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Megatherium and increase of earth's gravity.

Ramin Amir mardfar


  There are a lot of animals in nature, which live on the trees. This sort of living fits better to the animals that don't have defense devices and keep them from reach of their enemies.
Up the trees is food for them and they use leaves and fruits as nutriments. Them fore some of animals spend most of their times above trees. To name some koala, squirrels, and monkeys. One of these animals, which live in the South America, is Three Toedslath, which eats of fruit and leaf of trees. This animal hangs up side down from trees when resting.
At past times also were animals that used to live so. One of them was Megatherium, which would have been living in South America, and perhaps he was ancestor of the modern lazy animal. But he had a noticeable difference with this one. It was as tall as five or six meters and a mammal, which was similar to his modern type with 4 hands and feet. Fatty and over weight of such a heavy weight animal. This is a question raised by scientists.
Short and fat feet, strong tail, little with strong neck and long stiff hairs indicate that he just like modern lazy animals used to live on the trees. So we face a dilemma which is true? His heavy weight or his semblance to animals living on trees. Scientists believe at its over weight and Orem. That despite its physics has developed to live on tree. It used to move slowly on earth and by bending the branches of trees eat of their nuts and fruits. It looks like to say that modern lazy animal does not climb trees and live only on earth, but in this case all of them fall prey to other animals very soon. So how we are able to answer this question?
If we believe in increase of earth's pulling force, we can easily answer this question. Though megatherium had a big body but its weight was not too much so that branches were able to bear its weight as its resting-place. Scientists calculate the weight of megaterium considering its colossal weight but the mistake they make at their calculation is that they use the present high attraction force of earth. Which gives a big weight figure and concluding that it is unbearable to branches. But earth's gravity force was less than today and the calculation must be done by using them gravity force, which gives lesser weight bearable to branches, so that they were able to live on trees. Later on proper their body little by little to the size of their today. Descendants who we know them as lazy three finger (Toged slath).
Thus we see that to accept the increase in earth's gravity force help us answer a great deal of questions, even we can answer some questions which we were not able earlier, left without an answer.


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