Defending Our Lady Against Blasphemy

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22nd February 2003. St. Margaret of Cortona, Pœnitent.
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"A dog may bark in his master's defence, and am I to stand by silent when God's holy name is blasphemed? I would sooner die than forbear to speak" — St. Jerome [Spirago-Clarke, The Catechism Explained, page 345.]

Message 11211 GoanCauses
From: Agnelo Gomes
Date:  Sat Feb 22, 2003  1:05 am

Dear Gerry and Prakash,

Freedom of speech is guaranteed here on goancauses with restrains as possible, but no personal attacks. Sometimes I react to analysis of others that are hurting my interests, when their view points do not agree with mine. However, uncontrolled personal reactions are to be kept minimum of using terse words that has hidden meaning or in other words close to using vulgar language against your opponent.

A healthy debate is more attractive than personal attacks.

I did not see anything bad of Mr. Prakash defending Virgin Mary from profanity. A good Catholic will certainly react over blasphemy and sacrilege.

Mr. Fernandes was overreacting over choice of words by Prakash "Their blood be upon their own head!"

Reaction by Prakash to Gerry was spontaneous and harsh, wrong choice of words in his follow up rebuttal to Gerry. It's quite normal as a human being to react once in a while.

I do react very harsh over those guys who are taitors to my motherland Goa and its existence as a separate entity, or those who react that Portuguese era was a disaster and in vain. Unnecessary criticism coming from Goans born outside Goa against those who grew up in Goa during Portuguese era with resemblance to Portuguese ethnicity, refuting that their culture is not ours, such characters they come under my attack on defense. Simple choice of words I used against them were "ganthis" (outsiders those who don't have any bearing to new Lusitania ethnicity in Goa).

So my request for both of you to keep cool. I'm confident that both of you are matured enough to abide by our Goancauses rules.


Agnelo Gomes, Moderator
Message 11216 GoanCauses
From: gerry ferns
Date:  Sat Feb 22, 2003  6:15 pm

Dear Agnelo,
Thank-you for objectively reiterating that "Freedom of Speech is guaranteed ...on goancauses" Emperor Napoleon tried to bury the Church, but ended up with the Church burying him!!!!!!!!We strongly are of the opinion that the past is history,and the future a mystery.It does not make practical sense to therefore spoil the present by moping over the past and paralysing the future. History itself being a record of occurences mainly relating to humans, it is inevitable that, like in a Court Suit, there invariably are WINNERS and LOSERS.If every LOSER were to post-facto,after the passage of long time, try to right what they thought was wrong, life would never be able to move on!!! It is our respectful submission that "reaction is a phase lag". The problem quite often confronting Nations and individuals, is the desire to even the score in the light of the particular hue of "spectacles" worn by them. The misery of the "Ramjanmabhoomi" imbroglio in INDIA(ASIA) is but one contempory expression of this human fragility.The problem over "Jerusalem" is but another,in that part of the world.Faith moves mountains, and most certainly the faith of a true believer of whichever religion or persuasion is certainly strong and resilient enough to envisage freedom of thought, expression and belief to every individual.After all even CHRIST was FULLY HUMAN whilst being FULLY DIVINE!!!The Virgin Mary whilst being fully human was by divine GRACE&INTERVENTION preserved from even the taint of ORIGINAL SIN. To seek to assign BLINKERS to the thinking and thought of individuals would tantamount to a refutation of every Christian Charity.TRUTH IS MULTIFACETED REFLECTION OF REALITY,inasmuch it is viewed from an objective appreciation of genuine perspective. Coming back to more mundane matters, were the exhortation made by Prakash"This blasphemy calls for direct,violent action against the culprits......" to be taken up by Christians in any part of the Globe,it would result in an Invitation to fratricidal disaster in multi-ethnic,multi-religious,multi-lingual,multi-racial societies."THERE ARE NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO REFUSE TO SEE,OR DEAF AS THOSE WHO REFUSE TO HEAR." These form the vanguard of extremist,self-centred cults.May God walk with you and keep you on the correct path. May I most humbly urge you to re-read and reflect on the Parable of the "Good Samaritan"in the Holy Bible in relation to your use of the perjorative"ganthies" By the same token Goans living outside Goa are "ganthies" in the Nation/Countries they have embraced outside Goa.How very cute and delightful to refer to the Goan diaspora as " TRULY GOAN GANTHIES" if not as "PORTUGUESE LEFTOVERS" VIVA!! RE VIVA!!VIVA! VIVA!!! . Of WHAT USE IS A BROTHER WHO BY HIS ACTIONS DOES NOT LIFT HIS FINGER TO COME TO THE AID OF HIS NEIGHBOUR.Surely NURTURE as reflected in behaviour can be changed or modified, whilst regretably NATURE is an endowment INHERITED,which cannot be changed!!

Geraldo Fernandes.
Advisor, Goa Justice and Labour Foundation.
Message 11217 GoanCauses
From: Agnelo Gomes
Date: Sat Feb 22, 2003 10:15 pm

Dear Gerry,

You are lacking again a true common sense in my opinion. Goans living in diaspora are indeed ganthies (oile or baile), I agree with you, in a literal sense.

In my other definition of a "ganthie" is a person who is unfaithful to his motherland Goa and embraces motherland India that has occupied Goa since 1961. That "ganthie" person is a traitor whether you reside in Goa or outside Goa it doesn't matter.

For example yourself a veteran of Indian Army, and if you had participated in the Invasion of Goa in 1961 and you do believe that Goa is part of India, in my Patriotic definition, you classify as a "ganthie", the traitor. In other hand if you had joined to Indian Army for making a living in Diaspora then you are simply a "ganthie" like me.

It does not matter a person is a Portuguese left over, a Muslim or a Vijaynagri Hindu of past cultural heritage in Goa, as long as that person is faithful to the motherland Goa, and not to motherland India. It does matter, if it's otherwise, then that person, is a traitor.

As I said your writings they lack in sense of understanding the subjective matter discussed here on Goancauses, may be that's your weakness or shrewdness to confuse matters as politician. No wonder you lost your shirt in Aldona Constituency of last mid-term election.

Whoever, gives you a ticket again to contest election in Goa must be a complete fool, if not a mad man, as no Indian Veteran or a Freedom Fighter (Satyagra) has a place in Goa winning elections, as long as he's not a traitor.

I agree with you Napoleon had his fall. So as others will who do not believe in Virgin Mary.

Senhor Prakash is faithful to Catholic religion and whatever he has said, is to defend his Catholic faith. Considering BJP/RSS/Hindutva philosophy is on rise in Goa flowing from "ganthie" land, and embraced by Goan Ganthies Hindu Jihads cohorts like CM Manohar Parrikar, we True Goans must be careful before Goan people fall to Bloodshed.

And lastly you forgot to cheer as VIVA VIVA VIVA RE GOA AND DOWN WITH INDIA.

Agnelo Gomes
Freedom Fighter to Free Goa from Indian Tyranny.
Message 11219 GoanCauses
From: Prax Maskaren (Lucio Mascarenhas)
Date: Sat Feb 22, 2003  11:03 pm

Dear Senhor Agnelo,

Thanks for the message. Actually, whatever my message, the language used in response is extraordinarily strange. And, literally, it is not insulting to me, but merely shows that the utterer is not sane but that is obsessed by sodomitical thoughts. Literally, that is what the language I heard directed towards me, means. As for a response, it is below my dignity to speak to such vermin, and I will leave it at that.

However, I had posted my original post in haste and deep outrage: I also failed to notice that this is stale news... And so here, I provide my considered justification...

Defending Our Lady Against Blasphemy

Prax Maskaren (Lucio Mascarenhas)
©Lucio Mascarenhas.
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