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The three bicycles on this page were rescued from the Local Landfill Site, refurbished for less than the price of an evening out, and likely will be worth more tomorrow than they are today.
Contrary to common opinion, these old ten speeds offer a comfortable riding position.  Finely crafted and often made by hand, the bicycles pedal with ease, are fun to ride and can be made commuter worthy with little expense and effort.
Most tasks associated with restoring a vintage lightweight bicycle, like this Sekine "Medialle" SHT, are well within the capabilities of most people.
The collecting of vintage lightweight bicycles has proved to be a remarkably easy and enormously rewarding activity.  Few tasks are beyond the average person's capabilities and the entire effort, start to finish, costs very little.  If the notion of fixing up an old bicycle appeals to you, and you would like to learn more, please come in...
Welcome to Vintage Life Cycle.
If you like the information offered in Vintage Life Cycles, I invite you to visit the preview page to my newest website,  MY "TEN SPEEDS"
The address is

There you will find 300+ pages of vintage road bicycle informaiton.  The entire site is designed to help people Find, Street Restore or Single Speed Convert vintage road bicycles and do it all on a tight budget.  I do hope you will take a minute to have a look.
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