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Spouses Nikolay Ivanovich and Nadezhda Mikhailovna Behrs. 1850. Painted by V. A. Tropinin in Estate of Stroyevskoye, Ryazan Region Nikolay Ivanovich Behr in 1842nd. Painted by Vasiliy A. Tropinin. Click here to zoom in on it...

The Behrs had been advancing from Austrian areas to Riga to Saratov to Russian metropolitan city of Moscow so that conclude their career with exiles of Stalin' s era, sharing the fate of a majority of Russian nobility that didn't immigrate from the country when the revolution broke out there. This gentry family has raised and gained its prosperity and glory in the XIX - th century.
The forefather - Mikhail Behr - has been holding medical practice in Riga, Latvia. He was born in the first half of the XVIII century. His son - Ivan Mikhailovich Behr - was a doctor in Russian city of Saratov and has already gained the civil rank allowing to obtain a status of nobleman. Ivan Mikhailovich had at least two conspicuous sons: Nikolay and Boris Behrs. Nikolay had been graduated from Moscow Imperial (nowadays it's Moscow State University) University, the Department of medicine. In 1827 Nikolay was 20 years of age and he has volunteered his skills to the army, which was dislocated in Europe (then Russia had been at war with Turkey). Having returned from the war, doctor Nikolay Behr decided to accept a position in Moscow Mariinsky Hospital. Here he has treated Nadezhda M. Protasyev, which became his wife in 1836 - th. Nadezhda Mikhailovna Behr nee Protasyev was born in 1814 - th, died in the 1891 - st. Both spouses had had multilingual ability, were fluent in French, German and naturally in Russian. Boris Behr, who also was in civil service in Russia, had two daughters and a son - Dmitry B. Behr. Dmitry B. Behr was probably married to Ludmila I. Glinka as long as his daughter - Yulia Dmitriyevna Behr - is recorded as a niece of Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka.
Soon after wedding Nikolay I. and Nadezhda M. Behr had settled in their estate Medvedevo in the Region of Moscow. Then the family had been living in Moscow,
visiting their estate in Ryazan Region - Stroyevskoye, in which they owned 50 sq. km. of land. It was a particle of Protasyev Ugol. In the county of Sopozhok in Ryazan Region Nikolay I. was a doctor, and he finished his career as a Councillor of State. Nikolay and Nadezhda Behrs had 4 sons: Mikhail Behr the 1st, Nikolay Behr the 2nd, Anatoliy Behr the 3rd, Viktor Behr the 4th. All the sons but Mikhail were serving in aristocratic Life Guards of His Imperial Highness. After then Viktor and Nikolay Behrs had been serving in state institutions and  attained quite substantial ranks. Nikolay N. Behr was married to Maria Alexandrovna Lancere, sister of famous sculptor. They had two daughters - Ksenia and Zinaida. Ksenia was married to Gering, Zinaida was married to Yevreinov. Viktor N. Behr had been
noble statesman. He was Director Deputy of the Department for Imperial Family Real Estate Management (Department of the Udels). Viktor N. was married to Nadezhda Sigismundovna Merkhelevich. Anatoliy N. Behr didn't find civil service so inviting and he devoted himself to charity, family and simplier civil service in Ryazan Region far from the capital. It was widespread practice that Behrs of this generation had been residing in St. Petersburg, and visited their estates in Ryazan Region only on occasion or in the summer time. 
Anatoliy N. Behr (was born on the 24th of November, 1847) was married to Yekaterina Ivanovna Sablin, illustrious then translator from French. They had two sons - Georgiy, the older (1870-1943) and Nikolay Behrs. 
Georgiy had graduated from Moscow Imperior University in 1890's, Department of Mathematics. He was married to Antonina Ivanovna Kurbatov (1875-1963). They had 5 children: Vladimir (1900-1971), Antonina (1901-1973), Dmitry (1905-1942),
Viktor (1090-1941) and Nikolay (1914-1942). After revolution G. A. and A. I. were deprived of all lands and capitals. In 1937 they had been exiled from Leningrad because of their noble lineage.
Mikhail Fyodorovich and Yelizaveta Petrovna Protasyevs, Nadezhda Mikhailovna
and Nikolay Ivanovich Behrs had been good friends with Tropinin. Liberal and antiserfdom environment of Protasyevs, who were prominent public figures of 1820's - 1840's, appealed to the painter: V. A. Tropinin himself had been a victim of serfownership pending his creative activity. More information about Tropinin may be accessed from here.

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