1. In denim and garment washing
2. In construction industry
3. In Horticulture
4. In the TV industry for the polishing of TV glass
5. As an abrasive in hand cleaners, household cleaners and scouring powders
6. Polishing silverware, glass, mirrors, and base metal
7. Tumbling of all types of buttons
8. For the polishing of optical glass and spectacle frames
9. As an abrasive in rubber erasers
10. Manufacture of paints (with antiskid properties) and oil paints
11. Tanning, suede leather finishing etc
12. Denture manufacture, toothpaste (dental lab and dental supply houses)
13. Plastics manufacture (in tumbling operations and operations where an abrasive is required)
14. As a filler in rubber manufacture
15. Manufacture of hard rubber (as an abrasive in tumbling barrels)
16. Manufacture of abrasive wheels
17. Litho plate graining
18. Pumice scrubbing of printed circuit boards
19. Manufacture of welding electrodes
20. As a carrier for insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers etc., in agriculture and horticulture
21. As a filter aid (water purification and conditioning) etc
22. Shoe polish
23. Railway carriage cleaning
24. As a floor absorbent
25. As a filler for wall coatings
26. Scouring bricks for the cleaning of griddles and grills
27. Cosmetics use
28. Charcoal grill beds

29. Cosmetic exfoliates
30. Dental supplies
31. Pastes
32. Polishes, in cleaning products for removal of tough stains on
33. Porcelain sinks and toilet bowls
35. Pedicure exfoliate to aid in removing dry, rough skin on hands and feet
36. Face cream bases
37. Body scrubs
38. When added to soap, it makes an excellent exfoliating or scrub bar.




1. Pumice in internal and external masonry, and structural masonry elements.
2. Lightweight concrete.
3. Lightweight prefabricated building elements.
4. Wall plasters.


Pumice-Crete is a low density and resource-efficient concrete consisting of pumice aggregate, Portland cement, and water. It is an economical alternative to conventional building methods and materials since it combines structural strength and insulation in one product.
Besides the variety of design applications Pumice-Crete is a durable, fireproof, and noise-resistant material that can be used in a variety of climates


I'll touch your consequently and tolerance for a good business mutual beneficial relationship, and I hope you have time you will come to Lombok for the survey with my car to my location of Pumice Stone process in Lombok, we'll discuss a more and more Support Pumice Stone and than you can take cameras while working there at the Location how to do the process pumice stone by big screen forward size 1-2cm, 2-3cm, 3-5cm at my location in Lombok island, also 1 minute processes pumice stone by big screen to be able around 10 bag

Dry season and good March, April, May, June, July, August, Sept, October and the middle November


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