By: Ramin Amir mardfar
paper1 : Why the insects have so small size?
paper2 : Dose the force of gravity increasing?
paper3 : Plants, other witnesses for the increasing of gravity
paper4 : Megatherium and the increasing of gravity

  Despite the progress of science in different scientific fields, there are so many unanswered questions about paleontology, geology and zoology. So many theories have been posed to answer this question, but they could not be accepted by scientists, as they should be. These kinds of question include: the causes of the extinction of dinosaurs, the causes of extinction of different species of animals in past era, the causes of the extinction of primitive giant plants belonged to carbonifer period, the causes of having small bodies for some animals and large bodies for the others, the reason why animals can not grow more than their present size and which factor prevents them to grow more, the reason, why some sea mammals come to coast and die there, the causes of physiologic changes when the gravity is zero, the causes of eruption and outflow of molten materials from the ocean beds, the causes of insufficient growth of some animals and their early sexual maturity and other questions like these.

  These are the questions, which are not answered by scientists of different sciences. Although they have tried to solve them with detailed and long experiments, but they could not find clear and simple answers.

  The theory of the increase of gravity tries to find satisfactory answers to these questions by using the phenomenon of increase of gravity and by citing evidences. Obviously, a theory is not able to solve all the problems clearly and without mistakes, at first, and they need more discussion and criticism to be solved. However, this theory tries to find logical answer to these questions as far as possible.
So far there have been no discussion that whether the gravity has changed by the passage of time or it has remained unchanged. And so far no one claimed that the gravity have been unchanged and fixed during the past periods up to now. May be it is better to have a careful look at this theory and consider the evidences and proofs carefully, perhaps this theory can be able to pave the way for us and help us and help us to reach our main goal which is the improvement of our knowledge.

I'll be glad knowing your openions in this respects.

  Ramin A.Mardfar