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In less than a full year, the work shed is full.  The intention is to continue searching for and collecting old bicycles which means that something must go to make room for what might arrive.
TREASURE BICYCLE:  Some of the bicycles are in very good cosmetic condition, vintage in nature and working well.  Bikes, such as these will only be sold and/or traded complete with the hope that they will survive intact and be ridden for years to come.
PROJECT BICYCLE:  As one might expect, years of use, storage and neglect often take their cosmetic toll and yet leave the bicycle in sound mechanical condition.  Bikes such as these are very restorable and complete, requiring primarily, cosmetic repair.  Often times, additional parts will be included in the sale to help ensure that the restorer has the best possible chance of completing a worthwhile  project.
PARTS BICYCLE:  As the name implies, these bicycles are for parting out only and, as often as seems practical, the fame/fork sets and parts will be offered up for sale and/or trade.
SELLING POLICY:  All sales transactions are best conducted through eBay.  In addition to facilitating a transaction, the eBay assortment of services minimizes risk to both the buyer and the seller.
GUARENTEE:  Bicycles and components will be described as honestly as possible.  There is no problem with returning a bicycle or component that fails to satisfy, when received.  Shipping and handling fees will be forfit unless the reason for return is a result of inaccurate bicycle and/or component condition description.
PROJECT BIKE:  This bicycle is vintage Italian and is most likely a Chiorda.  It was owned and ridden by a lady and has not seen much abuse, judging from its appearance.  Basically, the bicycle needs a good cleaning up coupled with a tune up.  Campagnolo transmission and beautiful chrome lug work are primary features. 
PROJECT BIKE:  Actually, this vintage Italian Chiorda is in pretty good cosmetic condition.  It is complete and not much more than a tune-up away from being a rider, though a good polishing would certainly bring out its antiquated beauty.  This bicycle is a very realistic restoration project.
PROJECT BIKE:  This early eighties Italian Bianchi Rekord has been refurbished and ridden for a short while.  Once again, the bicycle has the used and scratched look, however; it is borderline.  It would clean up nicely, even though the paint is scratched and faded in places.  Campagnolo Nouvo record transmission and pantographing are interesting features.
TREASURE BICYCLE:  This early Italian Torpado is a collection favorite.  It has some scratches in the translucent orange paint and the decals have seen better days but it is not the kind of bicycle that would benefit from full cosmetic restoration.  It is a nice bicycle to ride and features a somewhat rare Gian Robert transmission.
PROJECT BIKE:  This Italian Torpado "Luxe" is very close to being road worthy.  It seems to be mechaniclly sound though it has only been ridden enough to ensure the the frame's integrity has not been compromised.  Cosmetically, the bicycle is reasonably good and would not benefit from a paint job.  If allowed to retain it patina of age, it will prove to be a very nice vintage bicycle t owon and ride.
TREASURE BICYCLE:  This Bianchi "Premio" is a very nice bicycle, both cosmetically and mechanically.  It has been ridden several times and functions well even though it would benefit from a tune up.  Very little is required to make this a regular use rided with a touch of early ninties class.
TREASURE BICYCLE:  From France, this Peugeot UO8 has been fully refurbished and rides nicely.  The bicycle is in very original condition and is absolutely complete.  It has both collector's and user's value.
PROJECT BICYCLE:  Actually, this purple Peugeot could fall into the Treasure category.  It is very vintage, absolutely complete and rare in the fact that it is the full blow touring version French made Peugeot road bike.  Fenders, lights, racks and chain guard are all original.  This bike would make a great project but paint work would, most likely, have to be part of the plan.
PROJECT BIKE:  Only a shortage of time has kept this Made in France white Peugeot UO8 from reaching the Treasure category.  The bicycle is complete and in what appears to be good mechanical condition.  Cosmetically, the bicycle does show its age but is actually in pretty good condition.  Repainting would be out of the question.  Clean it up.  Tune it up and go!
PROJECT BIKE:  This green French made Peugeot UO8 is complete, sporting fenders and luggage rack.  More of a refurbishment challange that the other Peugeots, it is, none the less, a very realistic project.
TREASURE BICYCLE:  This black, Canadian made Peugeot UO9 "Super Sport" is the collection favorite.  Acquired as practically New Old Stock, this beautiful bicycle has seen lots of very careful use since being acquired.  It is a very nice bicycle that has been in storage almost since the day it was first purchased.
PROJECT BICYCLE:  But just barely!  This Canadian Peugeot UO9 is in very good condition.  Cosmetically, it does not warrent a paint job or decal replacement.  Mechanicall, it needs a cleaning, greasing and tuning.  This is one of the Peugeots that sports the nice pantographing on some of the components.  A very realistic project.
TREASURE BICYCLE:  This Canadian Peugeot "Sprint" is absolutely beautifu, complete and original.  How it could have survived so many years and remained so nice is a mystery.  Nothing is perfect and neither is this bicycle, but it does make a great effort to be so.  Get on it and ride!
TREASURE BICYCLE:  This Canadian made Raleigh "Grand Prix" is in very good condition.  It is a pleasing bike to look at and runs very well.  One of those finds that make the whole collecting effort worth while.  Once again, just get on it and ride away.  It has been fully refurbished.
TREASURE BICYCLE:  This Raleigh "Record" is vintage, to say the least.  It is a really nice bicycle that has survived the years beautifully.  The white and orange paint job is striking and certainly one of the bicycle's most attractive features.  The bike has been taken out for a few short rides and all seems well.
TREASURE BICYCLE:  The fact that this bicycle is a complete, original and Campagnolo equipped Holdsworth moves this bicycle into the Treasure category even though the decals are in poor condition.  The bicycle has been refurbished and test ridden several times.  It is a nice old bicycle to ride and draws attention to itself.
TREASURE BICYCLE:  This brown and yellow Dawes "Galaxy" speaks vintage loud and clear.  It is in exceptional condition.  Acquired late in the season, it has been ridden only enough to ensure that the frame and forks are not bent.  This old machine abounds with nice features.
PROJECT BIKE:  This Raleigh is in very good condition but it has been painted.  Cantilever brakes, factory racks, front and back and nice components suggest that this is a fairly high end vintage bicycle that would be great for commuting and/or touring.
TREASURE BICYCLE:  The cream colored Sekine SHT was made in Canada.  Chrome moly tubing, fancy lug work and an old school vintage Shimano 600 grouppo make this bicycle stand out in the collection.  The bicycle has been fully refurbished and any non original components have been replaced with the proper ones.  This is a very nice, quick handling vintage light weight.
From time to time, interesting items, like the New Old Stock Francesco Moser frame above will be offered for sale or trade.  These item are listed and/or pictured here.
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