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This late seventies/early eighties Canadian made Peugeot, a UO 6 model, is a bottom of the line example of the mark.  The one pictured on the left was the price paid for an unchanged from original but somewhat unmaintained Torpado Italian handmade racing bicycle.  The seat and little fenders are not original items.  They were switched, at the owner's request from the Torpado.  Including tires and tubes, total investment in this bike would not exceed $50.00 Canadian.  The bicycle rides well and a visual inspection reveals considerable attention to quality of finish.
This Canadian made UO 9 Super Sport features chrome fork tips and not much more than the UO 6. Cranks, fork stem, center pull brake callipers are all engraved with the name Peugeot.  The overall finish on both bikes is very good and time has tested the durability of the finish and not found it wanting.  The bikes have held up really well.  The UO 9, pictured above was spotted from a back lane.  When asked what the owner intended to do with the bike, he simply said "Take it."  Not an uncommon response The white French made UO 8 is of early to mid sixties vintage.  This one is made of Allege Special tubing while the Canadian model is Carbolite 103.  Weights and rides are similar even though the pictured bike has not been running yet. A larger framed example acquired at the same time as the the above has hit the road and it feels very comfortable and stable as it is put through its shakedown runs.  This bike was acquired in trade for a mountain bicycle found at the local landfill site.
This green French made UO 8 features a touring package, including fenders and rear rack but no headbadge.  A sticker decal serves instead.  Mayfac "Racer" center pull brakes, AVA stem and handlebars and Simplex derailleurs fit the bike out.  Cottered steel cranks handle the pedalling forces.  The steel wheels are checker patterned on the side braking surface and as sturdy as anyone would want. 
A nice Headbadge fits on the head tube of the Canadian made Peugeot, a UO 9 model in this case. But this UO 9 is different than the one pictured earlier.  This bicycle features alloy everything. a Maillard Helicromatic Rear hub with the sticker still on it.  Alloy wheels with quick release hubs.  Seems as if the manufacturer spared nothing in fitting this bike up.  It is, however; made of Carbolite Tubing, same as a bottom of the line UO 6.
Not only were there component differences between models but also between years.  The Canadian UO 9 at the right is much better equipped than the one pictured earlier.  This one has all the bells, so to speak.  Alloy wheels, quick release high flange Maillard hubs, Weinman brakes and. of course Simplex derailleurs.  This is one of the best if not the best in a collection of ten runners, all acquired in a six month period.  The bike was literally handed from the previos owner to the present owner at the landfill site.
Compared to most finds, this Peugeot PS23 was found sans wheels.  Other than that the bicycle is pretty much complete.  Initially, the bicycle appeared to be in deplorable condition, however; further examination revealed that it was not nearly as bad as was first thought.  The bicycle came from the dump and, had it not been of a higher end quality, that is exactly where it would have stayed.  The bicycle will be refurbished and test ridden.  It is considerably newer than most bicycles in the collection with its Shimano 105 Group, twelve speed transmission, triple butted chrome moly frame and forks, and indexed shifting. 
This mid seventies Made in France Peugeot UO 8 has been refurbished and ridden for several miles.  As the miles increase on this beautiful old bike its virtues begin to speak  for themselves.  The bike is a great ride that certainly rivalis its Canadian cousin.  It really is a nice bicycle and in very good condition.  It is one of four imported UO 8's that were found over a three weekend period of time.  It now hangs in the shed, along with nine other running bicycles, all of which were acquired for little or no cash.  One can only, sadly, imagine how many of these old bikes did not manage to get back out of the dump.
The bright blue Peugeot UO 6, to the left, is very basic model from the Canadian line-up.  For the most part, lower end components were used, however; several of those, such as the cranks, bear the engraved Peugeot name.  The quality of this bicycle seems to compare with that of those made in France.  As a recent acqusition, the bicycle has not been ridden yet.  No plans have even been made to refurbish the machine, although, with the exception of a broken front Simplex derailleur(what else is new?), the bike is an excellent candidate for a good cleaning up.
The white Canadian made Peugeot UO 8 to the right is of newer vintage, probably mid eighties.  The bike has been ridden but needs a full mechanical refurbishment before its ride can be fairly evaluated.  The bicycle is quite light but does not seem to be as well made as its predessors.  The seat tube is only is made of butted 453 chrome moly tubing.
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