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Restoring Königsberg


    Restoring Königsberg
    & the Prussian Nation

    Königsberg was the ancient capital of Prussia before Prussia joined with Brandenburg to create a new state called Brandenburg-Prussia with capital in Berlin. Even after Brandenburg-Prussia became Prussia I (dropping 'Brandenburg' from the name), with Berlin remaining as its capital, Königsberg continued to be the place where the kings of Prussia were crowned until the last King, Wilhelm II, also Kaiser of Germany. So in a way Prussia has always had two capitals. With the loss of Königsberg in 1945 to Russia (it was renamed Kaliningrad in 1947) and the forced deportation of its people, so Prussia not only lost its capital but ceased to exist as well. Indeed, Prussia was disbanded as a state too by the victorious allies in 1945 after the capitulation of Germany. In a spiritual way, then, Königsberg is Prussia, and Prussia is Königsberg. If Prussia is ever restored, then Königsberg must be too.

    The Preussens Gloria Network discusses the past, present and future of both Königsberg, Prussia and her historical provinces. It contains many useful resources for students of both the capital city and the nation. We hope that you will join it and partake both of its resources as well as contribute your own knowledge and interest. To join, please click the logo below:

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