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When first getting into any new hobby, avocation or pass time, acquisition of pertinent information becomes a fundamental focus.  Many months were spent searching for information associated with Canadian Made bicycles.  Painfully little information was to be had.  However, during the course of the search a number of resources(web pages) were discovered that lend themselves well to the bicycle restoration interest.  The web sites most often visited, while learning how to refurbish or restore the bicycles contained in this web site are as follows, and the web sites offered are in no particular order.

PARK TOOLS:    Park bicycle tools are of excellent quality.  The company offers almost every conceivable tool required to completely maintain, refurbish or restore the mechanical aspects of a bicycle.  Additionally, the site is a very well written, has clearly and abundantly illustrated series of bicycle maintenance articles, including such things as what tools the average �Do It Yourself� bicycle mechanic will need in a home work shop.  Park Tool is a resource that you will use over and over.

This site offers a wealth of information through one of its many forums.  The Vintage Lightweight and the Restoration Tips forums are excellent.  The rest of the site is interesting to surf and will, ultimately prove to be informative, and even encouraging, to the novice restorer.

SHELDON BROWN: Bicycle related articles abound at Sheldon�s web site.  The man is truly a wealth of bicycling knowledge.  Several articles are all but directly related to the refurbishment and/or restoration of bicycles, with special attention going to bicycles made in France and England.  Additionally, a multitude of bicycle restoration components are available through the site.

This site is unique.  Ken is an interesting guy to read and has obviously been into the bicycle game for quite a while.  Ken is a philosophical fellow who offers much food for thought on a number of bicycle interests.  To attempt to describe all that the site has to offer would prove to be inadequate.  Check it out.

Excellent and extremely varied bicycle restoration related content, including a special section devoted strictly to the Peugeot PX 10 series.  The site is large, user friendly and interesting to view.

CYCLART: Some interesting philosophies with respect to full blown bicycle restoration, not to mention some of the absolutely beautiful examples of what the company can accomplish when it comes to restorative paint work.  Take the time to read the articles.  They are indeed, �food for thought�.

Ebay: Not only is this a great place to buy vintage bicycle related items (not to mention vintage bicycles themselves) but it is also a good site to rely on for research.  Often times, bikes and bicycle paraphernalia for sale include good pictures and, generally, accurate component information.  It�s the kind of site that can become addictive just in the viewing.

BULGIER: This is a very interesting site.  It is not fancy!  Just straight to the point information.  It has lots of links to old lightweight catalogues and magazine articles.

PEUGEOT CATALOGUES: From 1929 to the early eighties.  These catalogues are written in the French language, however; the pictures are good research material.  The PX series are the focus of most of the offered catalogues.

JIM LANGLEY: A very down to earth basic kind of web page.  Nicley done and offering information not common to other sites.  Worth a visit, to say the least

BICYCLE SPECIALITIES: Special attention is paid to people who like to collect bicycles.  The collection gallery is well done and serves as an inspiration, from time to time.

As the name suggests, a web site devoted to sharing information on Canadian bicycles.  A focused "Links Page" is a good resource, as is the "Posters Page" which offer the viewer a bevy of neat old antique bicycle posters to view.

DAN GOLDBERG: Another down to earth site, offering unique and useful ideas to the bicycle collector.  It's immediately apparent that the ideas generated here are products of riding for real.  Good site.

PROLINK CHAIN LUBE: This is the best chain lubricant found to date.  It is easy to apply and, even though it sounds like a lot of hype, the stuff works just great.  All of the bicycles in the collection use ProLink chain lube.
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