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Elvish Language
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Greetings Elven Translation

A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting: Elen sila lumenn omentilmo Good (day/morning/afternoon/evening): �Quel (re/amrun/andune/undome)
Greetings (everyone): Vedui� (il�er)
Hail Aaye : I am your servant: Amin naa tualle
It has been too long: Nae saian luume�
My heart sings to see thee: Cormamin lindua ele llev
Pleasure meeting you: Saesa omentien lle
Well met: Mae govannen
You again?: Lle au'

Farewells Elven Translation

Don't talk about what you have done (or what you are going to do). (Do it and let it speak for itself.): Uuma quena en'mani lle ume (ri'mani lle umaya). (Uma ta ar'lava ta quena ten'irste'.)
Fair winds: Vanya sulie
Farewell: Namaarie
Good (day/afternoon/evening/night): Quel (re/andune/lome/du)
Good hunting: Quel fara
I hope it will be a long journey: Amin estela ta nauva anlema
May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown: Aa� lasser en lle coia orn n' omenta gurtha
May the wind fill your sails: Aa� i�sul nora lanne�lle
May thy paths be green and the breeze on thy back: Aa� menle nauva calen ar� ta hwesta e� ale�quenle
May your ways be green and golden: Aa� menealle nauva calen ar� malta
My heart shall weep until it sees thee again: Cormamin niuve tenna� ta elea lle au�
Rest well: Quel esta
Sleep well: Quel kaima
Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet: Lissenen ar� maska�lalaith tenna� lye omentuva
Until later (then): Tenna� telwan (san�)
Until next we meet: Tenna� ento lye omenta
Until then: Tenna� san�
Until tomorrow (then): Tenna� tul�re (san�)

Compliments Elven Translation

Ever is thy sight a joy: Oio naa elealla alasse�
You are a mighty warrior: Lle naa belegohtar
You are a skillful bowman: Lle naa curucuar
You are beautiful: Lle naa vanima
You did well: Lle ume quel
You look good: Lle maa quel
Your beauty shines bright: Vanimle sila tiri
Your heart is that of the lion: Cormlle naa tanya tel�raa

Insults Elven Translation

Cowardly dog(s): Nadorhuan(rim)
Feast of wolves (slain enemy): Mereth en draugrim
Gate bird(slain enemy) Andodulin
Go kiss an orc: Auta miqula orqu
I hate you: Amin delotha lle
Listen to my laughter: Lasta lalaithamin
Much wind pours from your mouth: Antolle ulua sulrim
Son of snakes (dishonest person): Utinu en lokirim
You are king in your imagination: Lle naa haran e� nausalle
You disgust me: Amin feuya ten� lle
You smell like a human: Lle holma ve� edan
You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny: Lle n'vanima ar' lle atara lanneina
Your head is empty: Dolle naa lost

Common Questions Elven Translation

Are you finished?: Lle tela?
Are you joking?: Lle lakwenien?
Are you ready?: Lle desiel?
Care for (a drink/some food)?: Malia ten� (yulna/vasa)?
Care for some (wine/mead/ale)?: Malia ten� (fion/laure/sereg)?
Could you cast (invis) on me?: Lle ista (amin quella) no� amin?
Do (you/they) understand (me)?: (Lle/Ron) rangwa (amin)?
Do I know you?: Amin sinta lle?
Do you feel well?: Lle tyava quel?
Do you need a drink of water?: Lle anta yulna en alu?
Do you need help?: Lle anta amin tu?
Do you promise?: Lle vesta?
Do you speak elvish?: Lle quena i�lambe tel� Eldalie?
Do you want to dance?: Lle merna salk?
Do you yield?: Lle lava?
How are you (doing) (today)?: Sut naa lle (umien) (sina re)?
How long?: Sut an?
How?: Sut?
Is there trouble?: Naa rashwe?
Long journey?: An lema?
Shall we go (hunting)?: Lle merna aut (farien)?
What are you doing?: Mani naa lle umien?
What did you say?: Mani ume lle quena?
What do you want (for it)?: Mani uma lle merna (ten� ta)?
What happened?: Mani marte?
What have you been doing?: Mani nae lle umien?
What is it?: Mani naa ta?
What is that (thing)?: Mani naa tanya (nat�)?
What?: Mani?
What�s your name?: Mani naa essa en lle?
When do (we/you) leave?: Iire (lye/lle) auta?
When?: Iire?
Where (are/were) (you/you all/we) (from)?: Manke (naa/nae) (lle/llie/lye) (tuulo�)?
Where (are/were) you?: Manke (naa/nae) lle?
Where are (we/you) going?: Manke naa (lye/lle) autien?
Where are we meeting?: Manke naa lye omentien?
Where did that come from?: Manke tanya tuula?
Where is the meeting?: Manke naa i�omentien?
Where?: Manke?
Which one?: Mani er?
Who (is/was) that?: Ya (naa/nae) tanya?
Who?: Ya?
Who�s leading?: Ya auta yeste�?
Why are you here?: Mankoi naa lle sinome?
Why did you do that?: Mankoi lle uma tanya?
Why do you want to know?: Mankoi lle irma sint?
Why?: Mankoi?

Common Exclamations Elven Translation

Ah!: A!
At last!: Yallume!
By the sea and stars!: Ed� i�ear ar� elenea!
Eek!: Yee!
Help (me)!: Tua (amin)!
(It is a) trap! (Ta naa) neuma!
Look!: En!
Now!: Sii�!
Oh!: Aiya!
Run (for it)!: Rima (ten�ta)!
Stop (that)!: Tampa (tanya)!
That hurt!: Tanya awra!

Common Commands : Elven Translation

Be silent: Dina
Camp here: Estolada sinome
Circle around behind them: Mallen pelu e� n�alaquel en� sen
Come here: Tula sinome
Come to (Longsaddle): Tula (Uialtum)
Come, sit near the fire: Tula, hama neva i�naur
Don�t kill (it/him): N�ndengina (ta/ho)
Don�t worry: Uuma dela
Flank them: Ela sen
Follow (them/it): Soora (sen/ta)
Follow me: Khila amin
Give it to me: Ona ta a�amin
Go away: Kela
Hide: Nurta
Hold onto this (for me): Tessa sina (ten� amin)
Hurry: Asca
Kill (it/him): Ndengina (ta/ho)
Look out / Be carefull!: Tira ten� rashwe!
Memorize your spells (here): Rina istorlle (sinome)
Rest here: Esta sinome
Take this: Sana sina
Tell (us) the tale: Kwentra (lye) i�narn
You go first: Lle auta yeste�

Other Common Phrases Elven Translation

(He/She) had too much (wine/mead/ale): (Ro/Re) caele beika (fion/laure/sereg)
(I/we) am yours to command: (Amin/Lye) naa lle nai
(It was) my pleasure: (Ta nae) amin saesa
After (I/we) finish (here): Ale� (amin/lye) tela (sinome)
Come, eat and drink of the feast: Tula, vasa ar� yulna en i�mereth
Coming: Tulien
Don�t look for trouble, it will come to you: Uuma ma� ten� rashwe, ta tuluva a� lle
Enjoy yourself: Valina
Good luck: Quel marth
Have a seat: Hama sinome
Hold this for me: Kwara sina ten�amin
I (don�t) want it: Amin (uuma) merna ta
I (don't) doubt it: Amin (n')ruwa ta
I (don't) know: Amin (n')sinta
I (don't) think so: Amin (n')nowa ikotane
I agree (with you): Amin weera (yassen lle)
I am thirsty: Amin fauka
I am worried about (him/her/them): Amin dele ten� (ho/he/sen)
I am your servant: Amin naa tualle
I don�t care: Amin uuma malia
I don't understand these humans: Amin n'rangwa edanea
I found it: Amin utue ta
I have (an idea/no idea): Amin caela (noa/n�noa)
I know your strength in battle: Amin sinta thaliolle e dagor

I love you: Amin mela lle

I need to (rest/sleep): Amin anta (est/kaim)
I see: Amin elea
I shall treasure your gift in my heart: Amin harmuva onalle e' cormamin
I thought they would never leave: Amin nowe ron n'kelaya
I will go first: Amin nauva auta yeste�
I wish to speak: Amin merna quen
I would like some (wine/mead/ale): Amin irma (fion/laure/sereg)
I yield: Amin lava
I�m going to bed: Amin autien rath
I�m sorry: Amin hiraetha
If you wish: Manka lle merna
It (is/was) my pleasure: Ta (naa/nae) seasamin
Looking (good/bad): Maien (quel/n�quel)
My bow shall sing with your sword: Cuamin linduva yassen megrille
My pleasure: Seasamin
No one does, don't worry about it: Uuner uma, n'dela no'ta
Thank you: Diola lle
That was (very) funny: Tanya nae (sai) eina
That was not good: Tanya nae n�quel
That will suffice: Tanya farnuva
The best Drow is a dead Drow: I'quelin Mori'Quessier naa ba Mori'Quessir
The bones of our foes will gleam under the sun: I�narr en gothrim glinuva nuin I�anor
We will defeat them in battle: Lye nuquernuva sen e dagor
Welcome my friend: Creoso, mellonamin
Welcome to my dwelling: Creoso a�baramin
You deceived me: Lle wethrine amin
You surprised me: Lle fiose amin
You�re welcome: Lle creoso
Your choice: Detholalle

Positive Endearments Elven Translation

Ancient one(s): Yaaraer(ea)
Bearded one(s): Spangaer(ea)
Foe of my foe: Goth en gothamin
Friend of my friend: Mellon en mellonamin
Friend(s): Mellon(ea)
Little father (An adult male dwarf): Ai� atar
Love of my life: Mela en� coiamin
Lovely one(s): Lirimaer(ea)
Loyal one(s): Voronwer(ea)
Lusty one(s): rwalaer(ea)
Mighty one(s): Beleger(ea)
My beloved: A�maelamin
My champion: Aratoamin
My friend: Mellonamin
My friends: Melloneamin
My lady (familiar): Arwenamin
My lady (non familiar): Arwen en amin
My lord (familiar): Heruamin
My lord (non familiar): Heru en amin
My love: Melamin
Pure one(s): Poikaer(ea)
Short one(s): Aier(ea)
Tall one(s): Hallaer(ea)
Valiant one(s): Astalder(ea)
Visionary: Elear
Wise one(s): Hodoer(ea)

Negative Endearments Elven Translation

Abominable one(s): Thaurer(ea)
Angry one(s): Ruthaer(ea)
Blood-sucker(s): Agaryulnaer(ea)
Dark one(s): Morier(ea)
Deceitfull one(s): Wethrinaer(ea)
Disgusting one(s): Feuyaer(ea)
Dreaded one(s): Gayaer(ea)
Evil one(s): �Ksher(ea)
Excessive one(s): Beikaer(ea)
Fearful one(s): Gorgaer(ea)
Foul one(s): Saurar(ea)
Hollow one(s): Unguer(ea)
Hostile one(s): Kotyaer(ea)
Icy one(s): Helkaer(ea)
Ill one(s): Engwarer(ea)
Impetous one(s): Ascarer(ea)
Lofty one(s): Taraer(ea)
My foe(s): Goth(rim)amin
Old one(s): Ianter(ea)
Silent one(s): Dinaer(ea)
Smelly one(s): Usquener(ea)
Stern one(s): Telcoer(ea)
Tormented one(s): Nwalmaer(ea)
Unwilling one(s): Avarier(ea)
Wide one(s): Lanner(ea)

Battle Cries Elven Translation

Death to our foe(s): Gurth goth(rim)lye
Death to the foe(s) of the Elves: Gurth goth(rim) Tel�Quessir
Death to the foe(s) of the Grey Company: Gurth goth(rim) Tel� Mithrim
Have at thee!: Caela ie'lle
I will follow you to death and beyond: Amin khiluva lle a� gurtha ar� thar

Places Elven Translation

Berun (Ranger�s Bane): Dagnir en taur�ohtar
Crossergate (Path Crossing): Menomenta
Floodblest (Under River): Nuduin
Longsaddle (Twilight Valley): Uialtum
Luskan (Icy Beach): Kheleksii
Neverwinter: N�hrive
Neverwinter Islands (Isles of Gloom): Tolea� Fuin
Neverwinter Woods (Starlit woods): Silmataurea
Nightsedge (Watchfull City): Anthatal
Port Llast (Ship Dwelling): Cairbara
Red Larch (Red Ridges): Caran Pinnath
Sewers (Stained Water): Waenen
Southwall: Harnram
The Lost Hills (The Wandering Hills): Tel�Ranaemyn
Triboar (City of Battle): Tal Dagore
Vilnask (Metal Soil): Tincokemen
Westbridge (Dwarf Bridge): Naugiaur
Windycliffes: Sulcabedoo

Guilds Elven Translation

Brotherhood of Pathfinders: Toror� Taur�ohtarie
Clan Axepeak (Flat Metal): Laara�tincoras
Grey Knights of the Balance (Neutral warriors): Qualohtarie
KAAOS (Dark demi-gods): Morimaikarea
Knights of the Eternal Flame (KEF): Ohtar en Oionaaru
The Black Wind (ITB): Morsul
The Grey Company: Tel�Mithrim
The Harpers (HG): Nandaror
The Night Masks: Tel�Domeduathea
The Shadow Alliance(The Grey Shadows): Tel�Sindavathar
The Sun Guild (Sun Champions): Tel�Anor Arator
Undead Lords (UDL): Guinahiroo

New Spells Elven Translation

Clumsy: Lova tyelka
Create Food: Onta vasa
Feeblemind: Lova handasse
Heal: Tanka harwar
Magic Arrow: Pilin en� templa
Night Sight: Elea ie� dome
Reactive Armor: Atost en� entula orme
Weaken: Lova poldora
Agility: Ama tyelka
Cunning: Ama handasse
Cure: Poika tuulo� �kshapsae
Harm: Tyara harwar
Magic Trap: Neuma en� templa
Magic Untrap: Tyela neuma
Protection: Vara tel� Seldarine
Strength: Ama poldora
Bless: Aman tel� Seldarine
Fireball: Koron en� naur
Magic Lock: Tangwa en� templa
Poison: Quanta yassen �kshapsa
Telekinesis: Bela ed� templa
Teleport: Lema ed� templa
Unlock: Panta tangwa
Wall of Stone: Ram en� ondo
Archcure: Poika tel� taurninin
Archprotection: Vara tel� taurninin
Curse: Thanga yassen templa
Fire Field: Ram en� naur
Greater Heal: Tanka tel� taurnin
Lightning: Russe tuulo� moriloomir
Mana Drain: Lova termara en� templa
Recall: Entula a� moinayamen�
Blade Spirits: Hyandae en� luhta
Dispel Field: Men imya ram en� templa
Incognito: Nurta I� fea
Magic Reflection: Entula en� templa
Mind Blast: Pelekta yassen I� handele
Paralyze: Templa en� tessa
Poison Field: Ram en� �kshapsa
Summon Creature: Yala onna
Dispel: �Kshonna, wanya
Energy Bolt: Faina templa
Explosion: Bragollach en� templa
Invisibility: Quella tuulo� elea
Mark: Yulma ten� lemar en� templa
Mass Curse: Thangarim yassen templa
Paralyze Field: Ram en� tessa
Reveal: Elea i�dolen
Chain Lightning: Tincya en� russe tuulo� moriloomir
Energy Field: Ram en� templa
Flamestrike: Pelekta yassen runya
Gate Travel: Lema ed� ando en� templa
Mana Vampire: Sana termara en� templa
Mass Dispel: �Kshonnarim, wanya
Meteor Swarm: Runyalanta gonea
Polymorph: Luhta kanta
Earthquake: Tintila, kemen
Energy Vortex: Pela en� bela templa
Resurrection: Entula tuulo� i�ba
Summon Air Elemental: Yala onna en� vilya
Summon Daemon: Yala rauko
Summon Earth Elemental: Yala onna en� kemen
Summon Fire Elemental: Yala onna en� naur
Summon Water Elemental: Yala onna en� alu

Old World Spells Elven Translation

burning hands: naar cam
charm monster: nai uuvanimo turamin
charm person: nai turamin
cloudkill: loomi en gurth
cone of cold: ring wing
dimension door: irma haeannon
dispel magic: lietha guldur
enlarge: bragol alaa
fear: gorgamin
feeblemind: amin vasa lle sinta
fire shield (cold): naur tinchor ostring
fire shield (hot): naur tinchor osturra
Fireball: bragollach tel�llach
Haste: asca melloneamin
hold monster: n�tess uuvanimo
hold person: n�tess gothamin
ice storm: khelek hurro�
invisibility: amin quella
invisibility 10�: lle quella
lightning bolt: lanta en� kalale
Magic missile: templa pilini�
minor globe: pela tanya tempa aiguldur
mirror image: karn aduamin
read magic: parm templa tengwa
shield: tinechor
sleep: lanta kaima
stinking cloud: loomi tanya lirva amin
strength: bragol thalion

Compass directions Elven Translation

East: Rhun
North: For
South: Har
West: Numen

Proffesions Elven Translation

Archmage: Val�istar
Assassin: Sereg�wethrin
Bard: Lindar
Cleric: Amandil
Druid: Taur�amandil
Illusionist: Ita�istar
Paladin: Nim�ohtar
Ranger: Taur�ohtar
Thief: Cam�wethrin
Warrior: Ohtar
Wizard: Istar

Races Elven Translation

Centaur: Rah�edan
Cyclops: Ere norsa
Drow (Normal): Tel'gothrim
Drow (When indicating respect): Mori�quessir
Dwarf: Naugrim
Giant: Norsa
Gnome: Nogoth
Gnome: Nogoth
Gray elf: Mith�quessir
Half-elf: Elandili
Halfling: Peredhil
High elf: Cala�quessir
Human: Edan
Moon elf: Ithil�quessir
Orc: Glamhoth
Sea elf: Ear�quessir
Silver elf: Mith�quessir
Sunrise elf: Amrun�quessir
Sylvan elf: Taur�quessir

Days of the week Elven Translation

Monday: Elenya
Tuesday: Anarya
Wednesday: Isilya
Thursday: Alduya
Friday: Menelya
Saturday: Valanya
Sunday: Tarion

Months Elven Translation

January: Narvinye
February: Nenime
March: Sulime
April: Viresse
May: Lotesse
June: Narie
July: Cermie
August: Urime
September: Yavannie
October: Narquelie
November: Hisime
December: Ringare

Numbers Elven Translation

one: er
two: atta
three: nelde
four: kinta
five: lempe
six: enque
seven: otso
eight: tolto
nine: nerte
ten: kainen
eleven: minque
twelve: ratse

Holidays Elven Translation

Winter Solstice: Yenearsira
Spring Festival: Sheelala
Vernal Equinox: Ehtele�mele
Autumnal Equinox: Yavieba
Summer Solstace: Faradome

Officer Titles Elven Translation

Captain: Nikerym
Lieutenant: Shaalth
Swordmaster: Megiltura
Priest: Amandil
Chronicler: Kiirar
Councilor: Turnar

Pronouns Elven Translation

he: ro
her, hers: he
him, his: ho
I, my, mine: amin
it, its: ta
she: re
that: tanya
them, their: sen
they: ron
this: sina
we, us, ours: lye
who: ya
you, yours: lle
you, yours (plural): llie

Elven Phrase Common Translation

�Ksher(ea): Evil one(s)
�Kshonna, wanya: Dispel
�Kshonnarim, wanya: Mass Dispel
�Quel (re/amrun/undome): Good (day/morning/evening)
A!: Ah!
A�maelamin: My beloved
Aa� i�sul nora lanne�lle: May the wind fill your sails
Aa� lasser en lle coia orn n' omenta gurtha: May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown
Aa� menealle nauva calen ar� malta: May your ways be green and golden
Aa� menle nauva calen ar� ta hwesta e� ale�quenle: May thy paths be green and the breeze on thy back
Aaye: Hail
Agaryulnaer(ea): Blood-sucker(s)
Ai� atar: Little father (An adult male dwarf)
Aier(ea): Short one(s)
Aiya!: Oh!
Alduya: Thursday
Ale� (amin/lye) tela (sinome): After (I/we) finish (here)
Ama handasse: Cunning
Ama poldora: Strength
Ama tyelka: Agility
Aman tel� Seldarine: Bless
Amandil: Cleric
Amandil: Priest
amin: I, my, mine Amin (uuma) merna ta: I (don�t) want it
Amin anta (est/kaim): I need to (rest/sleep)
Amin autien rath: I�m going to bed
Amin caela (noa/n�noa): I have (an idea/no idea)
Amin dele ten� (ho/he/sen): I am worried about (him/her/them)
Amin delotha lle: I hate you
Amin elea: I see
Amin estela ta nauva anlema: I hope it will be a long journey
Amin fauka: I am thirsty
Amin feuya ten� lle: You disgust me
Amin harmuva onalle e' cormamin: I shall treasure your gift in my heart
Amin hiraetha: I�m sorry
Amin irma (fion/laure/sereg): I would like some (wine/mead/ale)
Amin khiluva lle a� gurtha ar� thar: I will follow you to death and beyond
Amin lava: I yield
Amin mela lle: I love you
Amin merna quen: I wish to speak
Amin n)ruwa ta: I don't doubt it
Amin naa lle nai: I am yours to command
Amin naa tualle: I am your servant
Amin nauva auta yeste�: I will go first
Amin n'nowa ikotane: I don't think so
Amin nowa ikotane: I think so
Amin nowe ron n'kelaya: I thought they would never leave
Amin n'rangwa edanea: I don't understand these humans
Amin n'sinta: I don't know
amin quella: invisibility
Amin ruwa ta: I doubt it
Amin saesa: My pleasure
Amin sinta: I know
Amin sinta lle?: Do I know you?
Amin sinta thaliolle e dagor: I know your strength in battle
Amin utue ta: I found it
Amin uuma malia :I don�t care
amin vasa lle sinta: feeblemind
Amin weera (yassen lle): I agree (with you)
Amrun�quessir: Sunrise elf
An lema?: Long journey?
Anarya: Tuesday
Andodulin: Gate bird(slain enemy)
Anthatal: Nightsedge (Watchfull City)
Antolle ulua sulrim: Much wind pours from your mouth
Aratoamin: My champion
Arwen en amin: My lady (non familiar)
Arwenamin: My lady (familiar)
Asca: Hurry
asca melloneamin: Haste
Ascarer(ea): Impetous one(s)
Astalder(ea): Valiant one(s)
Atost en� entula orme: Reactive Armor
atta: two
Auta miqula orqu: Go kiss an orc
Avarier(ea): Unwilling one(s)
Beikaer(ea): Excessive one(s)
Bela ed� templa: Telekinesis
Beleger(ea): Mighty one(s)
bragol alaa: enlarge
bragol thalion: strength
Bragollach en� templa: Explosion
bragollach tel�llach: Fireball
Caela ie'lle: Have at thee!
Cairbara: Port Llast (Ship Dwelling)
Cala�quessir: High elf
Cam�wethrin: Thief
Caran Pinnath: Red Larch (Red Ridges)
Cermie: July
Cormamin lindua ele lle: My heart sings to see thee
Cormamin niuve tenna� ta elea lle au�: My heart shall weep until it sees thee again
Cormlle naa tanya tel�raa: Your heart is that of the lion
Creoso a�baramin: Welcome to my dwelling
Creoso, mellonamin: Welcome my friend
Cuamin linduva yassen megrille: My bow will sing with your sword
Dagnir en taur�ohtar: Berun (Ranger�s Bane)
Desiel?: Ready?
Detholalle: Your choice
Dina: Be silent
Dinaer(ea): Silent one(s)
Diola lle: Thank you
Dolle naa lost: Your head is empty
Ear�quessir: Sea elf
Ed� i�ear ar� elenea!: By the sea and stars!
Edan: Human
Ehtele�mele: Vernal Equinox
Ela sen: Flank them
Elandili: Half-elf
Elea i�dolen: Reveal
Elea ie� dome: Night Sight
Elear: Visionary
Elen sila lumenn omentilmo: A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting
Elenya: Monday
En!: Look!
Engwarer(ea): Ill one(s)
enque: six
Entula a� moinayamen�: Recall
Entula en� templa: Magic Reflection Entula tuulo� i�ba: Resurrection
er: one
Ere norsa: Cyclops
Esta sinome: Rest here
Estolada sinome: Camp here
Faina templa: Energy Bolt
Faradome: Summer Solstace
Feuyaer(ea): Disgusting one(s)
For: North
Gayaer(ea): Dreaded one(s)
Glamhoth: Orc
Gorgaer(ea): Fearful one(s)
gorgamin: fear
Goth en gothamin: Foe of my foe
Goth(rim)amin: My foe(s)
Guinahiroo: Undead Lords (UDL)
Gurth goth(rim) Tel� Mithrim: Death to the foe(s) of the Grey Company
Gurth goth(rim) Tel�Quessir: Death to the foe(s) of the Elves
Gurth goth(rim)lye: Death to our foe(s)
Hallaer(ea): Tall one(s)
Hama sinome: Have a seat
Har: South
Harnram: Southwall
he: her, hers
Helkaer(ea): Icy one(s)
Heru en amin: My lord (non familiar)
Heruamin: My lord (familiar)
Hisime: November
ho: him, his
Hodoer(ea): Wise one(s)
Hyandae en� luhta: Blade Spirits
I�narr en gothrim glinuva nuin I�anor: The bones of our foes will gleam under the sun
Ianter(ea): Old one(s)
Iire (lye/lle) auta?: When do (we/you) leave?
Iire?: When?
I'quelin Mori'Quessier naa ba Mori'Quessir: The best Drow is a dead Drow
irma haeannon: dimension door
Isilya: Wednesday
Istar: Wizard
Ita�istar: Illusionist
Ithil�quessir: Moon elf
kainen: ten
karn aduamin: mirror image
Kela: Go away
khelek hurro�: ice storm
Kheleksii: Luskan (Icy Beach)
Khila amin: Follow me
Kiirar: Chronicler
kinta: four
Koron en� naur: Fireball
Kotyaer(ea): Hostile one(s)
Kwara sina ten�amin: Hold this for me
Kwentra (lye) i�narn: Tell (us) the tale
Laara�tincoras: Clan Axepeak (Flat Metal)
Lanner(ea): Wide one(s)
lanta en� kalale: lightning bolt
lanta kaima: sleep
Lasta lalaithamin: Listen to my laughter
Lema ed� ando en� templa: Gate Travel
Lema ed� templa: Teleport
lempe: five
lietha guldur: dispel magic
Lindar: Bard
Lirimaer(ea): Lovely one(s)
Lissenen ar� maska�lalaith tenna� lye omentuva: Sweet water and light laughter till next we meet
lle: you, yours
Lle anta amin tu?: Do you need help?
Lle anta yulna en alu?: Do you need a drink of water?
Lle au': You again?
Lle auta yeste�: You go first
Lle creoso: You�re welcome
Lle desiel?: Are you ready?
Lle fiose amin: You surprised me
Lle holma ve� edan: You smell like a human
Lle ista (amin quella) no� amin?: Could you cast (invis) on me?
Lle lakwenien?: Are you joking?
Lle lava?: Do you yield?
Lle maa quel: You look good
Lle merna aut (farien)?: Shall we go (hunting)?
Lle merna salk?: Do you want to dance?
Lle naa belegohtar: You are a mighty warrior
Lle naa curucuar: You are a skillful bowman
Lle naa haran e� nausalle: You are king in your imagination
Lle naa vanima: You are beautiful
Lle n'vanima ar' lle atara lanneina: You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny
lle quella: invisibility 10�
Lle quena i�lambe tel� Eldalie?: Do you speak elvish?
Lle rangwa (amin)?: Do you understand (me)?
Lle tela?: Are you finished?
Lle tyava quel?: Do you feel well?
Lle ume quel: You did well
Lle vesta?: Do you promise?
Lle wethrine amin: You deceived me
llie: you, yours (plural)
loomi en gurth: cloudkill
loomi tanya lirva amin: stinking cloud
Lotesse: May
Lova handasse: Feeblemind
Lova poldora: Weaken
Lova termara en� templa: Mana Drain
Lova tyelka: Clumsy
Luhta kanta: Polymorph
lye: we, us, ours
Lye naa lle nai: We are yours to command
Lye nuquernuva sen e dagor: We will defeat them in battle
Mae govannen: Well met
Maien (quel/n�quel): Looking (good/bad)
Malia ten� (fion/laure/sereg)?: Care for some (wine/mead/ale)?
Malia ten� vasa?: Care for some food?
Malia ten� yulna?: Care for a drink?
Mallen pelu e� n�alaquel en� sen: Circle around behind them
Mani er?: Which one?
Mani marte?: What happened?
Mani naa essa en lle?: What�s your name?
Mani naa lle umien?: What are you doing?
Mani naa ta?: What is it?
Mani naa tanya (nat�)?: What is that (thing)?
Mani nae lle umien?: What have you been doing?
Mani uma lle merna (ten� ta)?: What do you want (for it)?
Mani ume lle quena?: What did you say?
Mani?: What?
Manka lle merna: If you wish
Manke (naa/nae) (lle/llie/lye) (tuulo�)?: Where (are/were) (you/you all/we) (from)?
Manke (naa/nae) lle?: Where (are/were) you?
Manke naa (lye/lle) autien?: Where are (we/you) going?
Manke naa i�omentien?: Where is the meeting?
Manke naa lye omentien?: Where are we meeting?
Manke tanya tuula?: Where did that come from?
Manke?: Where?
Mankoi lle irma sint?: Why do you want to know?
Mankoi lle uma tanya?: Why did you do that?
Mankoi naa lle sinome?: Why are you here?
Mankoi?: Why?
Megiltura: Swordmaster
Mela en� coiamin: Love of my life
Melamin: My love
Mellon en mellonamin: Friend of my friend
Mellon(ea): Friend(s)
Mellonamin: My friend
Melloneamin: My friends
Men imya ram en� templa: Dispel Field
Menelya :Friday
Menomenta: Crossergate (Path Crossing)
Mereth en draugrim: Feast of wolves (slain enemy)
minque: eleven
Mith�quessir: Gray elf
Mith�quessir: Silver elf
Mori�quessir: Drow (When indicating respect)
Morier(ea): Dark one(s)
Morimaikarea: KAAOS (Dark demi-gods)
Morsul: The Black Wind (ITB)
N�hrive: Neverwinter
N�ndengina (ta/ho): Don�t kill (it/him)
n�tess gothamin: hold person
n�tess uuvanimo: hold monster
Naa rashwe?: Is there trouble?
naar cam: burning hands
Nadorhuan(rim): Cowardly dog(s)
Nae saian luume�: It has been too long
nai turamin: charm person
nai uuvanimo turamin: charm monster
Namaarie: Farewell
Nandaror: The Harpers (HG)
Narie: June
Narquelie: October
Narvinye: January
Naugiaur: Westbridge (Dwarf Bridge)
Naugrim: Dwarf
naur tinchor ostring: fire shield (cold)
naur tinchor osturra: fire shield (hot)
Ndengina (ta/ho): Kill (it/him)
nelde: three
Nenime: February
nerte: nine
Neuma en� templa: Magic Trap
Neuma!: Trap!
Nikerym :Captain
Nim�ohtar: Paladin
Nogoth: Gnome
Nogoth: Gnome
Norsa: Giant
Nuduin: Floodblest (Under River)
Numen: West
Nurta: Hide
Nurta I� fea: Incognito
Nwalmaer(ea): Tormented one(s)
Ohtar: Warrior
Ohtar en Oionaaru: Knights of the Eternal Flame (KEF)
Oio naa elealla alasse�: Ever is thy sight a joy
Ona ta a�amin: Give it to me
Onta vasa: Create Food
otso: seven
Panta tangwa: Unlock
parm templa tengwa: read magic
Pela en� bela templa: Energy Vortex
pela tanya tempa aiguldur: minor globe
Pelekta yassen I� handele: Mind Blast
Pelekta yassen runya: Flamestrike
Peredhil: Halfling
Pilin en� templa: Magic Arrow
Poika tel� taurninin: Archcure
Poika tuulo� �kshapsae: Cure
Poikaer(ea): Pure one(s)
Qualohtarie: Grey Knights of the Balance (Neutral warriors)
Quanta yassen �kshapsa: Poison
Quel andune: Good afternoon
Quel du: Good night
Quel esta: Rest well
Quel fara: Good hunting
Quel kaima: Sleep well
Quel lome: Good evening (Farewell)
Quel marth: Good luck
Quel re: Good day
Quel undome: Good evening (Greeting)
Quella tuulo� elea: Invisibility
Rah�edan: Centaur
Ram en� �kshapsa: Poison Field
Ram en� naur: Fire Field
Ram en� ondo: Wall of Stone
Ram en� templa: Energy Field
Ram en� tessa: Paralyze Field
Rashwe?: Trouble?
ratse: twelve
re: she
Re caele beika (fion/laure/sereg): She had too much (wine/mead/ale)
Rhun: East
Rima (ten�ta)!: Run (for it)!
Rina istorlle (sinome): Memorize your spells (here)
ring wing: cone of cold
Ringare: December
ro: he
Ro caele beika (fion/laure/sereg): He had too much (wine/mead/ale)
ron: they
Ron rangwa (amin)?: Do they understand (me)?
Runyalanta gonea: Meteor Swarm
Russe tuulo� moriloomir: Lightning
Ruthaer(ea): Angry one(s)
rwalaer(ea): Lusty one(s)
Saesa omentien lle: Pleasure meeting you
Sana sina: Take this
Sana termara en� templa Mana: Vampire
Saurar(ea): Foul one(s)
Seasamin: My pleasure
sen: them, their
Sereg�wethrin: Assassin
Shaalth: Lieutenant
Sheelala: Spring Festival
Sii�: Now!
Silmataurea: Neverwinter Woods (Starlit woods)
sina: this
Soora (sen/ta): Follow (them/it)
Spangaer(ea): Bearded one(s)
Sulcabedoo: Windycliffes
Sulime: March
Sut an?: How long?
Sut naa lle (umien) (sina re)?: How are you (doing) (today)?
Sut?: How?
ta: it, its
Ta (naa/nae) seasamin: It (is/was) my pleasure
Ta naa neuma!: It is a trap!
Ta naa seasamin: It is my pleasure
Tal Dagore: Triboar (City of Battle)
Tampa (tanya)!: Stop (that)!
Tangwa en� templa: Magic Lock
Tanka harwar: Heal
Tanka tel� taurnin: Greater Heal
tanya: that
Tanya awra!: That hurt!
Tanya farnuva: That will suffice
Tanya nae (sai) eina: That was (very) funny
Tanya nae n�quel: That was not good
Taraer(ea): Lofty one(s)
Tarion: Sunday
Taur�amandil: Druid
Taur�ohtar: Ranger
Taur�quessir: Sylvan elf
Tel�Anor Arator: The Sun Guild (Sun Champions)
Tel�Domeduathea: The Night Masks
Tel�Mithrim: The Grey Company
Tel�Ranaemyn: The Lost Hills (The Wandering Hills)
Tel�Sindavathar: The Shadow Alliance(The Grey Shadows)
Telcoer(ea): Stern one(s)
Tel'gothrim: Drow (Normal)
Templa en� tessa: Paralyze
templa pilini�: Magic missile
Tenna� ento lye omenta: Until next we meet
Tenna� san�: Until then
Tenna� telwan (san�): Until later (then)
Tenna� tul�re (san�): Until tomorrow (then)
Tessa sina (ten� amin): Hold onto this (for me)
Thanga yassen templa: Curse
Thangarim yassen templa: Mass Curse
Thaurer(ea): Abominable one(s)
Tincokemen: Vilnask (Metal Soil)
Tincya en� russe tuulo� moriloomir: Chain Lightning
tinechor: shield
Tintila, kemen: Earthquake
Tira ten� rashwe!: Look out / Be carefull!
Tolea� Fuin: Neverwinter Islands (Isles of Gloom)
tolto: eight
Toror� Taur�ohtarie: Brotherhood of Pathfinders
Tua (amin)!: Help (me)!
Tula (Uialtum): Come to (Longsaddle)
Tula sinome: Come here
Tula, hama neva i�naur: Come, sit near the fire
Tula, vasa ar� yulna en i�mereth: Come, eat and drink of the feast
Tulien: Coming
Turnar: Councilor
Tyara harwar: Harm
Tyela neuma: Magic Untrap
Uialtum: Longsaddle (Twilight Valley)
Unguer(ea): Hollow one(s)
Urime: August
Usquener(ea): Smelly one(s)
Utinu en lokirim: Son of snakes (dishonest person)
Uuma dela: Don�t worry
Uuma ma� ten� rashwe, ta tuluva a� lle: Don�t look for trouble, it will come to you
Uuma quena en'mani lle ume (ri'mani lle umaya). (Uma ta ar'lava ta quena ten'irste'.): Don't talk about what you have done (or what you are going to do). (Do it and let it speak for itself.)
Uuner uma, n'dela no'ta: No one does, don't worry about it
Val�istar: Archmage
Valanya: Saturday
Valina: Enjoy yourself
Vanimle sila tiri: Your beauty shines bright
Vanya sulie: Fair winds
Vara tel� Seldarine: Protection
Vara tel� taurninin: Archprotection
Vedui� (il�er): Greetings (everyone)
Viresse: April
Voronwer(ea): Loyal one(s)
Waenen Sewers: (Stained Water)
Wethrinaer(ea): Deceitfull one(s)
Ya (naa/nae) tanya?: Who (is/was) that?
Ya auta yeste�?: Who�s leading?
Ya?: Who?
Yaaraer(ea): Ancient one(s)
Yala onna: Summon Creature
Yala onna en� alu: Summon Water Elemental
Yala onna en� kemen: Summon Earth Elemental
Yala onna en� naur: Summon Fire Elemental
Yala onna en� vilya: Summon Air Elemental
Yala rauko: Summon Daemon
Yallume: At last!
Yavannie: September
Yavieba: Autumnal Equinox
Yee!: Eek!
Yenearsira: Winter Solstice
Yulma ten� lemar en� templa: Mark

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