What we are suppose to do quantity and quality control


We pleased to inform you detail following item and support pumice stone for you as the bellow :
* The raw material of pumice stone is extracted from the quarry, then taken to the processing area
* The raw material go through washing and smoothing process.
* Natural process of drying.
* The sizing processed by big Screen for selecting size of stone.
* Packing process

* We are process pumice stone be able around 3000 - 5000 bag/day or 10.000-15.000 bag/week or selecting size 1 minute be able around 5 bag/25 kg of stone forward size 1-2cm, 2-3cm and 3-5cm

* We arrange minimum order 1100 bag or 40'High Cube or 1 Full Container Load


The first piece workers at the location for quarry pumice stone, processed by screen for clean with water, 100% dried by sun for the best quality also sorting size processed by big screen for selecting size of stone forward size 1-2cm, 2-3cm and 3-5cm, after dried 100% finishing packed with p.p. woven bag already pick-up by truck from location to the Lembar harbor (west of Lombok) and then stuffing/load-unload to the vessel, ready ship by vessel to Kalimas harbor arrive fast 3 day 2 night and late 5 day 4 night, stuffing/load unload from vessel to the truck at Kalimas harbor forward to your shipping company accepted at Surabaya areas, shipping container arrange stuffing, stripping, warehouse, custom clearance, doc fee, C&F and etc. shipping list company also quantity and quality control to be advise by email me


Pumice Stone ship by local vessel from location - Lembar harbor West of Lombok - Kalimas harbor - Surabaya areas
* Price pumice stone include bag/brands on the truck in Lombok
* Retribution income province East of Lombok
* Price loading truck from East Lombok to Lembar harbor (West of Lombok)
* Piece workers load - unload/stuffing at Lembar harbor (West of Lombok) 
* Retribution income at Lembar harbor (West of Lombok) 
* Vessel Lembar harbor to Kalimas harbor competition the vessel was going up 

* Uncertain time fluctuation the price pumice stone to the exchange rates in US Dollar
* Piece workers load - unload/stuffing from Kalimas - Surabaya areas
* Royalty for help all purposes piece workers, transport, vessel and Indonesia government tax

The above price per bag, 22 kg, 23 kg
Price : $ 0,99/bag on the truck at Surabaya areas


- Price Pumice Stone On the truck at Surabaya is available minimum price to be advise by email

- Your shipping forwarder company arrange containers at Surabaya to be advise by email

- Condition Of Payment to be advise email

- The above Include material of pumice stone, bag, transport by truck, vessel, retribution provinces, tax from Lombok to Surabaya areas

- The above price exclude Customs Clearance, Trucking Container Surabaya, Stuffing Surabaya areas, Stripping Surabaya areas, Container Surabaya areas, Doc fee, THC, C&F and Ware house at Surabaya areas

Begin work and process Pumice Stone

Good dry season in early April, May, June, July, August, Sept, October and the middle November

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Land for sale Meninting areas

Located : Close to Senggigi tourism area 5km to Airport and Market 3km", the land is flat with 25 coconut tree, very suitable area for bungalow, restaurant, spectacular for showroom, warehouse pumice stone and other related tourism, walking distance to the beach 200meters, Total length land 4500sqm, length showroom 20x12meter length warehouse 25x13meter for sale with all include building Price: US$1,800/100sqm are negotiable click detail photo gallery

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