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The New Site Is Open - Update Your Bookmarks!

Mar. 17, 2005

This is most likely the last update to this Geocities hosted version of the Totally Spies Picture Archive.  This site and all it's content is gradually being moved to it's new home at   It's still under construction but the site is open.  The forum is also located at the location as well.  This site will continue to stay online until Geocities removes it but I have no plans on taking anything down.

Please update your bookmarks for this site to point to and say good-bye to bandwidth limits.


POTW Updated

Mar. 8, 2005

As a temporary measure, I'm just adding the url's for the new screenshots from some of the recent epiodes in this forums thread.  The higher resolution video clips that I only make available to the forum members will also be available this one time.  I'm almost ready to move everything over to the domain.  Once things are moved over to the new site, updates will be more regular and the Totally Spies picture galleries won't have bandwidth issues any longer.  Please be patient about this move.  The forums may be down for the entire weekend when the move is being made.

I've added the solution for the last two POTW's and added another new one today.  This will probably be the last update until the move.


POTW Updated

Feb. 24, 2005

Only the Picture of the Week is being updated for the week again.  A new episode, Power Yoga Much?, was shown on Teletoon this past Sunday.  I will have add pics from the episode this upcoming Sunday.  It's just been a very busy week for me so far and I haven't had much time to work on the site.

The POTW solution from Feb. 17 will be added this coming Sunday as well.  Sorry for the delay.


POTW Updated

Feb. 17, 2005

Only the Picture of the Week is being updated for the week.  Teletoon should be showing new Totally Spies episodes again, now that the special programming schedule for Valentine's Day has passed.


No New Episodes On Teletoon, TS Blog Template, POTW

Feb. 9, 2005

Teletoon didn't show a new episode this Sunday so there's no new pics this week.  This coming Sunday's episode looks to be Matchmaker instead of a new episode.  Hopefully this is just due to the special Valentine's Day programming currently ongoing at Teletoon.

I ran across an interesting template for a blog site.  It's a very nice looking orange Totally Spies set.  I'm not sure how useful it is to anyone but it was neat to find out such a thing exists.

The POTW has been updated too.


Feng Shui Is Like So Passe Pics

Feb. 2, 2005

Feng Shui Is Like So Passe screen caps are now uploaded.  Click here to go to them now.  The video clips are still down.

The POTW has also been updated again.


Creepy Crawly Much? Pics

Jan. 31, 2005

Pics from Creepy Cralwy Much? are now available here.  I haven't had time to upload the video clips from last week.  I will update this main page when they are available again.


POTW, Oekaki Back Online

Jan. 26, 2005

Just the POTW is updated for this Wednesday.  New content will be added on Sunday.

The oekaki board was down for a few days but it's been moved to a new host and back online.  For people who haven't dropped by yet, there's a lot of fantastic Totally Spies fan art to check out.

I think that most of the video clips that were recently added are still offline.  They will be restored by Sunday too.


More Video Clips, Truth Or Scare Pics, Server Move, POTW

Jan. 19, 2005

5 more video clips are ready for download.  These files are also only being linked from the front page.


Escape From WOOHP Island ending clip

Scam Camp Much? ending clip

Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much? ending clip

Superagent Much? ending clip

Evil Airlines Much? ending clip

Screen caps from the latest episode are now up.  Truth Or Scare pics can be found in the Season 3 Pics section or click here and go directly to the pics.

Some of the links and graphics on the site and forums may go down for a little while as there's a change being made to the webhost.  The oekaki board will also go down when this move is made.  I'm not sure when the swtich will be made.

The POTW has also been updated.  This week's pic was made by Nebula427 from the forums.  I don't think this pic is from the website so it's going to be a lot tougher to solve.  Good luck!


Video Clip Updates, Mirror Page

Jan. 16, 2005

5 video clips are ready for download tonight.  I haven't added these to the Video Clips page so the only links are from this main page.

Escape From WOOHP Island

Scam Camp Much?

Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much?

Superagent Much?

Evil Airlines Much?

I just want to remind visitors that there is a mirror to the main page.  It's there just in case the bandwidth limit is reached for the primary page.  There's a link at the top right corner of the page that says "Front Page Mirror".  Some of you may want to bookmark that page instead.  I haven't seen the mirror go down yet and very few people seem to use it.

The next update will be Wednesday with pics and additional video clips.


Superagent Much & Evil Airlines Much Pics, POTW Is Back

Jan. 12, 2005

There are new pics from two new episodes today.  Superagent Much? and Evil Airlines Much? pics have been uploaded.  Look for some new video clips this Sunday.

After a long hiatus, the weekly POTW is back.


Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much? Pics

Dec. 31, 2004

As promised, new screen caps are now available in the Season 3 pics galleries.  Click here to go directly to the new pics.


Big Official Site Update, Season 3 Marathon on CN

Dec. 31, 2004

Time to re-visit the offical Totally Spies site if you haven't been there in a while.  The entire site has been redesigned with a forums, fanart, and more video clips.  Registration is required to access the whole site.

Cartoon Network is showing 7 episodes of Totally Spies on Sunday, January 2.  All the episodes will be from the third season so this will be a great opportunity to watch those missed episodes.  Here's what the schedule will look like for CN (EST/PST times).  Thanks to nebula427 for that information.

7:00 A.M. Computer Creep Much?

7:30 A.M. Space Much?

3:00 P.M. Morphing is Sooo 1987

3:30 P.M. Evil Coffee Shop Much?

4:00 P.M. Forward To The Past

4:30 P.M. Planet Of The Hunks

8:00 P.M. Physics 101 Much?

New screen caps for Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much? will be added in a second update for Friday.  Video clips will still be delayed for a while.


Escape From WOOHP Island and Scam Camp Pics

Dec. 23, 2004

The last update before Christmas has pics from Escape From WOOHP Island and Scam Camp Much?  I won't have the episode video clips until next week.

We've been playing around with the idea of an Oekaki board for Totally Spies.  There's been some nice fan art drawn during the last few weeks but it's always nice to see new art.  It's still an experiment at this stage but anyone is welcome to join up and doodle.

On behalf of PunkRockGurl, Sammie, Gino, and myself, we'd like to wish everyone a happy holidays! Gino also has a message of his own to pass on:

"Hello to all TS Fans around the world!  This is Gino, your one and only, and I wanted to take the time to wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas.  I'd actually like to say more but i don't have the words to express myself..   The only way i could show you how I'm feeling is through a GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!"  -^___^-

"Happy Holidays my friends."


Andrea Baker's New Site, CN Updates, Marathon News

Dec. 8, 2004

Andrea Baker's new website is now online.  It looks very nice!  You can check it out by going to or

Cartoon Network's updated their Totally Spies page.  Thanks to PRG and TV Tome for that information.

Over at Marathon there's a news posting about Cartoons Network's latest advertising campaign.  it seems that Totally Spies' popularity has convinced them to further promote the series.  All the information about it can be found here.

The site's been updated with new screen caps from the episode Dental?  More Like Mental?  You can go directly to the pics here or through the Season 3 Pics section.


Super Nerd Much? and The Incredible Bulk Updates

Dec. 5, 2004

New pics have been added for Super Nerd Much and The Incredible Bulk in the Season 3 Pics gallery.  Video clips have also been added to the site from both episodes -


Super Nerd Much? - episode clip (4.7mb)

Super Nerd Much? - end credits (1.4mb)

The Incredible Bulk - episode clip (4.5mb)

The Incredible Bulk - end credits (1.3mb)


Next Update This Coming Sunday

Dec. 1, 2004

Since the updates have been so unreliable lately, I thought I'd let everyone know when to expect the next update.  I'll have new video clips and pics ready for this Sunday from Super Nerd Much? and The Incredible Bulk.







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