My Books
By : Ramin Amirmardfar

These two books is presented to:
Giordano Bruno , Berterand Russell &
Samad Behrangy
Book 1:
Relationship between Gravity and Evolution

Earth's gravity has been increased from past up to now and it's increasing yet. Increasing of gravity affects on animates of earth. You'll understand the relation between increase of earth's gravity and animates evolution, and affects of increasing of earth's gravity on blood circulation system. You'll know how animals overcome with increasing of earth's gravity by developing more of blood circulation system and can enlarge their bodies. You'll realize to the relation between extinction of dinosaurs and increasing of earth's gravity in this book too and will read a summary of fact of increasing of earth's gravity.

Book 2:
The ABC of Evolution

Cells have been come to existence by symbiosis of organelles in a group. Cells, themselves, have brought to existence simple polycellular animates by co-existing beside each other. Excellent animals and plants have been come to existence by getting beside each other of these simple polycellulars. You'll read in this book how this has been done and will know that cells are not components of animals and plants, but their components are polycellular animates that were living as free in the nature in a period. In other words, animals and plants body have come to existence by symbiosis between some simple animate. This is a completely new theory and you can study its evidences inside this boo