Business Pumice Stone Mutual Beneficial Relationship

I'll touch your consequently and tolerance for a good business mutual beneficial relationship, and I hope you have time you will come to Lombok for survey with my car to my location of pumice stone process in Lombok, we'll discuss a more and more support pumice stone and than you can take cameras while to see working there at the location how to do the process pumice stone by big screen offer size 1-2cm, 2-3cm, 3-5cm at my location in Lombok island, also 1 minute processes pumice stone by big screen to be able around 10 bag/20 kg

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Land for sale Meninting areas

Located : Close to Senggigi tourism area 5km to Airport and Market 3km", the land is flat with 25 coconut tree, very suitable area for bungalow, restaurant, spectacular for showroom, warehouse pumice stone and other related tourism, walking distance to the beach 200meters, Total length land 4500sqm, length showroom 20x12meter length warehouse 25x13meter for sale with all include building Price: US$1,800/100sqm are negotiable click detail photo gallery

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