forward, not upon those who fall behind. There is a beautiful society within all of us if one after another we could simply do what we know is right.




Jim Swill: words, voice, sampling.

cM: Yamaha AN-200, Korg ES-1, sampling/edits.


"you know today's world is almost frightening"

"...cold, cold inescapable reality"

"ten million Americans have gone vegan..."

"pay pay pay"

"did you now that factory farming is a leading pollutant worldwide"

"pick the product to place to pay pay..."

"the consumption of animals causes more harm to the environment"

"no more" "torture" "factory farming conditions"

"degradation" "confinement" "no more" "GO VEGAN!"

"movin movin move fast fast fast"

"out complete denial of life itself"

"what's going on?" "GO VEGAN!"


my body is a graveyard that will bury and exhume

all the creatures I can’t understand yet throw them to my tomb

in which their bones are ground in my guts; their guts strengthen my bones

as long as I can never hear them cry and scream and moan

I shall ingest a deadly energy of violence-born nutrition

hormones increase with syrup meats and cloud my human vision

it’s in our brains, this scene of death, we distance into fiction

until the gore becomes a savored piece of grand addiction…


"We see a lot of people who are so taken aback by what they're seeing, in terms of the gratuitous cruelty, and they're really interested also to learn that you really don't need animal products at all to live a healthful diet. All the nutrients that you need you can get from plant-based sources.  And you know this is something that the majority of people walking down the street do not agree with. They don't think animals should be gratuitously killed. See I think people are so ignorant to these issues right now that it really just is a matter of, you know, crossing that bridge and giving them the information and planting the seeds. You hope..."


* reflections on “My Body Is A Graveyard” by Jim Swill


     The conception of “My Body Is A Graveyard” goes years back, referencing one of the first pieces of pro-vegetarian propaganda I was exposed to titled “Living Graves”. The image of your own body being a carrier of other dead beings and body parts was in turn disturbing and personally effective, though the Evolve Project does not advocate ‘scare tactics’ as being the most positive and/or mentally beneficial method of propaganda.


Throughout the years we here in the Evolve Project have addressed our stances and opinions on factory farming and the meat industry in the poetic medium, or in specific performances, but had yet to focus an effort towards a complete song about this topic. It is important to address this issue carefully, personally, and intelligently as there are multiple exceptions to any opinion of culture. There are of course multiple cultures which have grown dependent upon animal slaughter as a way of life, and this is the kind of thing the Evolve Project is not targeting with our statements. We are based in the United States of America, a heavily populated industrialized technological and agriculturally advanced society which when common sense is applied, has no excuse for the barbaric and primitive conditions of the meat industry. An endless stream of statistics dealing with disease rates, cruelty, safety, economic corruption, and pollution are not what made me personally realize the benefits of a vegetarian diet. When it becomes more than food, and develops into an issue involving the progression of consciousness, we can more easily digest something considered culturally peculiar and an issue of great significance.


In this information-addicted society, we often forget the fact that information is not education. We will not only begin to understand the world better when we seek out personal experience over one-dimensional information, but we will understand ourselves more clearly as well. So though I was initially moved by a piece of propaganda, it was still years until I began to abstain from meat and their by-products. I couldn’t stick with the regimented mind state. When I began to initiate a routine of vegetarianism as if I was exercising, my patience would grow thin as vegetarianism is a humble act not worthy of gloating and not worthy of praise. Therefore for some individuals who are seeking some sort of congratulations or praise for their diet, they will receive no such praise and will fall off what they would deem “the bandwagon”. To understand the benefits of vegetarianism you must look beyond the health and exercise aspect and beyond even the act of humanity, where a centered consistency will be revealed to you by yourself. When we drive ourselves to extremes we will only need future extremes to fulfill ourselves. My personal experience relative to this issue is for very disciplined and dedicated vegans to turn back and begin a diet of heavy red meat, dairy, and pork. When we drive ourselves to extremes we only need future extremes to fulfill ourselves. Moderation is the cornerstone to a steady, secure personality and mental state. Instead of being responsible over our routines and attempting to remove the aspect of ego, we can incorporate our whole entire lives into our strive for individuality, making something as deep as vegetarianism a trivialized and overall fashionable accessory to our public personality masks. Therefore exploiting the issue in the vein of commercialism, as if it is something sexy and cool, is detrimental to the overall cause. Vegetarianism can be one of the many steps to breaking a dependency on corporate overseers and their compromised and often questionable goods, inherent to corruption, such as brand monopolies and exploitation of impoverished countries for their resources. To understand the benefits of vegetarianism one must understand why they want to do it, not why they should do it.


Much of my personal experience with vegetarian propaganda has been that of issues focused upon nutritional facts and farming conditions. The Evolve Project promotes vegetarianism and overall healthy lifestyles as a consciousness issue, dealing with the entire experience of a being’s physical existence and with the consciousness of our society and public awareness. In regards to the existence of one’s being as the topic, I personally believe in the principle of “you are what you eat” in more ways than one. Yes we do risk absorbing bacteria, yes the pollution from the factories is detrimental to our health, but what I feel you can absorb is the actual process of manufacturing your animal products. I feel you absorb the horrible conditions and the miserable pointless violence. I feel those energies are detrimental to society; that they are what keeps our public in a desensitized stupor. When we address the consciousness of society, we are speaking of our potential. The possibility for a meatless society is not unrealistic by any means. Most of the fast food consumed by thousands on a daily basis already contains large quantities of textured vegetable protein, or TVP, a soy-based meat replacement, though in turn too much of anything is a bad idea, including soy.


Abstaining from animal products is truly only the first step in your detachment from the meat industry. In many ways we fail to grasp beyond our own lives and egos, therefore vegetarianism is simply regarded as a dietary and health based decision. As our technology continually advances, our western concept of reality and society remains stagnant and in majority hedonistic. The subconscious ideal of humans’ being as a self-proclaimed dominant species appears to directly encourage the faith in violence as being strength, and something non-violent as being primitive, exotic, and overall weak. Though most may never want to butcher their own pet, the idea of death and domination are exciting concepts that contain elements of mystery that give a person the illusion of control.


In closing, I would like to point out that if one were to spend more time preparing their meals and not purchasing convenience food one would see that a vegetarian diet is very affordable. As a reiteration it is also necessary for me to address you the reader and say this is not an issue solely based upon abstinence from flesh, but it is an issue of self-empowerment and detachment from our very corrupt corporate dominators of the food industries. The only way to understand what’s happening in the vegetarian movement is to experiment with vegetarianism. We can argue the validity of our inherent biological nature as omnivores, herbivores, or carnivores but this is not the issue. It’s more than food; it’s about changing for the sake of learning through self experience rather than arguments and speculations. You are the only one who can understand what is right for yourself. 




cM: words, voice, Yamaha AN-200, Korg ES-1, sampling/edits.

additional voices by Jim Swill, Larva Lou, and Robert Inhuman.

Mavis Concave: additional production in Saint Louis.


"Breaking people across from seeing themselves as one-dimensional and having no potential to being almost anything they want to be and those things don't always have to agree in the usual accepted way."

"accurate portrayal" "accurate portrayal"

"Your main focus should be on love."


we are what we create - we create everything we are

yes we are what we create - we create everything we are


"all forms"

"he believes in magick that if you say a thing it's true"

"you" "you see for yourself"

"you you you you" "fight like hell to make it true"

"all forms" "evolve" "right now"

"you you" "fight like hell to make it true"

"all forms" "evolving" "right now"

"you see for yourself" "all forms" "evolve"

"you" "right now" "fight like hell to make it true"

"all forms" "evolve" "right now"

"all forms" "evolving" "right now" "opening up"

"to all the latent powers of the individual"

"the relativity of all" "forms" "change"


* The Wheel Turns Forward


Once there was a young man who worked at the stables. He was heart-broken and a knot of hair was shoved inside where his heart had been. The stables were not particularly clean, but he worked there anyway. He fed the horses hay as procedure of the day. A far away throb of human passion. His injured mind like a dying insect. The language of his time a diatribe of manicured allegiance: sliced up human tongues to fill the waste basket full.


When he actually left the stables there was a whole new world out there. A world he had never known about or grasped somehow. He got caught up suffocating and almost drowned in it. He met a crow one day and that crow became his life raft. He became the body of a beast to be one too. The guidance of flight became his one and true salvation. His interest in the crow was not a selfish one. He was not a man, he was a crow, and he had been a crow for as long as he could possibly remember. The magnificence of flight, it overwhelmed him, and the stables then were not of his concern.




cM: voices, Yamaha AN-200, sampling.


“What are any of us here to do to evolve evolve evolve...”


breathing as the buses go by …in the morning and its sunlight:

why oh why oh why NOT WAIT

…the stretches…


* This particular track represents the unity in all things talking. It is the fundamental break down of the word where as all communicated sound becomes language. There are new discoveries always within our reach. We are one with the body of the universe completely whole. The barriers and distinctions of the mind are merely passing fancy. We are medium-walkers and the whole picture awaits us at the end of time. Our entire world is derived from language. It is created solely from the thoughts we choose to enter and the words we choose to speak. Choose to think and speak what matters now. If we have to say something like “Walmart” for instance, then let's say it like it's the dirtiest word we can imagine. Change the meaning of that word to “slavery” and re-engage the focus now. We can build a future beyond the walls and barriers of offered doubt. We are now the future, hearing newness, seeing always with the newest eyes. We are the now lens which scopes the eternity of broadcast earth. Cave paintings blend with the static of the modern age. Red skylines shut with skeleton doors forever seeming big but failing. Just more steam escaping in the street at night. Cold and lonesome saxophones like bitter wind. Full moon bright and brittle in the hollow sky. Shattered streetlights like Christmas snow I remember as a child. I glance at some trees that gather in a distant world where there is a silence and a beauty we all so desperately are seeking. The longing to return to soil is captured in the echoes of the dead. Ghost tape recorded for the sacred of the nowness one.                              

* Evolve 2009




Jim Swill: words, voice, tapes.

cM: keyboard, sampling/edits.


our hands outstretched:

thru technology we channel the human spirit

but manifest a curse of mechanical decay

within the process of replicating ourselves

in plastic and metal:

for the only doppelganger

would be the image of cancer

as beautiful cosmos expand and dissolve

and our tides pull and push evolutionary pools

we disguise our fragility

in our ability to dominate and torture

carnal smiles; open welts of iron whips

and imaginations gagged with poison medicines

do not let these devices control you

for they are merely extremities of the flesh

though your body may frighten you

though you feel bound to skin and bone

you are not a simple organism

nor a divine machine of pulsating muscle

we are vessels; we are channels

we are ships within ships

unaware of where the ocean ends…


“building the steel skeletons of skyscrapers…”



YouTube: Icon Generator


     YouTube, like any other tool of cultural mass media, can be used as a tool of manipulation. It can potentially capture focus and leave our human potential in a dormant state. However, like the television, radio, etc. these internet channels can be used as functional tools of disruption against the manipulative process of media control. Utilizing the cut-up method (pioneered by Brion Gysin and William Burroughs) small fragments of audio or video are cut-up and then rearranged to form new states of time and mind. These new realities are formed from bits and pieces of the former pre-program. The linear information received was of a one-dimensional nature. By re-arranging, mixing up, and scrambling this information we can break thru into the multi-dimensional universal awareness of all thoughts: NOW.


At the Evolve Project we feel that the cut-up or collage process provides "clarity-disruption". It is a disruptive, chaotic, and even random process, but it provides our minds with a sense of clarity. By turning the process of manipulation against itself, we thus achieve appropriate focus in a culture saturated with the language of mass media (pre-programmed control mechanisms of modern societal hype) we recognize… and (Counter Curse)


Control is a force of power beyond human comprehension and reasoning. It is like a virus that infects the free potential birth right of all us Earth beings. Essentially what I'm getting at is that it is all up to us; we are all free, and we can decide to form a new reality from the inherent pre-program.


Much of the sample material contained within this CD was harvested from large portions of YouTube cut-ups executed by Colin Murray and Jim Swill in the winter leading into 2009. YouTube was utilized as an icon generator. We view YouTube as the ultimate access to our collective memory of cultural mass media, to be rearranged, and manipulated to better suit our needs as evolving humans. The program was established in us long ago. It's just a matter now of how to manipulate and utilize the potential of the program to further explore human consciousness and enter into new states of both time and mind. CUT-UPS…


* Evolve 2009




cM: sampling/edits.


"this is ridiculous; I’m worth more than a couple baskets of corn… or am I?"

"too weak to live; too cowardly to die"

"but if we are to continue in machine subservience our slavery is more complete than was our bondage to the king"

"too weak to live; too cowardly to die" "too weak to live; too cowardly to die"

"too weak to live; too cowardly to die" "when you wish upon a star…"


* dream wake


snarling boys - fearsome teeth

factory impulse - dead on impact

car crash - straight to the imagined vein

left alone - to finish thumbing home

no details - brush away

fading glimpses - evidence and dust to scatter

shelf upon - such placement

matters - break.




Jim Swill: voice.

cM: edits.


suspect and convenient

officer and convenient

I I I don't know what I’m gonna do

suspect and relaxing

officer and relaxing

sergeant we copy; over and out...




cM: Fruity Loops, tapes, sampling/edits.


"Break your mental fetters says anarchism to man. For not until you think and judge for yourself can we get rid of the domination of darkness; the greatest obstacle to all progress."

"…to overcome… "




DJ Yes: scratching.

cM: programming.

recorded live by Robert Inhuman in 2005.




 DJ Yes: tapes, scratching.

 cM: tapes.

(recorded live to cassette in 2006)


"...love love love love love that I’m feelin?"


* Earth vibration tones


song sung it - fall from radio skies

red lights blinking on a scant horizon

starved farmland of American waste

styrofoam cups and magic-marker lipstick

from trash can puddles - scavengers we gather up

forgotten ancestors - wheat fields waving

in the western mind - plummeting star skies

UFO’s and satellites

the twisted mirror - the shattered pavement

dust passing thru a skeleton's hand

howling winds that are simply now to murmur

changing lanes on a darkened highway night




DJ Yes: scratching, tapes, beat.

cM: words, voice.

(recorded live to cassette in 2005, on Riddle Road)


I tire of this dense atmosphere of commercial shit

fuck political rampage wasting my spit

the mind is free today - they have no security

their iron tanks could never save me

their sharpened blades could never lay me down

there is no killing when fear's not around…




cM: tapes, field recordings, sampling/edits.


"You as an individual maybe can do very little but you can join with others."



mangled school children in soup lines

fed a breakfast newsprint - malnourished indulgence

breaking all our backs - like bread and bridges

buttered toast and jam - whisper whips and comfort chains of life

zoological pedestrians in gathered flesh coats

propped up dolls in stained glass meandering storefronts

smell of death from perfume counter socialites

smell of burnt plastic watches left in the sun to melt

the orthodox parade - maggot swarming anatomy

wholesome coated championship belt




cM: Yamaha AN-200, sampling/edits.


"An ordinary scene, an ordinary city, for thousands of ordinary people…"




cM: voice, tapes, sampling/edits.

Freak-One: trance voice and words.


"it's a much brighter picture"

"a small beam of light against a mirror."

"and society more than extreme volcanic disturbances"

"an another one and another one and another one"


a locked up institutional motherfuckin grid is covered with wires

putting me inside of a prison every time I enter a building…




cM: tape cut-ups.


(Cooking for a dead game show host was quietly my pleasure please. Turn the dial louder on the telly so the kids won't talk. "I think I fed the dog last week but who knows? Who cares, right? He's dying anyway like us. All of us dead together. Your mother and your father and your kids." Rusted anatomy shoved in to line the closet walls. Wrapping paper bandits crucified vindictively. New merchandise made for the shelves of Babylon. Santa Claus is now a breakfast cereal sex offender and he uses a Pop Tarts package to rape a little girl. A lawyer's sent from General Mills to set things straight. Melting wax rubber walls; the faucet drips. You are not my mother and I am not your son anymore. I am a stranger in a strange land and I am dead like ghosts are. Rotten soul exposed for the picking of the compost vultures. No time; no memory; no longer here nor there nor anywhere really. Engagement with the now is a necessary and discerning trust. The universe it opens. My mind it opens too. Flashing colors and infinite gateways open. They call this crazy, but look at the world in which the term "crazy" is compared to.)




cM: words, voice, Yamaha AN-200, keyboard, tapes, sampling/edits.

Jim Swill: additional voice, words (exert from Intrusive Elements)


"earth" "a new idea" "right now / right now"

"earth" "a new idea" "right now / right now"


she's the type of woman who's resigned herself to slow defeat

looking very pretty there's a number on her days

a virus of transaction, she has manufactured aids

it’s dark days we livin in, things are futile

they say that they are humans but man theses folks is brutile

I don't know about that, I don't know about that

I don't know about that, I don't know about that

we pre-programmed livin in dark dangerous times

they say that it's the truth but it's really just a lie

the police of democracy futilely die

we build beyond that, we build beyond that

when everyone is thinkin they the only ones alive

the Earth gets ravaged, it vanish and it dies

evolve now brothers, evolve now's the time

the thoughts of renewal will cleanse this planet’s mind

we will will will we will will survive

we break down these walls, and everybody calls

freedom to institutionalized marginalized

youth on the street, hungry eyes begging for food to eat

sanctuary or retreat

institutional walls crumbling on and on

fumbling mind fumbling thoughts is gone

one path is lighted directed strong

and we feel this cosmic unity pulse in the center strong

we just go on and on, we just go on and on

we just on and on and on and on


"and now the guiding lights" "orange orange lemon yellow"

"get a powerful start today" "balanced breakfast"

"get it on" "does a body good" "hot hot hot hot hot hot"

"the taste of real fruit" "hot hot hot hot hot hot"


heat wraps ex-boyfriend

therapist bills box mirror therapy

other plumber statement television

regression ex-boyfriend

bank litter therapy ticket

hydra therapy boss aroma therapy

retreats war acupressure massage

IRS car pool telephone traffic




cM: sampling, cut-ups.


Want something from McDonalds? / paper cement / dog semen / fuck trophy / gotta big ol' grandpa hard-on swinging for another World War II / batter up / stiff as birthday cake candle wax all melted / crying cuz that Barbie doll you wanted got thrown out the window / momma yellin at daddy / daddy yellin back "I hope you crash the fuckin car this time!" really off the track / I wish I was a whore or a junkie or something man at least those people know what their problems are / starving like a puppy in the street / I want things simple again / basic / pain / I want to be a woman and have a bunch of boys line up and pay to fuck me / I want to be connected with the same general experience of pain I learned about from Old Yeller movies. First time Batman radio with built in shotgun applause and run away Thomas The Tank Engine gravy train stopped short of total famine. "Shot a deer for the first time yesterday." Cold stony silence, the refrigerator hums, eggs and bacon sizzle, cold milk pours slowly into a glass. "Yep, that's right, mom was so proud of me she gave me a hand job in the garage while daddy wasn't looking, but I think he knew anyways. He knows all kinds of things, like how to kill a deer, and skin it and shit. I can't wait to pop off in a whore. That's what he says we're gunna do next weekend. That's right you heard me. He's gunna take me ta downtown, I’m a gonna pop off inside one of them young whores, the youngest whore we can find, and afterwards he said he'd take me up to Burger King." And the whore is me and the whore is you and the whore is him and her. All of us are whores you see we all get fucked together.




Freak-One: freestyle voice.

cM: Fruity Loops, voice, tapes, sampling/edits.

Jim Swill: tapes.


"over population"


(incantation for biggest rain)


keep the hysteria going - like bread keeps flowin

and flowin and flowin and everybody dying

why the fuck is you cryin?

can't find no more - blood and guts is on the floor

cuz I’m lappin thru the patience of pain

and the disdain that body has come to obtain

from many a many a many a many a different night

of the same shit - all the time

but it's a different day and it's a different dollar

get your shit straight - don't holla - act and contemplate

when I bust these rhymes

I bust thru many times and zones and astral planes

walking thru doors that rearrange the time space continuum

quantum physics is gripping my innards and splashin em




Jim Swill: tapes.

DJ Yes: scratching, tapes.

cM: microphone, Boss DD-5 pedal.

[primarily] recorded live by Robert Inhuman in 2005.


"1 2 3 4 5"

"You end up on those news shows so often…"




cM: tape cut-ups, sampling.

Jim Swill: tape cut-ups.


Accept One, by Jim Swill (performed with Evolve Project at the Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati 2009)




There is no such thing as individual.

There is no such thing as weird.

There is no such thing as depressing.

All of these categories are devised as alienation from the sense of oneness.

Those voices in your mind are you, because you are not one.

You are many within one body.

Your creativity is the psychic plagiarist, but fear not, for theft is beautiful

when it is enabled to repeat the message of acceptance.

Though some are infected and some are too far gone

you are most likely not if you have found yourself reading these words.

Love is not meant for us.

Hate is not meant for us.

We are the individual, the weird, the depressing, the shadows,

and the schizophrenic, the honest, and the outside, but truly there is no such thing.

We are all another one .

We are all one another.

And we have no business in violence; psychic or physical.

We can accept the most radical and that radical is simply the acceptance of the one.




cM: words, voice, Yamaha AN-200.

recorded live by Matt Shultz in Detroit, January 2009.


"…born in the USA…"


pop pop pop yo they always the same

they paint the block red and they always the same

the police fire back and they always the same

they always at war; they always insane

man man man we gotta get to a higher plane

gotta get it get it get it to a higher plane

man man man we gotta get to a higher plane

gotta get it get it get it to a higher plane


stripped down women in the belly of the beast

cold clammy fingers and cracked toenail feet

split lips and smiles fall deep beneath

and stars bloom like flowers in dead city streets

men shakin they shadow they flow swift from brick

and fade to the streetlights slick twisted kiss

dead men are dancing full circle rounds

in cities like angels with thorn-woven crowns

block hurdles blood in curls down the street

it gathers in puddles like raindrops that beat

sheet white by sheet and beat single beat

a broken-winged bird with thin gristle teeth

pound heavy rain drip drop on my mind

and pound the thick jungle of barbwire vines

my head begins swelling sharp blood of pain

cascades from a sunset and soothes me insane

false moon in sky the twice jaded eye

lights broken bottles and short steps in stride

dressed drop of dribbles and slick tongues that tie

all that's once living must claim earth and life


pop pop pop yo they always the same

they paint the block red and they always the same

the police fire back and they always the same

they always at war - they always insane

man man man we gotta get to a higher plane

gotta get it get it get it to a higher plane

man man man we gotta get to a higher plane

gotta get it get it get it to a higher plane




cM: tape cut-ups, sampling.


"10-10 thousand"


They gather us in numbers, rally us in groups, held out hands apocalypse, become the mite of brutes. We are forever shackled to the language of the mad / paying homage to an ownership that man has never had. The stars will plummet / trees will bloom / ocean's chaos / rise up soon. The separate layers / fold and crease / the deficit is lost / release. Rise and plummet / set to sail / broad horizons / final nail. Hammer down the rooftops of the urban incomplete. Separated boxes of our own unique defeat. Living death mask / make no change / become the death mask / rearrange / laid out coffins / set to sail / cost effective / final nail. Suicide's an actor when he plays across the screen / the pantomime of death becomes a youthful pleasure dream. We crawl inside the caves of commerce / humph down deep inside / as Madagascar insects / will infest our living pride. Dissolve into epiphany / regret becoming numb / count up all the bank vault numbers / extract the total sum. The merging of the root and flesh / all will merge / so one is left. The beings of Earth / the circle whole / the river's raging / ocean's full. The guardians of truth and spirit plant what seeds are left / to counteract Monsanto’s mantra living death. The famine and the plague they spread on wings of guarded steel / the massacre engaged in full to make another meal. Hungry men around this world they live on rice and salt / while bloated westerners are wasting the abundance that results. Hung up flags of disrepair / the living death mask / no one cares. We enter in the gateway and we all become the same and we accept another focus that abstracts our living pain. The final curtain / one more nail / living death mask / set to sail.




Jim Swill: tape cut-ups.

cM: tape cut-ups.


* something overheard in the boardroom…


     The lights go out and human suffering unwinds like a ball of string. "The holocaustic kittens look so cute; let's give them little Nazi hats. I bet they’d look a lot cuter if we modified their genetics so they never grow again. Forever kittens built with programmed expiration dates. The kittens could be given motor oil to improve their coats. We could manufacture them so all they eat is plastic; adapt them so all they breathe is smog; their instincts vanished. The human model is being developed as we speak. Resistance to control will no longer be an issue after we properly modify the will. Make the human body accepting of our poisons. Multiply the tasks of living death medicine. Manipulate the mind so it is more agreeably suited to the default program."




DJ Yes: beats, scratching.

cM: sampling/edits.

[primarily] recorded live by Robert Inhuman in 2005.


"earth earth" "can be maintained in a living state."

"earth earth" "it's a much brighter picture"

"the game of life" "civilization" "change"




cM: words, voice, Yamaha AN-200, Korg ES-1, hand claps, synth, tapes, sampling/edits.


skylines beneath the weight of transacted gold

crush the menial indentured servant’s soul

stop watch we all in prison

if you don't believe me then just look how we livin

we gotta get out of the shackles we been in

a reality's your own device - life's what you make it

a permanent price - cost tag effective - natural selective

never get to the next level - unless we direct it

that's motivation tactics take your turn

suffer such boredom maybe you'll learn

to break those shackles down

unplug your mind frame

and put your roots back in the ground

victory garden approach

when we grow our own food again

our slavery becomes ethereal as ghosts

we believe in the future here

and if you don't you can go ahead

and snivel with your sarcastic peers

we're not hearin you right now

cuz we're focused on what is a much brighter sight


the future's here, the future's here, NOW, NOW

the future's here, the future's here, NOW, NOW

the future's here, the future's here, NOW, NOW

the future's here, the future's here…


that's all in the past and we're never going back

although televised media want us flat on our back

so they can assume the dominate position

but if we erase that mind frame

get past stereotypes they want us to live in

as they passively infect our dreams

televised media whispers a scream

cast they black magick casually clean

out in the open where they can not be seen

but you ain't the only one who's noticed they tricks

you ain't the only one who's got more than an itch

it's change time coming soon

skeleton skyscraper collide with the moon

raining plastic fragment clouds

coliseum crowds wrapped in they shrouds

inhumanity take a break

revive the planet we can not escape

we all gotta live with the mistakes that's made

we interconnected right until the grave

the capitalist model needs to be replaced

your brother's your brother - he is not your slave


the future's here, the future's here, NOW, NOW

the future's here, the future's here, NOW, NOW

the future's here, the future's here, NOW, NOW

the future's here, the future's here…


"most people prefer to live in the age just behind them…"

"change change change change change"

"evolving evolving" "time" "opening up"

"evolving evolving" "right now"

"evolving evolving" "right now"

"evolving evolving" "time time" "opening up"

"evolving evolving" "right now"

"evolving evolving" "time" "opening up"

"evolving evolving" "right right right now"

"evolving evolving evolving"

"Agent Orange, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Spagetti-Os, Little Hug Juice Boxes, Phillip Morris, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse…"

"civilization" "civilization" "civilization" "civilization"

"crystal meth, energy drink, Rock Star Energy Drink, Pizza Hut…"

"civilization" "civilization" "civilization" "civilization"




cM: words, voice, Yamaha AN-200, Korg ES-1, keyboard, tapes, sampling/edits.


yeah in these days of primordial fun - dumb dollar elected sum

benificer factor barely one - held to the throat of the local gun

more police sirens someone - plummet the deaf and the dumb

we all broken we run - we get a chance to get beyond

these institution walls - they crumble and fall

and we move on to the next level

skyscrapers become as insignificant as pebbles

the total sum - benificer factor barely one

is this what life is all about

severed legality floundering trout

we all in prison one and the same

whether placed on a stage or locked in a cage

the real journey begin when death doorstep knocking

indifferent birth to get the cradle rocking

one and the same

they say that they triumph but what do they gain

and they say that they win but what does that mean

when we surrender all our humanity for just a little bit of that green

no more going thru the motions

no more pre-programmed notions

fully conscious actions now

get beyond they mind wash focus now

the word is mightier than the sword, the gun, the flame

the broken barrier - the soul remain


"It's a much brighter picture…"

"…that's why gardens must be both planted and harvested."




cM: tape cut-ups, field recordings, sampling/edits.


"A bunch of punk rockers started comin up hangin with us and partying amongst black and latinos and everybody thought it was going to be some type of racial violence and this and that but as uncle George Clinton said ‘one nation under the groove."

"Did you ever partake in that?"

"It's always crumbling on itself more and more at the base; it's like building new layers faster than it can fall."

"It’s a whole new way of life." "We'll be back next week at this same time…"




But if this world is a drama and nothing more than a lighted stage, what are you? The conductor, the stage hand, the performer?


I do not truly know because unlike the actor I can see my audience, unlike the conductor I am not in control of the content and the actors’ relationships on such a stage, and unlike a stage hand I am present when the lights hit.


So you are not in control yet not performing?


Exactly! These solid stages, lights, and curtains are not as real as the paintjob would lead you to believe. It’s as if our bodies were merged with the stage with those lights shining bright as supernovas and the curtains are like skin that when pulled back their threads reveal all the magic from within.


Magic you say? As in some indecipherable forces beyond my realm of reason?


No, but the truest will of reason so true as air you breathe their apparency makes a transparency. You are searching too hard.




Freak-One: trance freestyle voice.

cM: synth, Yamaha AN-200.


as organic matter - no matter what they're composed of

decomposing recomposing

one milli-second has been the existence

and I don't feel any joy pain bliss ecstasy or loneliness

all I feel is all of it - becuz confusion is the delusion of emotion

when I look straight straight straight into the god

I never even made movements on this Earth

it was a whole 'nother orbit and I’m goin back




cM: voice, tape cut-ups.


I am I am I am …stand above this city not succumbing

I am I am I am …fly above this life that's not becoming

we we we …oh I live for the corporations I live for the corporations and no one else around me and surrounds me and can never feel the same. You know what I’m saying? It echoes against the barriers of the mind and you have to get beyond it to know yourself.

we we we get there - we get there, we get there

and it's without their pre-programmed reasoning

it's without their schools it's without their jobs

it's without their money, you know what I’m saying?

We exist in this here and now. And if you can't hear this here and now you might as well turn off the CD. You might as well turn off the recording becuz it's all the same then. committed committed committed to this reality

That’s all the same. “ya yah ya yah ya yah ya yah I think that would be a little bit irritating Jonathan.

ya yah ya yah ya yah ya yah…”




DJ Yes: tape cut-ups, records, loops.

cM: microphone, Boss DD-5 pedal.

recorded live by Robert Inhuman in Muncie Indiana, 2006.


"…double-edged sword…"




cM: tape cut-ups.

Jim Swill: tape cut-ups.




edit your world 

see what you want to see now

as we are  infinite

we take the plunge

the infiltrators can not stop us

their bullets can not harm us

nothing on this Earth is true

it is all permitted as Brion Gysin details in “The Process”

we are transient beings


programmed by our DNA which gradually unravels

new molecules create a gradual acceptance

and have a neutralizing effect on monarch control

we spill forth in the streetz to start a riot

large party demographic tape recorders

cut-up tapes played for the police to make them docile

and understanding of a different state of mind

bread-winning shotgun applause

vacuum cleaners

a trip to hell:

(an overpriced novelty birthday card

a photo of Jesus bought from the flea market

your dead dog when you were three years old

the first time you came

your parents fucking

ancient Egypt as portrayed on National Geographic magazine circa 1984

crowded airplanes headed for South America

color photographs in the newspaper

stock footage from the Korean War

pornographic Archie comics

grandma's funeral

bagpipes until the radio cuts out

then thunder and bowling alley ambience and drinking beers

"we're fucked up..."

waiting for another day:

heroin Flintstone pills

Velvet Underground and Nico

CIA conspiracies circulate like mix tapes

crack cocaine for every puppy at the pound

Euthanasia pancakes

vagina ham the same as Easter Sunday

great mountain fuck of a cupcake

Snickers bar colon cleanse kit

white sugar / white flour compost heap

nothing growing on the other side of Harlem

who let the doves go?

folded in a lover's hands at sunset

smash more heroin needles in the fading light

arcade games Monster energy drinks

jukebox playing Madonna’s “Material Girl”

death wax silence

sealed in tombs of comfort as we melt

all of us together

we shut our mouths

learn proper manners

and delicate procedures

the evening news

the dog barks

ham is ready






cM: words, voice, Yamaha AN-200, synth, Boss DD-5, tapes, sampling/edits.


"years before the coliseum in Rome…"

"for the temperature is just above freezing…"

"and light as a feather…"

"the deep sea is like a desert…"

"…if you don't dream you'll go fuckin crazy and you'll die!"


not sharing the blessings - but eating the fruit that we steal

where's you're next meal coming from - decapitation

mesmerized and dumb - we all one body succumb

when the universe enters the sun

turn to the next page - when this is done

scorched earth and burning - occupants numb

funds funneled from the lumberyards

administration of savage apes in charge

thirsty gasoline pump to fill - still now to the beat rocks

covered in sweat shaking in socks

I’m scared to go on mommy

as toppled churches fall sublimely

calm and rewind me - take me back to the absolute essence

before lonesome concrete - invaded my presence

making me numb - not an equation - less than a sum





cM: voice, Fruity Loops, sampling.


"You have to go out of your mind. You have to go out of all the static symbolic ways in which you think."




cM: tape cut-ups, radio, sampling/edits.

Jim Swill: tape cut-ups.


" To burn down a very substantial part of your capital city dispossess a population that was always prone to riots and to be rather unsavory."

"changing your oil" "today Barrack O--" "people"




cM: Fruity Loops, radio, sampling.


"…and we participate in the redemption of the human spirit and that after all is what it's really all about."




cM: tape cut-ups, sampling/edits.

Jim Swill: tape cut-ups, robot voices.


"Kentucky Fried Chicken, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, high fructose corn syrup, NFL, CIA, FBI, X-box, Playstation, Ku Klux Klan…"

"hit it hit it hit it..."




cM: voice cuts/edits.

+ some random dude Freak worked with at a temp job: beat sequencing.




cM- sampling/edits.


"cold inescapable reality…"

"Thanks to Hollywood this country refuses to face what happened to Indian people…"

"sucka / sucka / sucka / sucka / sucka…" "when you wish upon a star…"




cM: words, voice, Yamaha AN-200.


love love love love why is it out there?

take it around until linguistics bend and civilization meets it's certain end

one robot out on the assembly line make his mark stark as the heart

that removes apart

love love love love why is it out there?




cM: field recording from Ireland 2008, tape cut-ups, edits.


"…got me a chalk outline. Got me a chalk outline. Got me a chalk outline."


Dublin Poem #2


city dwellers -

existence in a stone barracks for life

renegade triumphant

clash with mother nature's roots of soft caress

in distant longing

we push towards unimaginable goals

stiff posture bending for a backwards train

to meet the demands of clocking wrist watch pulses

winding thru a maze of streets

until suddenly we call out home somewhere

we are acrobats on a stage before a clanging bell

a solemn reminder of the hours passing

hesitate and blink we surely vanish

thin air becomes the medium in which we move

solid limbs reaching up towards heaven

never reaching

as we settle in the dust of once a home

struck with air-conditioned gold and motors humming

out into the vacant spaces we create

distance further until the universe it folds around us

and a cosmic mother offers up her milk

light patterns streaming thru one's head

then all is brilliant

and shredded building drift into the wind








Jim Swill: lead voice.

cM: Korg ES-1, Yamaha AN-200, flag and nudity.

100+ of Cincinnati's finest: chant…

taperecorded live 31 August 2009 at Bunk Spot in Cincinnati Ohio by Robert Inhuman.





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