Defending Our Lady Against Blasphemy

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"A dog may bark in his master's defence, and am I to stand by silent when God's holy name is blasphemed? I would sooner die than forbear to speak" — St. Jerome [Spirago-Clarke, The Catechism Explained, page 345.]

Lucio Mascarenhas on GoanCauses, Sun May 16, 2004, Message # 13618:

I have had experience with Floriano Lobo and his deviousness, which, in itself, is good reason for me to steer clear of him, even disregarding his part in the criminal venture called the "Goan Su-Raj Party".

I remember how his man, Geraldo Fernandes, a homosexual, attacked me for defending the Catholic Faith, and how Floriano betrayed himself by endorsing Geraldo. After that, I do not need to deceive myself as to where Floriano stands — I am not in the business of cultivating delusions and deceiving myself as to the goodwill of those who have shown themselves to be traitors to God or country.

Lucio Mascarenhas
Agnelo Gomes on GoanCauses, Mon May 17, 2004, Message # 13621:

Dear Lucio,

Lucio you're a tangible writer on issues related to goancauses. I have met you in Bombay and I know you're also a good person.

Something I've to tell you, that Mr. Floriano Lobo and Geraldo Fernandes are also good people. I've dined with Floriano and Geraldo and talked over some of these issues that Goa is facing. Their immediate views related to Goa are different than ours. However, their ultimate goal is same — achieve Sovereignty to Goa in a peaceful way.

This is a public forum you cannot accuse anyone or denigrate their personality.

I apologize to those offended by some slander remarks made on them by Lucio. No one can pervert this GoanCause list. I created this list for all those Goans world wide who share their similar views with me "how to throw ganthi government out of Goa".

Let us use restrains, and respect everyone's human dignity, without calling names.

Agnelo Gomes, Moderator, GoanCauses.

Why I Bark At Geraldo Ferns

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What becomes obvious is that this issue arose due to my defence of Our Lady from blasphemy, for which I was attacked by Geraldo Ferns, using homosexual language, and which has never been withdrawn.

I reiterate that what I have stated is not slanderous or "denigration" or "calling names". On the contrary, I affirm that it is factual — a precise statement of facts, and a defence of the Catholic faith from one who was — is — badmouthing it.

Geraldo took offense at my public teaching that those who are party to blaspheming Our Lady, the Mother of God, should be punished, and claimed that there is no need for this, as Our Lady is capable of taking care of herself.

Indeed, God is capable of taking care of His rights, and the rights of each and every of His Saints, of whom, Mother Mary is the greatest, the Mother of our Saviour, the Queen of Heaven, and through whom alone can we approach her son, Christ Jesus our Messias.

Nevertheless, God has deliberately chosen NOT to intervene Himself, by and large, but has left such situations to us, His faithful, to demonstrate our zeal and faithfulness.

No man, excepting the degenerate, will stand idly and look upon with indifference if someone where to seize some of his family member, say his mother, sister, wife, daughter, etc., and drag her away and began to outrage her modesty. Indeed, in such a situation, a man will cast away all calculations and rush to her rescue, even if it be to his doom. And this is just and proper.

No man, excepting the degenerate, will look on with indifference and equanimity, upon the work of some one, who will plaster the city with pictures or drawings of his own mother or sister or wife or daughter in a state of undress or immodestly shown. Rightly, he will take offense and revenge himself on the offender.

And yet, then, which Christian, believing in Christ Jesus and in His Mother, our Lady Mary, will look on with indifference and equianimity when the modesty of Our Lady is outraged and contemned, and say, "Ah, but she is able to take care of herself!"? What "gentleman" can this be? What Christian? Monster, rather, and traitor, and evidently an impious and degenerate man, this, who so evidences himself!

What, will we defend our own mothers and sisters and daughters, but look impassively when the Mother of our Saviour is disrobed and outraged? Is it that our own near and dear ones are of greater esteem than the Mother of God? Oh! What foul impiety is this!

Yet this is the esteemable Geraldo Ferns, formerly of the Indian Armed Forces — perhaps the greatest collection of low-brow riff-raff, rapists, robbers, scum and vermin in all the earth, and who is also the lieutenant of the equally esteemable Floriano Lobo. Yet this is his defender and patron, Floriano Lobo — a Goan who is so overwhelmed with patriotism that he swears loyalty to the Indian Constitution!

Need I say more?

I am not ashamed, therefore, to Bark, as St. Jerome, for my Master, my God, and for His Mother, my Lady Mary. I make no apologies. I do not apologize for my teachings that those who blasphemed my Lady Mary be punished, nor for barking and snarling at those exquisite and esteemable gentlemen and faithful Christians and Catholics, Senhor Geraldo Fernandes and Senhor Floriano Lobo.

Lucio Mascarenhas
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