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    It has been a matter of some curiosity and interest - and occasional hostility - amongst friends and acquaintances of mine that I possess such a passionate interest in, and loyalty to, what is now a defunct state, Prussia (in German, Preussen - pronounced 'proyssen').

    The purpose of this small webpage is to expose the myths that arose concerning it in the wake of the nazi débâcle of 1945-7, when it was officially dissolved by the victorious Allies, and to highlight and promote what I believe to be some of the most noble governmental and ethical ideas ever to come out of Europe.

    I wish to state, quite categorically, that I am neither a nazi sympathiser nor an advocate of the restoration of the Hohenzollern dynasty whose days are permanently over - thank goodness. For that matter, I am not a Republican either, and have little love for either the Weimar Republic in which Prussia played such an important rôle, nor the West and East German Republics that were established on the rump of Prussian soil after the Potsdam nemesis.

    If that sounds confusing to our readers, then I should - nay, must - state from the outset that I have little or no faith in secular governments or régimes of any stripe. I am a monarchist, yes, but with a belief in, and hope for, the Eternal Monarch, the Lord Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), and the Theocratic Government of Israel - not the modern day Republic of Israel, and certainly not the élitist and racist idea known as 'Zionism', but an altogether different Zion that has never yet existed on the face of this planet, though it had its precursors in the now defunct Old Covenant Tribal Confederacy and the Davidic Monarchy - the Millennial New Covenant Theocratic Kingdom of Yahweh - which will, I hope and believe, one day rule over a resurrected and restored Prussia. This website is hosted by NCCG.ORG which adheres to these goals and ideals.

    Frederick the Great’s Prussia Grenadier Regiment Graf Gneisenau No.9

    This website is principally about Prussia but also, to a lesser extent, related German issues that are a part of the common Prussian history, since the two are closely intertwined. My hope is that you, the reader, having studied this website, will go away with a better appreciation of the Prussian ideal stripped of all the politically correct, anti-Prussian propaganda which has accrued over the last century, to blacken the name of what was otherwise something worthy of emulation. In so saying this, I do not give carte blanche to everything Prussian, and am certainly not recommending anything akin to the old Prussian system be restored to either Germany or Europe. For one thing, I am strongly opposed to the Prussian schooling system which has been pretty much universally adopted by the West which was designed, through brainwashing, to prop up a totalitarian, non-representational governmental system run by a minority of plutocrats, and to keep the masses ignorant. It was Prussia who invented our schools which have become the means of manipulating the minds of our children so that they can no longer think for themselves. This I definitely do not support. I am mostly interested in straightening out the historical record and giving credit to a people and a nation where credit is long overdue.

    Royal Flag of Prussia

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