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Interview With David Michel #2 (May. 18, 2003)

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Once again I've been lucky enough to be granted an interview with David Michel.  This time the questions focus on the upcoming third season and some of the things we can look forward.  So let's get on with the interview!


someguy959: Thanks for agreeing to this second interview David.  I suppose the first question I have for you is what month will Season 3 episodes start showing in the USA, Canada, and Europe?

David Michel: The series will start showing in europe this fall. Canada should follow this winter. As for the U.S, we don't have any specific information as for when or how this new episodes will be programmed.

sg959: As best as you can recall, please talk about the different characters that will be returning in season 3.  Both villains and other characters that were introduced in past episodes.  I've been asked quite a bit to find out about past characters returning for season 3.

DM: We have several bad guys returning this season. In addition to this, there is a very cool episode titled "Escape From WOOHP Island" where the girls are confronted to the worst villains they met in the previous seasons.  Obviously, Mandy is still around. Britney will make a much-anticipated comeback in a very special episode.

sg959: It's been mentioned that David doesn't return in the 3rd season.  Why was this decision made and also how did the idea of dropping David come about?  How is his disapperance explained in the show?

DM: David never was a recurring character. He was present in a few season II episodes so we didn't have to justify his not being in our stories any more.  But we have realized how important he is to the fans, and decided to have him back in season 4, which we're working on right now.

sg959: On a related question, are there any new regular supporting characters that will be introduced in season 3 (someone who replaces David?, adversaries, family, spies, etc.)?  Could you give a quick listing of all the characters you can remember and a short description of them as well?

DM: I don't want to spoil too many surprises but as far as bad guys are concerned, we have for instance an evil barristas, evil circuses, an evil head shrinker ... The one new main character that may interest you is named G.L.A.D.I.S : she is jerry's new personal assistant and...she's a robot with a SERIOUS attitude.

sg959: As far as the "look" of the show goes, have there been any significant changes to the art for season 3?  There were some noticeable changes between season 1 and season 2 and I really liked the improved look of the season 2 episodes.  The Martin Mystery series has a slightly different look than Totally Spies and I'm wondering if you will be borrowing more from MM to use on TS.  The chibi moments on Totally Spies are great and a lot of fans are hoping to see more of them in the future.

DM: Obviously, we have kept using the funny anime poses that the fans and the team here love- The animation quality has improved a step further over the last season.

sg959: Staying with questions about the look of the show, have any changes been made to the main characters themselves (Jerry, Alex, Sam, Clover)?  Specifically, I'm wondering about their clothing/uniforms, hairstyles, and other major visual cues.

DM: The premise of this season is that WHOOP has evolved. Jerry's office is now completely different, and the spies are provided with new gear and new gadgets. We have kept the girly/spy twist, but took it into a cooler, more high teck direction. For instance, they have a new compowder named "X-Powder" that allows them to change their clothing instantly (very convenient for undercover missions) thanks to a holographic function.

sg959: There are still some bits of missing information in the show after two seasons.  The spies have no last names.  We still don't know how old they are or what grade they are in.  We've seen their mothers but not their fathers.  Mandy's two friends still have no names even though they've been given speaking roles in the show.  WOOHP's loyalties are still unclear (are they an American agency or a British agency or something else?).  There has still been nothing revealed about how they became WOOHP agents.  Are any of these questions addressed in the upcoming third season?

DM: A lot is disclosed about WOOHP and Jerry's background in this season.  We are currently working on a feature project that would reveal how the spies became spies, their backstories etc... But you'll have to wait for a few extra months to see it...

sg959: In the upcoming third season, is there any larger storyline that spans the entire season or are they all self contained stories.

DM: Most stories are self contained.

sg959: For the third season, will you still be keeping the same starting and ending credits sequence or will you be creating an all new video and theme song?  Are there any plans to improve the ending credits so that all the voice credits will be listed for every episode instead of just the 4 main characters?

DM: There is a brand new opening title that uses 3D and a different version of the title music. As for the credits, yes we're working on improving them, but we are constrained by the time that our broadcasters allow us for it.

sg959: Is Mandy a spy for only one episode or does she become a permanent spy for the rest of the season?

DM: Just one

sg959: I recently found out that the voice actor for Alex, Katie Leigh, was replaced with Katie Griffin.   Have there been any casting changes made for the main characters in season 3?

DM: Yes, Alex and Jerry have changed (for season 3).  Both have been replaced by very similar voices.  (SG - the voice of Jerry was taken over by Adrian Truss)

sg959: I'm sure a lot of fans are wondering what are the favourite season 3 episodes among the  creative team at Marathon (you, Vincent Chalvon Demersay, Stephane Berry, Michelle and Robert Lamoreaux)?

DM: My favorites are - Evil airline much ?, Super nerd much ?, (where arnold gets new superpowers), Dental? More like mental? (Evil dentist)

sg959: In my last interview, I asked you about any inside jokes that were put into the show and you mentioned how David was partly based off of you :)  Now I'm wondering again about what type of inside joke(s) made it into the third season.  Are there any episodes that have an interesting behind-the-scenes story behind them?  What can we look forward to?

DM: There is an episode that features a French pool boy, Guillaume, that the spies fall for. Only he can't speak a word of english! He was actually created by Bob & Michelle after our development exec here, who's name is Guillaume.

sg959: This last question is unrelated to season 3 but I hope you'll answer this too.  What kind of merchandise can we expect to see in the next year or two (video games, clothing, more DVD's, comics, toys, etc.)?

DM: DVDs are coming out right now, you can find them on amazon, at wallmart etc... 2 are out already, and we'll launch more in the coming months.  Clothing, shoes, accessories will be coming out in a couple of months.  We are putting together an online shopping site that will make them available to everyone.

sg959: I'd like to take this time to once again thank you for giving up some of your busy time to participate in this interview.  Would you like to say some final words to the Totally Spies fans?

DM: We are very much aware that this series' success owes a lot to fans and we can't thank you enough for that. We are all having tremendous fun working on this series, and the fact that you are sharing this with us is the most rewarding thing we could think of. So thank you again, on behalf of the whole team.


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