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Interview With Katie Griffin (May 26, 2004)

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I'm happy to have been given an opportunity to interview Katie Griffin, who has taken over the role of Alex in the upcoming third season of Totally Spies.  Some of you may not recognize her name but you'll know her voice from Sailor Moon (Raye/Sailor Mars) and Braceface (Nina Harper) among a long list of voice over credits.  Katie's a very busy lady, acting in numerous TV shows and feature films on top of her voice acting roles and her budding music career.  Even with such a busy schedule she found some time to answer a few questions about her new role on Totally spies...


someguy959: I think the one question on everyone's mind is when (and how) did you learn about the Alex role? Also, what was the process you went through to land the role.

Katie Griffin: The truth is, I had never heard about "Totally Spies" before auditioning for the role last summer.  I was pretty busy promoting my CD and finishing up my other animated series "Braceface" (I played Nina Harper), so I wasn't following cartoons as much.  I actually auditioned originally for Sam, Clover, Mandy and Alex, but I now know they were just testing me to see what I could do.  They sent me voice references from the show, and I had to basically do my best impressions of them.  I fell in love with Alex right away.  She's adorable!!!

sg959: Were you familiar with Totally Spies and Alex before you started to work on the show? What are your thoughts and first impressions about the show and the character you play?

KG: I guess I just answered the 'familiarity' question, but like I said I wasn't familiar at all with the show prior to auditioning.  I fell madly in love with it just based on the 'spies'.  I'm a pretty big fan of martial arts to begin with...........and to top it off, girls kicking butt???  How can you beat that?!!  Plus I loved how fun the scripts were.  Non stop action!!

sg959: There's some concern that your Alex won't be the same lovable character as Katie Leigh's Alex. How have you approached the role of Alex? Have you seen older episodes of the show and based your acting off of those performances or have you approached it differently?

KG: I actually have seen a few of the older episodes, and Katie Leigh was brilliant as Alex.  Very lovable.  I honestly haven't really thought about whether or not I can live up to Katie Leigh's Alex.  I can only hope I bring a little something different to the table without changing the sweet fiestiness of Alex' character.

sg959: What's your favourite thing(s) about playing Alex?

KG: Alex gets the best lines!!  I love her loyalty, and I love that she's naive, but if you backed her in to a corner........she's like a dragon!

sg959: Are you providing the voices for any additional Totally Spies characters?

KG: I have actually played a few other characters on Totally Spies..........but I think it would be fun to see if you can guess who I am, rather than me just give it away.  I promise I'll tell you if you ask!!!

sg959: Of all the episodes you worked on for the third season, which ones are your favourites?

KG: The Season finale is wicked cool!!  There's also an episode where Alex has to get a job.......and it's hilarious!!  And I don't want to give it away, but there's a really fun 'Mandy' episode!!

sg959: What do you hope will be the reaction of Totally Spies fans when they hear Alex in season 3?

KG: Alex is a very strong character.  I just hope people fall in love with Alex the way I did.  I hope I do her the justice she deserves!!

sg959: Have you started any work on season 4 yet?

KG: Nope.  No word on Season 4 yet.  But I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hope they do another one.  I love working with Jennifer (Sam), and Andrea (Clover).  Even though we've actually never met, (they record in L.A, and I record in Toronto), we do all the shows as an ensemble.......through a phone patch, and they are the BEST!  We have such an awesome time with each show.

sg959: What's a typical recording session for you when you're working on Totally Spies and how long did it take to record all the dialogue for the third season? Did you have to go to L.A. to record your voice for the show or was it done somewhere else?

KG: A typical recording session (with the exception of the Season Finale), is with Sam and Clover in L.A, and me in Toronto.  We do something called a 'Phone Patch', which is just the craziest, 'cause it feels like the girls are right in the booth with me.  Anyway, each episode takes about an hour and a half to record, and usually we would do two episodes a week.  I guess it took about eight months (I'm totally guessing.....I have a terrible sense of time lines) to record season three??

sg959: Did you get a chance to meet the other voice actors in person?

KG: I worked with the actor who played Jerry (Adrian Truss) a lot.  He's an incredible actor.  He brings a wicked sense of humour to Jerry.  We had a blast!!

sg959: Not only are you an accomplished voice actor but you've done quite a bit of work in front of the camera as well. Is there one type of work you prefer over another?

KG: That's a tough question.  hmmmmmm.  I've been acting for a really long time, (on camera) and it's a very challenging and rewarding experience.  I've been singing for a while as well, which is a very personal thing, totally rewarding as well............but I guess the truth is I love cartoons, and acting in them is truly who I am.  I was so sad when "Braceface" ended last spring (I played Nina Harper).  That was an awesome experience.  But then, along came "Totally Spies", and it has to be the coolest cartoon I've worked on.  Yup!  Cartoons are my favourite type of work!

sg959: What's your most memorable professional accomplishment and why?

KG: Ok.  Now I'm going to sound crazy after proclaiming that voice over work is the best thing in the universe, but the most memorable professional accomplishment to date is getting my CD produced.  I had written these very personal songs on my guitar, and after a lot of VERY hard work, I actually have a CD!  I really think that's my biggest accomplishment to date.

sg959: I have to ask out of curiousity...when you played Sailor Mars on Sailor Moon, did you think the show was going to become such a phenomenon?  It's still the role for which you're most well known, isn't it?

KG: When I played Sailor Mars, I had NO idea how huge it was going to become!  I guess that's what I'm well known for. I've never really thought of it as being the role I'm MOST well known for .  Braceface was pretty huge too........but I guess not really the same.

sg959: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Katie. Do you have any final words you'd like to pass on to the fans?

KG: It was my pleasure!!  As far as final words...............I really hope you enjoy the new season.  Lots of crazy stuff happens!!  It's my favourite cartoon ever, so I hope I do Alex proud!!  Bye for now!!



Katie has her own website at  Check it out for more info on Katie, her work, and her music!




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