Redeeming Goa

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"A dog may bark in his master's defence, and am I to stand by silent when God's holy name is blasphemed? I would sooner die than forbear to speak" — St. Jerome [Spirago-Clarke, The Catechism Explained, page 345.]

Redeeming the Goan Nation

Dear Senhor Agnel,

I have been following the exchange between you and the catamite (and with Floriano Lobo weighing in, to endorse the catamite), and it is evident that while he has refrained from using the same sodomitical language with you as he had with me, his language to you is nevertheless impudent, disrespectful and symptomatic of either a moral or physical stupidity.

  1. The Goan Forum has articles about the last Governor-General of Portuguese India, Vassalo da Silva. It seems that he did not return to Lisbon by flight, but that he returned by ship along with the other Portuguese and Goans who were handed over by India to Portugal...

  2. The information that the Indian Union's Supreme Court has ruled that Goa belongs to the Indian Union by right of conquest is interesting. That means that POK and Aksai Chin belongs to Pakistan and China by right of conquest, right? What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. I am certain that the 'gentleman' (if a sodomite can be one) who conveyed you that information, will graciously agree that they do, or else he — and all his ilk, prove themselves hypocrites. I am certain that the 'honest gentlemen' who affirm that Goa belongs to India by divine right of robbery, will stand up and publicly and unashamedly confess before 'their' government that, equally, POK and Aksai Chin are integral and constitutional parts of Pakistan and China. This is a challenge. What say?

  3. That the people of Goa participated in any number of elections or referendums is neither here nor there. (I believe that Azad Kashmir has always had elected governments since the last fifty years, hasn't it?). There has been no free and legal process and plebiscite by which Goa and the rest of Portuguese India has elected to become part of the Indian Union. Therefore, we are only under the illegal occupation of our neighbours.

    I have already examined in detail the moral and legal basis of the Indian Union's claim upon Goa, both before the Occupation, and since, and have systematically exposed it for the tissue of lies that it is. If any one wishes, they can disprove these arguments. [The Indian Union's Case Against Goa: An Examination]
Let me assure you that, regardless of what some lowbreed vermin may say about you and about other Goans of Portuguese origins or of mixed parentage, you and each and every other Paclo who considers himself a Goan and possesses the legal right of being Goan, (I talk of EIP constitutional law, not of the Occupation) are an integral and a valuable part of the Goan population: The Goan (EIP) citizen who loves Goa is a patriot; he who celebrates the rape and slavery of Goa, hates Goa and is a traitor. Mother Goa will one day re-emerge free and we will then seek out these lowlife collaborationist scum and pay them their wages...

The catamite wrote, and Florian endorses him: "MAY CHRIST, the eternal LIGHT of the WORLD, illumine your mind!!!" This is the same person who had earlier written, "Faith moves mountains, and most certainly the faith of a true believer of whichever religion or persuasion is certainly strong and resilient enough to envisage freedom of thought, expression and belief to every individual."

Now let us consider the latter statement carefully. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the same God who gave Moses the Ten Commandment, including the First: "I alone am the Lord your God, you shall know no other God besides me." Of our Lord, St. Peter said, "There is no other name given to men under the heavens by which they can be saved but that of Christ Jesus." (Acts 4, paraphrase). And so on and on, this being the main animus of the Holy Bible.

Yet, if we take the Gospel of St. Catamite, then we must understand that "the faith of a true believer of whichever religion or persuasion is certainly strong and resilient enough to envisage freedom of thought, expression and belief to every individual."

Now, this utters two distinct heresies. 1. It puts the true Faith, revealed by God, on the same level as any other man-made 'faith'. Is there any blasphemy or sacrilege that can be greater than this?

2. It advocates 'freedom of thought, expression and belief' etc., to one and all, without any kind of exception, except of course, to Catholics, because they do not wish to participate or tolerate any such evil, and to such Catholics, our tolerantist not only is intolerant, but offers to 'tolerate' by imparting kicks! Obviously, and remember that this specific issue came up because and precisely because of a pornographic misrepresentation of our Lady, the person who makes this statement, says clearly and unmistakeably that it is acceptable to propagage error and vice, prostitution, pornography, pedophilia, etc., etc.

A man is known by his companions, by his beliefs, etc. A man who believes that all this is ok, is a person who is liable to act on his belief; obviously enough, he will have no scruples visiting a prostitute or seducing or having extramarital sex with some one else's wife, would he? That, of course, if he is so inclined. I think, rather, from his language, that he spends his time salivating over homosexual encounters, and probably actually participates in the vice. I am aware that the homosexuals are active in Goa — they have a number of Yahoo Discussion Groups — and it would not surprise me greatly if our catamite is a member...

Finally, in summing up, allow me to say that it is evident, Senhor Agnel, that you have made a sad mistake by having had supported these antinational elements and traitors, and that you have done well in disassociating yourself from them.

Viva Patria! Viva Goa! Delenda India!

Prax Maskaren (Lucio Mascarenhas)
Goan Patriot & Christian Apologist
©Lucio Mascarenhas.
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