Defending Our Lady Against Blasphemy

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22nd February 2003. St. Margaret of Cortona, Pœnitent.
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"A dog may bark in his master's defence, and am I to stand by silent when God's holy name is blasphemed? I would sooner die than forbear to speak" — St. Jerome [Spirago-Clarke, The Catechism Explained, page 345.]

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From: Prax Maskaren (Lucio Mascarenhas)
Date: Mon Feb 24, 2003 11:22 am
Sub: Re: Sacrilege & Blasphemy

Dear Senhor Agnelo & Friends of the Goan Causes List,

I had, in my previous post, adverted to the great probability that the catamite (whom I will continue to refer as such, until he recalls his catamitical words), attacked me, not because of the particular matter of the post he was reacting to, but because he had a chip on his shoulder, because of a perceived insult from me to his political guru, Florian Lobo.

I have now collated the exchange I had had with the latter, for perspective... Florian Lobo And 'Stupid Missionaries': An Exchange

Prax Maskaren
Goan Patriot, for God & Country!
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Dear Agnel,

It makes much sense to know that the catamite is ex-Indian Army and a friend of Florian, etc. This helps puts his attack upon me in perspective.

As you may know, I had joined Goanet and some other groups at December end in order to attempt propagating patriotism and the resistance to the occupation of our beloved nation in those groups. One of the groups I had joined was Dr. Colaco's TGF (Goa-Goans). However, when I found that I had no hope of being allowed to post such matter on these groups, I withdrew — because I have no intention of wasting my time with traitors and fools. However, since I found some anti-Christian posts on Colaco's, I remained till such time as I had been able to defend the faith; last week, when these controversies had wound down, one way or the other, I withdrew from Colaco's.

However before this had happened, a disciple of that inveterate and visceral anti-Christian, Jai Maharaj, a Sandeep Heble by name, had posted some anti-Christian and anti-Missionary matter. Florian had replied, and in replying, he used the words 'stupid missionaries'. I, therefore, naturally enough, let fly at him. However, Florian clarified that his use of those words was not meant to derogate missionaries, but was merely a polemical use against Heble, and so I apologized... It is not my intention to attack someone who has not attacked the faith, and so I apologized, for I had attacked because of a mistaken use of words. [See here for my exchange with Floriano Lobo on the subject of 'Stupid Missionaries.']

As far as Florian and I are concerned, I believe that we have made our peace. In fact, Florian forwarded me a piece of information re. some doings at the Se Cathedral, and which I had also posted, both on my group (PanIndia) and on Colaco's. 1 It is obvious enough that such persons as the catamite, have no intention of agitating against this monstrousity - rather, they do not even see it as a monstrousity!

When the catamite attacked, it was obvious that he had a chip on his shoulder. Obviously enough, it is this snafu I had had with his political guru, Florian...

It is not a privilege to defend the faith, but, as any one familar with the Bible will know, an obligation and a duty. I make no apology for doing my duty, and if someone wishes to take umbrage at it, that is their privilege. I have to worry about what God thinks about my work, not mere men.

It is interesting that the catamite is ex-Indian Army. Or is it Navy? Sodomism is rife in the Navy, I learn... But to come to the main point here: In the Indian Armed Forces, the Indian Government has imposed Syncretism - mixing of religions, without permitting exceptions. Now a Christian cannot accept Syncretism, for to do so he becomes in law an apostate. Therefore, Christians who continued or joined the Indian Army after Indira Gandhi made this change are to be presumed apostates from the faith.

It would also be interesting to know where the catamite served: If, for example, he served in the invasions of Goa and Sikkim, in the crimes against humanity against the Nagas and the Eelamites (IPKF) or in Kashmir, he is liable to one day be hauled up to the Hague and tried for his crimes... Not too welcome a prospect, is it?

I have followed with interest your dialogue with the catamite, and would like to state the following:

1. The catamite said: "We strongly are of the opinion that the past is history,and the future a mystery. It does not make practical sense to therefore spoil the present by moping over the past and paralysing the future.

History itself being a record of occurences mainly relating to humans, it is inevitable that, like in a Court Suit, there invariably are WINNERS and LOSERS. If every LOSER were to post-facto, after the passage of long time, try to right what they thought was wrong, life would never be able to move on!!! It is our respectful submission that "reaction is a phase lag".

The problem quite often confronting Nations and individuals, is the desire to even the score in the light of the particular hue of "spectacles" worn by them.

The misery of the "Ramjanmabhoomi" imbroglio in INDIA (ASIA) is but one contempory expression of this human fragility. The problem over "Jerusalem" is but another,in that part of the world.

Faith moves mountains, and most certainly the faith of a true believer of whichever religion or persuasion is certainly strong and resilient enough to envisage freedom of thought, expression and belief to every individual. After all even CHRIST was FULLY HUMAN whilst being FULLY DIVINE!!!

The Virgin Mary whilst being fully human was by divine GRACE & INTERVENTION preserved from even the taint of ORIGINAL SIN. To seek to assign BLINKERS to the thinking and thought of individuals would tantamount to a refutation of every Christian Charity.

TRUTH IS MULTIFACETED REFLECTION OF REALITY, inasmuch it is viewed from an objective appreciation of genuine perspective."
An interesting diarrhoea of words...

However, there are grave errors against the faith and of facts here:

The catamite is an adherent of the New Religion presided over by Karol Wojtyla, the antipope John-Paul II. This sect is classically all about HISTORICAL REVISION and HISTORICAL REVISION and HISTORICAL REVISION! Therefore, it is hypocrisy on his part to attack the alleged 'historical revisionism' of his opponents.

The statement "Faith moves mountains, and most certainly the faith of a true believer of whichever religion or persuasion is certainly strong and resilient enough to envisage freedom of thought, expression and belief to every individual" is a grave heresy and blasphemy, typical of the New Church, which contemns the First Commandment and the integral Divine Revelation: God who incessantly and vehemently affirms that He is an INTOLERANT, JEALOUS and EXCLUSIVE God. Now, either the catamite and his sect is correct, and God is deluded, or that God is right and these heretics are deluded. Take your choice.

Me, I know that I do not worship a deluded God: My God "can not deceive or be deceived..."

St. Peter, Acts of the Apostles: "There is no other name under the heavens by which men can be saved other than that of Christ Jesus." (Paraphrase, Acts 4).

See also, The Christian Doctrine of War

The New Religion makes a big thing of Sola Pax or Hyper-Pacificism; but this is not Christian, and is indeed even a heresy.

The catamite sums up with "THERE ARE NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO REFUSE TO SEE, OR DEAF AS THOSE WHO REFUSE TO HEAR." Indeed, there are none so blind or deaf as those who contumaciously distort and misrepresent Holy Scriptures, wresting it to their damnation and to the damnation of the unwary who would be seduced by them into their heresy. Obviously, as the devil has demonstrated, he is very capable of quoting — or rather misquoting — Holy Scriptures!

2. The Exchange on Goan Nationalism:

I do not use the word Ganthie because of its xenophobic, unchristian connotation. However, the exclusion of the sin of xenophobia is not the same as an imprudent embrace and surrender without caution and safeguard, against the entry of aliens by culture and creed, into one's homeland. Again, in our case, the aliens have come in, not by our leave, but as part of the Occupation, thus illegally. Thus, we have no obligation towards them.

I have suggested that as historically done, when we have procured the evacuation, we can assimilate and absorb part of this influx, particularly the indegents and destitutes, the dalits, etc. That, however, is to be decided only when we have procured the evacuation.

There is a significant difference between the Indian colonists in Goa and with Ultramarine Goans in foreign lands: They came in with force, claim rights and privileges as if they belong, indeed as if they exclusively belong, exclusive of us, the natives [See, for example, the Jindal MetaStrip's Advertisement, which is but typical of the Occupation / Imperialists / Colonists attitude towards Goa: It is our trophy, our conquest...] That is not the attitude of our people in the lands where they are resident: No one can honestly make the same charge against our people in other lands, whether it is East Africa, England, the New World, etc. Where our people become naturalized, they become naturalized by the legal process, not by cheating, as is the route preferably used by Indian emigrants... Whoever heard of Goan boatpeople, or of Goans packed in freight trucks trying to smuggle themselves into Western Europe or America or Australia? It is not our style. And we do not need to recourse to such measures: By and large, we are more cultured, literate, and assimilated to Latin culture, thanks to five hundred years of Portuguese rule!

Defending The Faith

We, the Christians of or resident in India and the territories it has illegally occupied, are under a daily growing threat against our faith: I do not say that we are all, strictly speaking, Christians, but I merely speak in the colloquial sense, taking together even the New Church and its other fellow protestant sects — liberal, evangelical, fundamentalist; as also the Monophysites and the miniscule Nestorians.

In the face of this threat, the largest body — that of the New Church, advocates non-violence. I say that this is wrong, dead wrong.

Christianity has never been about pacificism.

As for the contention that we should not fight because of our small number, I say that this is a wrong belief.

The Bible makes it clear that we do have the right and even the obligation to fight, when necessary, and that, regardless of our numbers, if we will but be faithful, He shall bless our arms with success.

But the New Church is not only in error on this point. It actually is in cahoots with the pagans, joining up with them in efforts at fashioning a one world religion, as is amply recorded and exposed on my website, at Orthopapism. I suspect that the persecution is stagemanaged and intended to scare the holdouts into joining post-haste in the efforts at syncretism.

Not only that, but it is that because of the treason of the New Church that the present sorry situation prevails. Everywhere in India, the pagan actively encroaches on Christianity, without being admonished and rebuked, and without the authentic and exclusionary gospel of Christ proclaimed.

Hindus are invited to join in church services, and the adherents of the New Religion are, for their part, exhorted to join the pagans in theirs. Today many families have in their homes pictures not only of Christian icons, but also pagan ones together...

The situation is dire, and is fruitful of the wrath of God. God will be patient only so long, and the time will arrive when He will hand these apostates over to their enemies, before whom they submit now instead of defending His Honour, so that they shall be entirely humiliated and destroyed!

Prax Maskaren (Lucio Mascarenhas)
1 Demonarium at the Se Cathedral

Dear Friends,

I have come to learn that in the compound of the Se Cathedral in the City of Goa, which property is under the administration of the Archaeological Society of India, (ASI) under the Occupation, an idol of the Hindus has been installed in the open, under a tree. (The Se Cathedral, though it is in ruins, is the official seat of the Patriarch of the East Indies, Primate of India Citerior, Ethnarch of the Konkan, Bishop of Goa and of Damao).

It seems that the neo-Catholic sect, which conducts services in the ruined Church, is grasped of this situation but is doing nothing or claims to be able to do nothing about it.

Furthermore, I learn that a small temple has been constructed by ASI personnel or by casual labourers of the ASI contractors, at the rear of the Church.

I have been also informed that the Hindu Revanchists are claiming that this Church, among others, was originally a Hindu demonarium, and that they are making efforts at making them once again so.

See here for the picture of the open-air demonarium in the Church compound...

See Picture of The Open Air Demonarium At The Se Cathedral

Prax Maskaren (Lucio Mascarenhas)
©Lucio Mascarenhas.
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