Ramin Amir mardfar


I was born on March 1970 in Tabriz, North West Iran.I completed my primary and secondary studies in the same city and started my B.Sc. studies in 1989 in Medical Botany in Tabriz University. I received my Masters degree in Agricultural Entomology from the same institution. Beside my academic studies my side interest is the Evolution of animals and the effect of gravity of Earth on it. From 1990 I started to write papers in this field,9 of them have been published in Etelaat-e-Elmi Magazine(Scientific Journal of Etelaat newspaper). In the year 2000, I published a book with the title ((The relationship between Earth gravity and Evolution))which comprises from 13 of my papers.(124 page)


Adress: No 9, valiasr, Auhadi, Chehel dastgah, Tabriz, Iran

Phon: 09352234857

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