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Restoring Königsberg


    Letters from Readers

    Thank you very much for your hard work at setting down the real story of Prussia. My father was born in Schwerensfeld, Brandenburg, and came to the US in 1923. Twenty years later he was persecuted for his German blood by the FBI. He underscored daily the glory of his Prussian Homeland. Thank you.

    R. Kettner (22 February 2004)

    I really enjoyed reading your website about Prussia. Prussia has been an interest (and army) of mine in a wargaming perspective, and I found your website to be most inspiring for future tabletop battles. Thank you for taking the time, and the courage to publish PRUSSIA.

    Auston Butler (3 June 2004)

    Ich bin mit Ihnen absolut einverstanden. Ich liebe Deutschland und bin ein waschecht Franzose Deutschland ist unseren besten Freund. Europa mit Deutschland (und nicht mit Türkei). Elsaß-Lothringen ist Deutsch (ohne Zweifel) aber gehört auch zu Europa! Helfen Sie uns (noch einmal). Vive l'Allemagne!

    Marc VALADE (11 October 2004)

    I just read through your Prussian website at Since I am a HUGE fan of Prussia and her history, I simply could not believe what I was reading! It is as if I wrote the pages myself, they so closely match my heart and soul on this subject. And Praise God, I am a Christian as well, living in the state of Washington USA. You have done a magnificent job, my friend!

    I have now ordered a book on Prussia, "The Vanished Kingdom" and have placed on reserve several titles at the University of Washington such as "A Terrible Revenge"so I can the whole history of what happened in East Prussia after 1944.

    Please send me any additional website links and/or resources of interest on Prussia. I have some resources you might be interested in as well, including a very informative and scholarly lecture recorded on VHS tape by Dr. Alexander Jacob entitled "Prussia: Once and Future Reich" (Imperium Films). I believe this is a hard-to-find, out of print film.

    Unfortunately, I am limited to English-language resources.

    Let me know what your latest findings are on this topic; it seems there is a resurgence of interest in Prussia since 2001, the 300th anniversary of the founding of the modern Kingdom of Prussia!


    P.O. Box 854
    Keyport WA 98345, USA

    My mother was one of those refugees who ran through the snow for her life.

    My great grandfather lies in an unmarked grave as do many more of my East Prussian family. My mother has mourned the loss of family and her home for much so that we, her American children ( our dad was a US serviceman), have sighed with boredom and cringed with embarrassement. "There she goes again".

    I am ashamed to say that only now have I begun to really listen to her and her stories. That is how I found your website. I am driven to find out as much as I can about this terrible genocide. I want to visit the area around Osterode, her home.

    Some of my family was from Königsberg ... a city she loved. I hated to read about the terrible state in which it exists today. I think many people still feel that any suffering Germans felt was well-deserved because of the terrible sins the Nazis committed.

    It is very difficult to find widespread sympathy for genocide against German civilians. Maybe that is changing. I know my mother is still in great pain, and probably needed therapy long ago. She has a vial of sand from her homeland brought back to her by my Oma who revisited her old home. Mom want to be buried with it. I owe it to her to learn all I can about the Prussian holocaust.

    Thank you,

    Ulrike Prather Bumgardner

    Hello, I love your site,, it is hard to find people who realizes there was a holocaust by the allies after WWII. I am making a site, to recreate the city in old photos. It is ashame what happened to Königsberg and I hope she is restored some day.

    Philip Campbell, Rochester, New York

    Sir, Thank you for your well written and detailed outline of the fate suffered by the women and children of East Prussia. You have certainly outdone yourself with research and attention to detail. As you have stated, not many people care or will listen to anything about the plight of the people there. I enjoyed it thoroughly. My mother, aunt, grandmother and other relatives were forced from their homes in far eastern East Prussia when the Bolsheviks swept in. They were overtaken by the Soviet juggernaut and were trapped in the east zone for a while. To this day I still do not know how they reached the West and finally settled in the outskirts of Hamburg. I love any new information I can find on this subject.

    I noticed one small discrepancy in your section on the cause of World War One. You wrote, incorrectly as far as I know, that not one shot was fired on German soil in that war. It is my understanding that Russia invaded East Prussia in August of 1914 and pushed their way north and west into Prussian territory. They were not thrown out until after the battles of the Masuran Lakes ended with their defeat at Tannenberg.

    Mark Odonnell
    [email protected] (6 May 2005)

    I am in the radio broadcasting industry, currently occupied as an engineer/IT technician. Prior to this, I was an on-air personality and voiceover announcer for 30 years. Unexplainably, I developed an interest in Germany as a child of 7 or 8 years old. I didn't know my father very well, and when I learned later in life of our family's German origin, it seemed quite a coincidence that I was drawn from such a young age to things German. Almost a natural attraction.

    My great-grandfather moved his wife and two small children to the United States from Prussia in 1892. They came from Glasojewicz, near Posen - which of course, was then in Prussia.

    Thank you for this site. It has helped me learn a great deal about the history of the homeland of my forefathers.

    Jeff Matzka
    Stafford, VA, USA (26 June 2009)

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