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Hey guys! the purpose of this website, is basically to give me somewhere to post some poems, and get some feedback!  i hope that you like them!
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The Conclusion

I don't ask for much,
I thought you were the answers to my questions,
I thought you cared,
Gave a damn about me,
But you didn't,
I was a game,
A toy,
You played with me until you lost interest,
Then you threw me to the side,
I was caught up in your Masquerade,
Wish i had stayed out of your game,
I opened up my heart and soul,
You poured salt into the wounds,
You say we should "Just be friends",
Why do you tease me so?
I only wanted someone i could trust, and truly care for,
I didn't get that though,
I got you,
I got on your stupid Merry-Go-Round,
Got caught up in the thrill of the ride,
Oblivious to the problems involved with caring for you,
Especially when feelings aren't mutual,
You used to call me practically every night,
You would talk to me more than my friend talks to his girlfriend,
And more than i talked to anyone else,
You constantly tease me,
Make me want you,
I fell into your trap,
Your lovely little game,
It was planned from the beginning wasn't it?
Now it feels like you've lost interest again, you haven't called, and you don't talk,
You have once again cast me to the side,
Some other cheap toy has captured your attention,
Stolen it away from me,
How long before the novelty wears off?
How long before you come back?
You always do,
Well i'm not waiting for you anymore,
Guess what?
All i have to say now is,
This is the last time you can change your mind,

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